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  • No, No, No Don't worry kids... IT'S FAKE

    This is show is really awesome, but obviously fake. No one can literally float in mid-air. It is physiclly impossible. I saw him explain on Youtube anyway. This guy sure does make it look real though. It is amazing how people actually believe this. One lesson and only one lesson people: Magic is not real. You can believe all you want, but this is the real world. Come back to the real world when you realize that this show is fake. I like the show though, count on that. But how people think it's real is just really really stupid...
  • criss is the best!!!!! MINDFREAK!!!

    criss i think is the best magician i can ever think of. i mean he is the abolutly amazing! he can sing, he can act, he can do magic, escape, and. . . . he absolutly hot!!!! hes multi- talented .i mean come on! here is a list of every thing he is.
    1. magician
    2. artist
    3. musician
    4. escape artist
    5. actor
    6. mindfreak
    7. illusionist
    8. vocalist
    9. HOT!!!!!
    and so much more!!!
    mindfreak is the ultamite show. ive been a fan since the begining when criss start season 1! so i know what im talking about when i say he is true magic. because he is.
  • Great Show! The only thing that makes me wonder is that Criss can never remeber the people's name he picks from the audience. What kind of mind freak can't remember something that was told to him a few seconds ago-yet he can see the future?

    Great Show! Very entertaining! The only thing that makes me wonder is that Criss can never remeber the people's name he picks from the audience. What kind of mind freak can't remember something that was told to him a few seconds ago - yet he can see the future? Maybe Criss needs to learn some tricks on how to remember names! Especially in the entertainment industry! Here is one trick:
    "Repeat after me: repetition, repetition, repetition. When you are first introduced to someone, use their names several times when you talk to them. "Hi, Jim, nice to meet you. So, what do you do for a living Jim? Do you have any kids, Jim? Jim, it was great to meet you!" If you don't catch their name when it was originally told to you, ask for it again. Saying it immediately will help you remember it when they walk away."( - OK, repeting once or twice would do!
  • He's a mindfreak!

    This show is about a guy named Criss Angel, he does a lot of illusions that really look real. In every episode, Criss does tricks with people he doesn't know or does know. Then later on when hes done with the trick the people or person gets surprised because that person or people don't know how he did the trick. To me I think that maybe some of his tricks are real but some are fake. In the end of each episode, Criss tries to a stunt that looks dangerous to do but he manages to pull it off but in some stunts he ends up getting hurt but he is still okay. Like when there was an episode when he was laying down on a little carpet with broken glass while a streamroller came to him and crushed him a little bit and ended up getting a bit hurt and he though that he pushed the stunts a little too much. Well overall this show is very interesting and if you haven't seen it, you'll be surprised because Criss Angel does a lot of cool illusions that look real because he is the MINDFREAK.
  • Oh the skeptics episode. Only if the skeptics were paying attention hahaha.

    It was a good show but when I watched it again, I figured out how it was done. Look for clues where Criss isn't looking. I could do it and so could you if you know what to look for. I'll leave it at that for now. Depending on the response, I'll elaborate a bit more. A whole lot more of the illusions I can't explain but when you use the elements of nature and physics, illusions like this one are easy to figure out. Criss keep up the mindfreak and I'll never get a tarro card reading, thanks for exposing some scams for the viewers.
  • This show rocks my head off

    i love criss angel because i love dangerous stuff like cars and trucks and elephants and i am glad that he is a magician because he is in someway becoming the new houidi and it is going to be a treat for everyone who does not know criss angel and his show and his magician tricks and the way he told everyone to watch out for pickpicketers and card sharks now that a little scary and funny in someway and i love the show and the one where he walks on water and the latest here he told everyone he loves them
  • Amazing show.

    Criss Angel Mindfreak is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen on tv. I first came upon this show by a clip that was sent to me and have started to watch the show on tv and the internet. Criss is an outstanding magician and performs stunts by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. He says that if we focus on these three things we would be able to to anything if we put our mind to it. I would recommend this show to people who love magic and those who want to be amazed by what they see.
  • Criss Angel does magic to amuse the masses

    Criss's magic isn't the greatest, but he's got personality. That's what makes his show special. He is the only goth magician I can think of. His show is good, although now it is repetitive. Criss has been doing the same thing over and over. This show does not deserve 4 seasons. As amusing as it is to watch magic, I don't want to see 10 episodes soley on levitation. Overall, I'm impressed with his ability's(though he is far from the best). If you get a chance to watch Mindfreak, I would recomend seeing 1 or 2 episodes. If you watch too much, things will start looking the same.
  • Ha, it's fake, but it sure as hell looks real.

