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  • Cool!

    I'm no expert on the subject of "magic," but I believe the term "smoke and mirrors" goes back to the 1800's and perhaps a lot farther.

    If you watch, say, David Copperfield, whether live or on television special (I've seen him in both), there still is a lot of "smoke," undoubtedly mirrors as well - and the state-of-the-art in the manufacture and use of these today would be far advanced from earlier times. You know the huge spinning saw blade isn't going to cut through him, but it looks like it does. We know this is an "illusion," and the practitioners in this area of show business use this term themselves, including Mr. Angel.

    There's some video on-line, purportedly produced by Criss himself, indicating the levitation technique. And while one program showed him levitating high above the ground, from one Las Vegas building to another, he still takes the elevator and stairs to his suite, steps onto and off of his RV, etc.

    Whatever, I enjoy his programs - the prolonged séance scene wasn't that entertaining, and (for me) some of his more extravagant bits (e.g. from the boat) are my less-favorite.

    I enjoy most some of his bits with cards, jewelry, other personal items, and some of the bits levitating others - especially when done on a crowded street, restaurant, etc. How did he not only toss a deck of cards from the sidewalk, with his subject's card then appearing stuck to the adjacent plate glass restaurant window ?? Hell, I don't know, but that's the whole idea and I enjoyed it.

    Some suggest the use of confederates from the "bystanders", and some camera trickery. This thought has crossed my mid sometimes, and some people's reactions and patter, and some occasional camera shots suggest this. But many observers youngsters, ordinary street folk, and others who just don't seem, for a variety of reasons, that they could be acting. A lot of it is simply great sleight-of-hand. And we know misdirection is usually involved, expertly, at some point(s).

    I've spent a lot of prolonged time in Spain on business, and have seen a man there who does Close-Up magic, standing by a table with patrons seated there. Colleagues of mine have seen him live, and been participants, and none can deduce how he does what he does.

    Angel's interlocking a couple's wedding rings at a dinner table in a Vegas restaurant, having an older lady's ring reappear within an ice cube, and before a large crowd in a mall, throw a deck of cards scattered on the floor, and then having the "selected card" rise from the pile, were all entertaining bits.

    His sleight-of-hand is superb, and his demeanor is entertaining.

    Does he possess truly "magical powers?" I doubt it. But, who cares? It's an entertaining half-hour, and watching 2/3/4 of his episodes back-to-back is entertaining, and doesn't seem "over-long," if you have the time.

    Finally, where physical prowess is needed, this man's superb conditioning is admirable and fascinating to see, too.

    Just enjoy his talent and quirky, likable persona. A good program.
  • AaMmAaZzIiNnGg

    Oh My God this is Great! first off i LOVE criss angel. i think he is just plan amazing and deserves this show, and any greatness that comes along with it. but this is about the show. Mind freak is the PREFECT name for this show. every time i see an illusion he does i am stunned, and every single illusion out does the last. i love how every once in a while he has a peronal moment in the show and we learn about his past and his family. it was soo sad when he cried about his father, i was like aww! i couldnt believe when he first levitated, and walked on water. it was CRAZY! and every since i have been trying to figure out how he does it. the show is completely amazing though!
  • Way better than David Blain!

    I love this show so much. Criss Angel actually has emotion when he talked and doesn't sound like her is mentally challenged (David Blain). What Chris Angel does is actually amazing compared to what that other guys does. Some stuff I am still trying to figure out...every episode is exciting by the way. I can't wait until the new season!
  • Magic is fake, its all illusion

    Since everything of magic is fake I don't like the show, the only reason I gave it anything was because the guy knows what hes doing. He looks like a fruit also. Also he over-acts the whole levatation thing with his wavy arms and his head up in the air. Magic was cool like 15 years ago, now well... the cats out of the bag. There's no big secret anymore. I wonder how he does it but if you look it up on youTube you can find out how to do all of his tricks. The only one I really dont get is how he levitated across a street 2 stories up?
  • This guy is awesome!! the things he can do are amazing!

    I didnt even know the guy existed untill i saw the add on the homepage 2 days ago, sincei have been watching all of his stuff and this guy is awesome! a true magician and illusionist, the Houdini second coming!

    I don't know how the hell he does it but it works, and it looks amazing, the thing i likeis the fact that he involves the audience in his tricks, and the tricks are always shot in with one camera and continuously with no camera cuts in between, so what he does is very special, makes it seem more believable, specially with just the one camera and the cameraman walks right around criss when it is being filmed so you see everything, sometimes he even gets a memberof th audience to film it ona different camera and lets them walk around so that the trick is filmed in 2 different camera's so you can see different perspectives!

