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  • This show is insane i don't know why its so great but i can't stop watching it when its on. He's insane.

    MINDFREAK, that's what criss angel is he is the best magacian there ever was. He does stuff that is so insane I can't even understand it and i'm pretty crazy. This show has great stunts and tricks on it. It also stays fresh it never gets boring, he does new and crazy stuff every week. He is the craziest guy ever hints his show name mindfreak. I can't wait till the new season comes out I can't wait to watch it. Overall he has probably got one of the best shows on TV because it's more exciting than any other show. It's real not taped.
  • Illusions at there best!

    When i first began watching the first season of this show i was honestly blown away and told atleast 10 people about Criss Angel, he continued to impress everyone who saw his stuff. Season 1 finish and i was pleased and was hoping for a second season. Now when the second season came out every episode i watched showed wat a fruad this guy is and made me lose more and more interest in his stuff until i got to a stage where i stopped watching his stuff and i don't think i'll ever watch his stuff again other than season 1.
  • Criss Angel is definately a Mindfreak! This guy is unreal!

    It wasn't unitl a few weeks ago I found out about the show Mindfreak starring Criss Angel! I love shows like this so decided to check it out. I had been a big fan of David Blaine until Criss came into my life! Now it's almost like David Blaine who! Mindfreak is the perfect name for this show as that's exactly what you get during the entire thing! This guy is AMAZING! He has a rock hard body that doesn't look like it's been put through the hell it has! Criss just when I think you couldn't possibly amaze me anymore then what you have you prove me wrong! The tricks and stunts you do are mind blowing! Keep up the amazing job,but please stay safe! MINDFREAK!
  • If the tricks are real, it's astonishing!

    I have to admit I'm a little sceptical.Some of the episodes I've seen, are beyond comprehension(in two anyone!!).However everyone has to admit that the man has style!If the tricks are real then Criss is one of the best illusionists ever.I wish I had the opportunity to watch him live.That would answer some of my questions.If the tricks are TV edited then he is one of the biggest frauds ever(in that case my score becomes 0).Nevertheless, because I have no way of proving anything, I 'll continue to enjoy every episode and hope that in his tricks there is a strong dose of real magic.I wish I could see the levitation up close!!!
  • this show is funny,action filled and definetly makes you think.

    Criss Angel Mindfreak is an amazing show. It is captivating, verrry interesting and educational. Criss really keeps the show interesting with the huge variety of illusions that he does. On the show sometimes he will actually show us the viewers how to do an illusion by ourselves which i really love because i have never seen that done before on any other show. Plus Criss is a down to earth guy which is rare on other shows because it usually seems like the illusionist is in their own little world but on this show the host is very much a partcipant in every thing that goes on and really interacts with the people around him. So as you can tell i love the show and i hope you will too so check it out.
  • Cria angel is just another David Blain want to be.

    All of Cris angels shows are so fake that my little 8 year old sister can watch him do his trick and say how he does them. It is just anoying that he tries to be David blain but he is so bad at it. It is almost like he is just showing us how to do his tricks. Like when he lit himself on fire that wasn't even him on fire. It was his stunt double. If you watch the tape and stop it right when he jumps down to get the fire off of him you can see his face and it is not him. I can go threw every single episode of this show and tell you how they did it.
  • You'll be amazed at what Criss Angel can do!

    I know since the momment i saw this tv show i was amazed and im sure you would be amazed too! He walked on water, Levatied from one building to another, and he does many more Amazing things. He also shows you how to do tricks on your friends and stuff. I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with show after the first eposiode you see. I know i did!
  • OMG

    this dude is crazy i mean how can someone do what he dose.he is a mindfreck.i saw him go right throu a armourd truck.and it was crazy.the first episod i saw i thout he was gona puull a bunny out of his hay or something but no he dose crazy stuff man.hes a creepy guy and he is amazing i mean hes crazy.its crazy.
  • The most exciting show ive ever seen!

    He does so many amazing stunts and illusions that he should be a hero! Hes dont harmless fun tricks and hes done tricks that could cost him his life! From levitating himself on to a chair to escaping a wine barrel while handcuffed and 70 or 80 feet in the air. This is definitly one of my favroite shows. But every time i watch this show i have a question. How the heck did he do that? Definitly the most suprising and amazing man since Harry Houdini himself! This show should get alot of awards in my opinion. Criss Angel definitly is the one and only Mindfreak.
  • Definitely cutting edge.

