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Criss Angel Mindfreak

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2005 on A&E
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Episode Summary

In one of the most extravagant and remarkable feats ever attempted, Criss will live inside an air bubble in a giant, see-through tank, immersed in water. He will have no food, and a very limited air supply. He will remain in the bubble for 24 hours, and at the finish, disappear right before everyone’s eyes.moreless
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  • Amazing suprises every week and this is definitly one of them.

    This episode was very special in my opinion because he managed to escape from the Oasis with very little energy that he lost from not eating in days but he still managed to get that beautifull car. One amazing part that i found interresting was when he escaped. There was clear water and little bubbles kept coming every hour to tell him when a new hour would rise but when he escaped, there was much bigger bubbles and no one could see him escape and i found that really cool that he did two things there. Make the water move and escape.moreless
  • WOW! This episode was amazing. Chris was put inside a glass chamber which was surrounded by water. He would be in the chamber for approxiamately 24 hours then nearing the end, he would have to somehow escape - which he did quite well surprising all.moreless

    Criss Angel fails to disappoint whenever he outs his mind to something. This weeks episode was more than usual. The name of the attempt was "Oasis" and involved Criss escaping from a type of water chamber without any tyoe of hlep or trickery. Nearing the end of his 24 hour stint, the chamber that Criss was surrounded by started to fill up wth bubbles all over the place - blocking any way of seeing what was happening inside of it. His crew frantically rushed to the top to open the chamber, but surprisingly - it was empty. After mere seconds, the crowd's attention was averted to Criss standing atop the car - he was to win if he completed Oasis - waving to the crowd. It was amazingly planned out and coordinated. Who knows how he did it? I guess we'll never know, but is its one of the best episodes I have seen through both seasons. Kind of reminds of David Blaines "Drowned Alive" stunt, not to be biased - as I'm a huge fan of David and Criss - but I preferred Drowned Alive a bit better. Nevertheless, both are amazing.moreless

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