    This is show is really awesome, but obviously fake. No one can literally float in mid-air. It is physiclly impossible. I saw him explain on Youtube anyway. This guy sure does make it look real though. It is amazing how people actually believe this. One lesson and only one lesson people: Magic is not real. You can believe all you want, but this is the real world. Come back to the real world when you realize that this show is fake. I like the show though, count on that. But how people think it's real is just really really stupid...

  • amazing show

    this show is an amazing show even though its fake. he does tricks ive never seen anybody do b4 and really amazing ones ive seen so far are, he made an elephant disappear in PUBLIC ON A STREET re enactin the famous magicians trick except on a much larger scale. Criss Angel is on a quest to bring magic into our lives through extreme entertainment that he calls "mindfreak". He believes today's magicians are for the most part archaic and out of touch with society. He plans to change that with amazing feats, including being set ablaze for 46 seconds with very little protection and levitating people right on the street to death-defying escapes and even more slight-of-hand acts.
  • He's certainly a freak . . .

    I like a lot of the illusions he does, but I can't say he's my favorite magician. He doesn't have a lot of the showmanship that I think a true magician shoud have. I guess he's trying to be more of a 'street magician' like David Blaine. I really think this guy is going to hurt himself oneday. He seems like the type who has a lot of issues and that shows in his performances. As I said the magic is pretty good- but a lot of the surprise is taken away because of how he reacts. Cool magic ideas-not too cool presentation.
  • Join Criss Angel as he performs amazing stunts and street magic acts that get you thinking.

    Man do I love this show. Every Saturday night I watch this and Scare Tactics. See Criss Angel do these unusual stunts and street magic acts really gets you thinking 'How does he do that?'. It began in 2005 and so far there has been 62 episodes (I hope there is many, many, many more). In one episode Criss attempts to 'walk on water' and does so succesfully. Criss is a total genius his shows are fantastic. I would love one day to be part of an act. Overall Criss Angel Mindfreak is a fantastic, great show that defys scientific logic. Two thumbs up.
  • This show is out of this world. When will the show be back on with all new episodes.

    How does he do the stuff he does? I don't see how its possible to do half of the stunts that he does. I would love to be like him. With out Criss Angel Mindfreak being on I would have keeped on thinking that the type of magic that he does is so not real. After watching the first episode I was hooked on the show. I would love to have Criss Angel Mindfreak on all the time. There is nothing more than a good how does he do these things in mind all of the time. He is really good.
  • Criss is an amazing ilusionist. He always gets big responses from the audience. There are no tricks or strings. He is the Mindfreak.

    I think Criss Angel is the best there is. He is the Mindfreak. He dosn't use camera tricks. He realy can levitate and walk on water. It's realy cool when he hypnotizes people. His cat Hammie is sooo cute! Criss has an amazing ability. He dosn't use his skills to steal, unless he's making a piont that magicians do do that. He always gives back whatever he took. He is very attached to his family. He has gotten hurt because his head wasn't in his work. Criss' work is his child. It's his baby. He would probly be a mess without it. Criss Angel is legitimate.
  • NUTJOB!!!

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  • this is one of the best shows on television.i cant believe i have never heard of it. this is horrible because i love the show so much and the guy who also does the show is off the wall. he is an awesome illusionist and i think that he is awesome.

    Criss angel is one of the people whom i had no idea that he existed. when i was watching larry king with my dad and he was on, i thought of him as only a singer, i had no idea that he was such an awesome illusionist. his show is awesome and i cant believe that i never heard of it or that i have never watched it before. another thing that sucks is that i cant watch it because it is after nine o clock and my father wont let me watch television once it is after 9:00. i wish she will stop thinking that criss is demented. o well, i think he is an awesome magician and he is hot especially with his new haircut.
  • an amazing show with a freekin hawt guy!

    okaY anyways this show is amazing. Criss Angel is an illusionist and trust meh everytime he does something you will think he is dead. Scary stuffs, ive almost cried a few times. This is definitely my favorite show, if you dont like it idc dont tell meh. If you think Criss is the devil dont tell meh, frankly[not being rude] i dont care what you think about him, i have my opinions of the touchable man and you have ur opinions. if youve enver heard of it OR seen it he is amazing just ike his show. chyah...suck it...biotch:)
  • As much as I enjoy watching magic and illusions, this show is not put together particularly well.