    If i believed in true magic, then this is the guy who i would most definatly say has something about him, the things he does are just plain strange, and hav never been done before, like the woman on the park bench where she ends up in 2 seperate pieces, a torso and her legs, that freaked me out!

    Looking forward to season 3, just to see what else he can do that he already hasnt done!

    Awesome stuff!
  • I love Criss Angel! He is a true illusionist!

    Mindfreak is one of the best shows on television. It's very original and such an adrenaline rush everytime I watch it. Some of the tricks that Criss performs are astounding. I'm amazed everytime I watch. I tune in each week just to see what crazy things he can do next. One of my favorite tricks that he performed in Season 2 was when he walked across from one rooftop to another with no wires. He was literally walking in air. It was amazing, and in some ways, I'm still skeptical that he actually did it without a line. This show is awesome, and I can't wait to see what things he has in store for us on Season 3!

    wow. this is so cool! I don't get....i mean......i'm speechless!! I don't get how he does this stuff. He's amazing! I was flipping through the channels one day and i saw this and i'm like, wow. this is pretty dang cool. criss rocks, i feel kinda bad for his family though they must be so scared when they watch him do those tricks. But he hasn't died yet, and he's done some pretty cool stuff. pretty cool. i like it. i like it a lot. i'd watch it any time. Criss really is a mindfreak. I love this show!!!! it rocks!
  • Is he a fallen Angel, or a really good magician?

    I started watching this show back in the first season and was totally stunned at the total randomness that he has with the crowd, the passersby, and the audience itself. I myself used to like David Copperfield, however, after watching Criss, it will appear that my favorite illusionist is going to be Criss. If the third season was anything like the first 2, its going to be some white knuckle, mind blowing, 30 minutes on Tuesday nights. I wonder if it will run over the Deadliest Catch? Hmmmm
  • i'm still not convinced

    even though how many times i try to watch "mind freak".., i still don't get the hang of it.., that is because all the tricks he performs aren't that satisfying.., i mean.., hello how would he do such a thing..?? magic..? DUH..!! Ive never heard of true magic.., surely there are just some well made camera tricks... so that's why i don't get why people watch this show.., cause for me it's just a big waste of time and electricity for that matter.., cause for me only God can make miracles or magics... there's no such thing as a magician.. that's all..
  • This guy is the BEST! MINDFREAK! The show is completely awesome!

    I think EVERYONE should watch this amazing show! There is so much action, suspense, comedy ect. I love the stunts, although some people say that they ruin the show. But what I find most entertaining is when he picks some random person off the street and does one of his cool tricks. I would love to know how he does them. I also like that in some episodes, he tells you how to perform some of his magic! Many people say that all of his stuff is fake, but take it from me, This guy is the absolute real deal!
  • How does he do some of the things he does.

    How does Criss Angel do have of the stunts he does? It blows my to see him walk across water and that he can make people float. I so want to go to Las Vegas so I can personally see him do one of his performances on the street. I wish i could have been in the audience when he put himself into the wooden box into a wood chipper. I enjoy watching this show because it is highly entertaining and every mind blowing to see him pull off half of the things he is able to do. Did i Metion Criss Angel rocks.
  • Pretty cool show

    Well...I have to say this show is intersting....haha, did u guys see the episode where he split that woman in half, and she crawled away on her hands?? That creeped me out...How did he do that? CREEPY!!!! That poor lady. HAha, I like how he does these stunts that nobody ever thought of before, that's pretty cool. I saw him on Oprah yesterday, he hung upsidown, and got out of a straight jacket in under 5 minutes beating hudidni's record. I felt bad for Oprah though, she looked more nervous than Criss did! But the point is, he's an amazing illusinist, and will rise in fame in the near future.
  • Criss Angel is the greatest person that I have seen.

    Chris Angel is better than David Copperfield. No one can come close to Criss. Criss is one of a kind. He has done things that no one else has ever done. I love to watch him every week. He has the best show ever. No one will ever be as good as Criss. I think that if anyone tried they could never come close to him. I would love to meet him and see all the things that he does. Criss is an orginal. I hope he will keep doing his show. He has some dangerous stunts but he knows how to do everything that he does. He's the best.