    It's always at least somewhat enjoyable watching magicians and illusionist do their tricks. Some are very good at wowing me, leaving me with very few if any clues as to how their illusions are done. Others are not so successful and leave plenty of clues for those who pay attention and aren't completely won over from the beginning. Criss falls into that latter category. I'm still not sure whether Criss is just not very successful at planning and executing his illusions, or if he's managed to hire a crew of cameramen, editors and other assistants who fail to effectively put this show together. Maybe it's both.

    One trick has Criss turn over a glass of orange juice and out comes not juice but a bird. As Criss sets the glass on the table in front of him, you can see quite clearly that the glass is divided vertically down the center with the juice on one side and a void for the bird on the other.

    In another trick, Criss "levitates" a manhole cover just by putting his hand on top of it. In the beginning you can see and hear that it's real as he pries it off the manhole and drags it across the ground a bit. But then the camera cuts away, which is obviously suspicious, and returns to what looks to be the same manhole cover that Criss then proceeds to levitate. When he's done the camera again follows Criss several feet away from the scene, but in the background you can hear a real manhole cover being dropped. One can only assume that it was replacing the fake one used for the trick. And sure enough, when Criss and camera return to the manhole cover it is in a slightly different position from where he dropped it after the levitation.

    In still another illusion, Criss made his car disappear while he was driving it. Of course the car didn't really disappear, but it shouldn't have been so obvious that he simply drove it behind a wall in the middle of the road. There was something like a highway cone in the road, one every 8 feet or so down the middle of the road with ribbon tied from the top of one to the next and so on. And in places where that's all that was really there you could see the ribbon moving in the wind, but when that ribbon crossed the wall it was attached to the wall and so didn't move at all, making the wall stand out like a sore thumb. The whole scene had a very simple, bland background which made it that much easier to try to hide the wall. Well, that was the plan at least.

    It seems as though each time I tune in to an episode of Mindfreak, I am consistently disappointed to see these kinds of revealing failures. However, even failure has the redeeming value of providing a learning opportunity, and one of the draws of magic and illusion is trying to figure out how it's done. One reason I enjoy watching Penn & Teller do tricks is that they will follow it by showing you exactly how they did it. Criss Angel Mindfreak just happens to do that inadvertently and with more subtlety.
  • A captivating look at real-time magic.

    Every time I go see a magic act, I try to figure out how they do it. And each time, I miss the hints. They're doing one thing with one hand, and the eye always goes to the other--which is what they wanted. Before you can switch back, the trick is done.

    Criss Angel offers magic on an even grander scale. Somehow you know it's all done by human hands; still, he's smooth and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. His tricks are scary and exhilarating. He puts himself in real danger, but somehow manages to come through safe and sound. Magic hasn't been this exciting in years.

    For this show, the magic isn't just to point up how great the host is, it's really and truly to entertain the audience. It's a thrill ride you shouldn't miss.
  • really cool show should be on at a different time so i can watch more often

    this show is really cool. I wish it was on at a different time though. i am almost always sent 2 the up stairs level of my house before it comes on.... there is no sattliete up there so i can't watch it more often.
    Chris Angel is a freek but he suits the show perfectly being the way he is. The tricks he does are pretty cool and most of the time i can't figure out how he does it.
    the whole elephant saga was pretty sweet. i can't think of a better trick ever pulled off. i really wish i could watch it more often.
  • It is so fun to watch because he keeps you interested by his magic and his looks.I watch it as much as I can because I am always thinking how he does what he does.My favorite was when he floated over the Luxor.

    I LOVE watching Criss Angel Mindfreak.It is so,so,so,so interesting.I have been wanting to go to see one of his shows in Las Vegas ever since he first went to Vegas on his show.I would love to go to Vegas by the summer of 2008,but I don't think it's going to happen.I hope I will be able to go soon.I am hoping that I can go with one of my friend, or one of my family members.If I do get to go to Vegas I hope I will be able to meet Criss or go to one of his shows.I also want to go because he is HOT!!!!!!!!
  • I like this show because it has every element of suspense and magic. Criss Angel is an amazing illusionist. I am left wondering how he does some of his tricks every week. He is the greatest magician of this time and I don't think anyone can be any better.