    Yes yes finally a decent no beyond that of its calaber after-decent show man its just completly amzing!!!to tell you the truth i accually like it more than david blane but for some reason criss angel flew i think the highest than any magic dude!And he survived in that cascet and had to escape it like 20 feet below the wet dirt mud!that was defently my favorite out of all of them the susspence was killing me!!lol he can walk on walls(amazing)he can fly(amazing)he can walk on water(amazing)lets just say he can breck the laws of physic like 100 times!
  • I so want to believe I beleive none of what I hear and half of what I see, it's a good trick though, going over the top of the building. The only way I would beleive that is if you took me with you. I'm jealous of your bike, I guess I can junk my licence.

    great!!!!! I wish I could see how u do it. I really want to belleive but I know why I can. It look good on tv though. But like I said, I'd have to go with you over the building to belelive. You are mizimirizing and too cute. Carrollann Vincent , west valley city , ut
  • Less stunts and more magic and I'll watch it once again.

    Criss Angel's Mindfreak was a daily fix of mine when it first aired. I like his style, I love his tricks and for the life of me I absolutely cannot figure out how he does any of the things that he does. He's stumped me more than once. However, I would like to see more magic tricks then stunts. As interesting as it is to see him escape from certain death, magic has always been more fascinating for me. I mean, I don't know how he escapes from his stunts but I also can't figure out how he managed to make a glowing lightbulb float around a room. I'd like to see more magic, less stunts.
  • who done didit.

    This guy Kriss Angel is really fun to watch and a fantastic shows man. I went out and bought the 2nd season after seeing a few of the first season, really enjoying watching it. There is a lot to see some of the stunts and tricks are kind of easy to figure out. Though for the most part he is taking magic to another level like Sigmund and Roy did with thier vegas act. He's perfect for the magic world to because of his showmanship, hes pretty entertaining in front of the camara. One of my favorites from the 2nd season is the bit with Carrot Top, he actually almost plows through him but stops in time.
  • Criss Angel = Amazing, talented, and so so much more!!!

    Criss Angel is Amazing!! I have much respect for Criss. There are not enough words to explain how awsome he truely is. This man has it all....talent, Great family, Amazing Crew, awsome personality, nice sense of humor, great taste in music, fashion, movies "The Wizard of Oz", and Soo much more!! He puts alot of time and effort into his work. He is very successful. His Fans love and adore him and alot look up to him too. Every one of his fans support him in evrything he does or trys to do.
    If you are reading this Criss Angel...Great Job Buddy, Keep up the good work....and keep on amazing us!!!
    You are Truely my HERO!!!
    Love ya..
  • Criss Angel is such a talented illusionist!

    Criss Angel is so amazing! I can't believe how many people seriously believe that he's the anti-christ or that he sold his sould to the devil. He's just a great illusionist! I can't wait until the next season comes on tv so I can go back to watching it every week!!!
  • Criss Angel is awesome.

    Criss Angel is awesome. He will be known as one of the greatest magicians ever. His tricks are just amazing. He does the coolest stuff that I've never even seen before. This show is really cool because it shows him doing these stunts and it just leaves you in awe. this is definately a show to watch. Hopefully it will go on for many seasons and it will still be as great as it is now.
  • Mindfreak is shown on A&E here in New England during late hours. Once I put this show on, I've been glued to it until 4 a.m. most of the time.

    What a breath of fresh air. Will all the garbage on TV these days, Mindfreak is riveting. How the heck does Criss do these things he does? I can't get enough of Mindfreak. During most magician or illusionist shows, you can come up with some sort of reasoning with how it may be done, but not with most of the things Criss does. Even with the things you think you can explain, you are probably wrong.

    One part of the show that is so good is the fact that Criss does these stunts or acts in a mall, restaurant, clubs and even an Army base as opposed to a stage. He lets the audience check for explanations to how he does it and leaves them clueless and in awe.

    Great, great show! Way to go Criss and the crew of Mindfreak.

    Don O'Brien, 42
    Raymond, NH
  • I luv Criss Angel's shows.I rate him INFINITY! I have NEVER doubted and never thought he wuz a fake. PEOPLE, CRISS IS REAL! Criss if u read this, I WANNA MARRY U! I LUV U BABY! MUAHZZZZZ

    I luv Criss Angel's shows. I NEVER miss 1! I luv him so much and Im always amazed at the wonderful performances. I rate him INFINITY! I have NEVER doubted and never thought he wuz a fake. PEOPLE, CRISS IS REAL! Criss if u read this, I WANNA MARRY U! I LUV U BABY! MUAHZZZZZ
  • Off the wall in the holy crap that was absolutely amazing sense...