    Criss Angel is amazing at what he does and is an inspiration to all. He is a role model to younger kids, teenagers and even adults are all mesmerized by him and his magic. This show is a personal favorite because I love to watch what is going on and wondering what is going to happen next. He does something different every week which makes the show interesting to watch week after week. He really can mess with your mind and make you believe something that is not there appear or disappear. I only have one thing to say: Criss Angel is a MINDFREAK!
  • I know that the guy performs illusions. I know they're not real. But I still am fascinated every time this show comes on. Absolutely riveting!

    Criss Angel is a throwback to the circus geeks of old, yet still manages to also be a thoroughly modern illusionist in this David Copperfield/David Blaine age. I'm not sure why exactly I started watching this show, but once I did, I got hooked in very short order.

    His show features everything from large scale, jaw-droppingly dangerous physical stunts to close-up magic. The gags are usually unique and inventive, although Angel has a fondness for updating classic tricks popularized by his heroes, such as Houdini.

    He also has perfected a show that is pure crack in video form. Once you start watching, it is impossible to tear your eyes away...
  • Definately one of the most influential illusionists out there. He's sparked the imaginations of millions, and I wouldn't be surprised if those millions say that they tend to follow in his footsteps one day!

    Criss Angel. The most influential illusionist of his time. He takes on the seemingly impossible everyday, and creates new stunts and tricks like clockwork. As a mindfreak, he has rekindled the flame in the world of magic, and now that flame is as high as it's ever been. Some compare him to top mystifiers like the great Houdini, and Siegfried and Roy, but he is not to be compared- he IS greatness. With his beloved family and crew, Criss is willing to take on just about anything deemed "impossible". Screw reality. He is definately someone to look up to, especially to those who have never had a real role model. Criss encouages people of all ages to live life to the fullest, do what you feel is right, trust your instinct, and most importantly, BELIEVE. Children now-a-days get the benefit of growing up with him, and they get the opportunity to draw the most inspiration from him, and can dream of doing great things some day- or maybe even follow in his footsteps! Criss is just plain cool in ever respect- the way he dresses, his ability to laugh and have a good time, the respect he gets and also gives to others, and the fact that he's not afraid of his emotions. There may be a little bit of bit of Criss in everyone, but he is true to who he is, just as we should all be. He's a hero to many, including myself, and he is definately a MINDFREAK!
  • Have to watch!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • Great show that I like to watch.

    This show is a very good one and I truly enjoy watching it because the stunts that he does are very unique and some are funny like floating in mid air that is a really funny stunt that he does and also many more but he sure knows how to make these stunts and it's quite impresive the way he does it and this show is a great one and a must see for the television audiences and I think this is a really good science fiction show and the stunts that he does are the best thing and they deserve to be respected and this show deserves also a good rating.
  • an interesting look into the magic performed by ordinary people. I love this show.

    I personally dont believe in magic which really really really makes me wonder how he does any of his tricks. I mean I dont know if they can really be called magic or a trick of camera or just a trick. but there are always adiences around and they aren't looking through the camera so it really makes me thnk. but it is such a great show and if I do say so myself Criss Angel is kind of hot. lol. but anyway I really love how he is cincere and in some of his tricks he does practise alot for them like picking up the car or pushing a tree. it is such a great show and I enjoy waiting to see wat he will do next.
  • Criss Angel freaks you out with really cool stunts and trucks!

    This show is very good and extremely addicting! All his tricks are awesome and I love how it shows him getting ready for his tricks and things like that makes it even more interesting! Criss Angel is very cool himself. A definate must watch Criss Angel will freak you out!
  • It kinda creeps me out... ya know with the tricks. That's why i love it@

    It's one of the best shows ever ! ! ! Criss Angel does this because his dad died right in front of him and now he does tricks to try and kill himself, but he never dies. I love his show. He was trained how to do the tricks but it still is soooo kool how he can do that. All of my friends watch the show. It kool. I think everyone should watch it. Criss Angel rox my sox! And don't you forget it! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! !! !! ! !! !! !! ! !! ! !! !! !!
  • This show freaks me out! but I love it

    This show scares me sometimes because the scary things Criss Angel does. Criss Angel is so awesome he amazes me every show and does some crazy thing. Right now they have only aired 2 episodes of the third season and both of them were so crazy but really really good. I wonder somtimes how he does that and it is so cool watching him do all of the things he does. If you do not watch this show please do because it is one of the greatest shows ever and if you don't believe that what he does is real then u should cause it is real.
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