    This show is awesome!!... Criss Angel is amazing! I love Mindfreak! Like Oasis that was extremely stressful to watch because you didn't know what was going to happen... plus he got that look... that kicked puppy look that every guy who has long dark hair gets... which wasn't reassuring... I also loved when he leviataed that girl in the middle of freemont street in las vagas! And then that time when he took an egg, a bird, an orange, and a lemon and made everything but the orange dissapear and he cut open the orange and the lemon was inside and the egg was inside the lemon and then he cracked open the egg and the bird was in the egg!! That's my favorite one ^_^. Oh Then there was that time when he layed on the pointy fence and took a humongus breath and when he let it out the spikes in the fence went through him! ahh!! oh and when he cut himself in half with that 5 foot saw! woah! I love this show!! I like the theme song too... lol MINDFREAK!! ^_^ yeah I can admit to being a loser... ^_^ For some reason I don't really think any of what he does is a trick... like lighting himself on fire... the Oasis thing and getting run over by The Amazing Johnathon...*who can totally kiss Criss Angel's a** for wanting to run him over in the first place!! and also levitating!! there are no wires I'm serious! He's out in the middle of a crouded street or in the mall do u think he has an invisible rig following him everywhere... Every one of the episodes of his show has a prestige and the tricks leading to the prestige (If you have ever read the book The Prestige you know what I'm talking about) But his 'mindfreaks' make the Prestige in that book (the new transported man)look like a card trick compared to what he does! *shivers* If you haven't already watched this show you need to right now! Here ends my ramble!

    i just want to know how much did he sell his soul for to the DEVIL. i\'d be damned to allow someone else to have such control over me. It would be a cold day in hell before i allowed him to bend me at will. you should really go to church and ask GOD to forgive you and get a refund on your soul from the DEVIL.
  • Criss Angel is really famous. He should do some magic in some movies. It's so awesome that he can read people's minds and do real magic, that's why he calls himself 'MindFreak'. It's so wild that he tell what color underwear people are wearing.

    This show blows everybody's mind. It's hard to imagine how he could do those things and how he got those powers. Criss Angel is something, he's got powers. He would do his magic out in public in front of everybody. Everybody would only asked him "How you do that?". He can do anything in this world.
  • Holy COW that was amazing!!!!!!!!

    This show is so freakin crazy sorry lol. It has so many crazy stunts in it. Criss is absouletly crazy on all the stunts he does. How does he do it? You may ask. I have no idea either whether its fake or real its still unbelivable how he does it, and each episode of this show keeps getting better and better. My personal favorite is when he gets buried alive and has to escape form the chains and its starts to poor! If u haven't been watching this show I recomend u do because its crazy and u will find it enertaning. I got to have my daily fix if ou know what i mean
  • This show is exquisite.

    This show is so freakin crazy sorry lol. It has so many crazy stunts in it. Criss is absouletly crazy on all the stunts he does. How does he do it? You may ask. I have no idea either whether its fake or real its still unbelivable how he does it, and each episode of this show keeps getting better and better. My personal favorite is when he walks on water and when he gets strcuked by lighting thats freakin amazing. If u haven't been watching this show I reccomend u do because its crazy and u will find it enertaning.
  • WHOA!

    That's the only word you can think to form when you see some of the illusions that Criss Angel cooks up on his show. They are amazing to watch and he has defenitely foudn his calling in magic. His darker personality and rock vibe bring something fresh and unique to all his performances. And his intensity is something fresh that hasn't really been seen.
  • Mindfreak is the best show i ever saw in my life, he is the best!!

    I would like to meet mindfreak because he is awsome and i've met some magicians in my life but not as good as he is. He is the best!! I would want to ask a question to everybody, what would you do if criss angel was knocking in your door would you let him in or you wont answer. I would open the door and let him in and see what trick he's got up his sleeve. He is also a wierd guy because he dissapears like nothin and have you seen his floating tricks they are awsome and cool. He is the BEST!!!
  • El placer que siente al arriesgar su vida para hacerte ver que no existen límites entre realidad e ilusión. Sentirás escalofríos al ver un espectáculo en las calles, libre de montaje y ante personas comunes que quedar&aa

    Leyendo los músculos Criss Angel, en un nuevo e intrépido desafío, será retado a utilizar la técnica conocida con el nombre de Hellstromismo que utiliza la lectura de los movimientos y músculos de otros para leer lo que piensan. Si logra leer la mente de un vendedor de autos, ganará un carro de carrera...pero si no consigue su hazaña, puede perder 100,000 dólares.
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