    Criss Angel Does these at times death defying illusions in front of a lot people so you know its legit. He does physical tasks such as the burried alive. He also does more psychological illusions. I love it when he reads minds on the street. He does mass hypnosis and the crowd reaction is just as good as the trick itself. Criss gets more bold as the show progresses The stunts are also getting more and more complicated and he puts himself more and more at risk.
  • wow

    either this guy is a total fake or amazing he totaly beats david blane how he does the tricks i have no idea buit he is awesome i tell ya i wish i couyld be inpressed by thisd guy. he totaly blew ice cubes mind and he probably used camera tricks bbut the guys still funny well thats about it I'm not to 100 words so I'll just blab on about david blane and his underwater holding breath trick ummmm he failed about it well thats my reviews criss rocks better than blane enjoy me review thanks for reading it
  • he's a freak allright

    this guy creeps me out. i really do not see why this show is that popular. personally i do not find it all that interesting. i hear that is scoring good ratings for the network. at least enough to get renewed. if i happen across it i might watch five or ten minutes and then change the channel.
  • Criss Angel is a godsend! His work ROCKS! He is absolutely a classic and jewel at the same time. I really wish that I can see him in person so that I can get a ride on that hot bike. I loved the walk the water performance and the doll. I love you! XO

    Criss Angel is the most amazing,unpredictable,beautiful human being that I've seen in a long time..Guess what? He is here to stay baby! For someone to conjure the ideas that he has just simply overwhelms me in totality. It's very well thought out,planned,practiced and put into activation. He never seizes to amaze me!Im sprung what else can I say. For all those that hate..please don't....Find yourself and your gift and go for it! Criss is in a class all by himself and he worked very hard to get there! May God continue to Bless you in everything you touch and do.
  • Mindfreak is a really cool show...

    I like criss angel because he is doing a good thing -- he is trying to bring back magic to a time where magicians are underapretiated. No-one talks about magic today, but everyone I know that has seen criss angel is now into magic. I hate it when people on this website get all mad because they know a few of his tricks. So what? I know a few too. He is extremely talented and some people just cant accept that. Ok, I need to say 12 more words. I love the expressions on peoples faces when he does his magic on the street, its hilarius!
  • Chriss Angel is a modern magician, who i think is very real. In an episode there is usually one HUGE stunt that he performs at the end, spending the main part of the show working to be able to do the stunt, and performing on the streets and in cassinos.

    I dont know how many other magicians have their own shows, but the only one i will ever watch is Chriss Angel: Mindfreak. Just from seeing previews for this show, itis easy to tell that the stunts and tricks he performs are either incredibly real, or the most realistic, expensive fakes. Either way, the show is amazing, and i was instantly hooked. Watching 5 hours of it goes by so qucik cuz, well, time flies when your having fun, and watching this show is DEFINATELY fun. Yet another reason to go to Las Vegas or New York City - maybe youll be lucky enough to catch him performing on the streets.
  • This is an article on what i think of Criss Angel MINDFREAK

    When this show first started out i thought this show was great. All of his magic tricks fooled me and impressed his audiences with mind blowing stunts. As the new season started, the show seemed to get less realistic and just plain ridiculous. Also the little magic tricks he does in between the large events, have gotten ridiculous. By watching the show i can figure out almost all of the tricks performed and they don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t bewilder me anymore. He is a really good magician and has a really good slight of hand but needs to improve and perform more realistic tricks to hold my interest. I would love to see him live though because that would be interesting.
  • i just first saw it at my boyfriends and it is so aditing

    it is the best i ever seen i just statred to wach it and inter duced it to my 6 year old brother and sister they fell in love with it and i got to know about it by my nice boyfrend wich i love verry much and i dont know what i would do with out this show or my boyfrind
  • mindblowing feats every episode!

    I had never heard of this show untill one of my friends told me about it and forced me to watch it. I had always been intrigued in the art of illusion and im really good at spotting the different ways that people do their tricks. Criss Angel is mindblowing entertaining and hes really talented in however he does his things, be it mind controll or illusions. Im hooked and now i watch this show as much as possible and i am amazed, on the edge of my seat, every episode. i recommend this to anyone and im sure they will like it!
  • I've watched a lot of magicians and illusionists on TV and Chris Angel is one of the best ones I've seen so far.

    I very much enjoyed watching this program and think Chris Angel is one of the best magicians around today! I've seen several magicians and illusionists television specials and think Mind Freak is one of the best I've seen so far! It's stuff I've never seen done before. He made people disappear, seemingly into thin air, and in front of dozens, sometimes hundreds of people. I was disappointed that we never got to see where these people ended up, but the disappearing was cool enough!
    I'd definitely watch this program again and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be entertained and intrigued!
  • He's Back!

    Wow what a start to the new season. All the clips shown in the intro look amazing and the episode was amazing. How many people can say that they can levitate from the roof of one building to the roof of another, with people under and all around you. He is amazing and teaches the audience a trick or two during the course of the show. If you did not watch the last season it makes no diiference watch every episode of this one and Criss will blow your mind. You have trouble beleiving what he does bought he does it in front of cameras and surrounded by people. You can't fake that.
  • Some say he is the next Houdini, ahead of his time? Well it so far I would say no.

    A interesting show to say the least. Perhaps my favorite thing about him is the opening and ending sequences of the show. I dont know if he doest the directing and costumes or set design but it is very gothic and artistic. I also like his style of clothes and hair. Well now that I got off of my chest time to review the show. For one thing because of all the drama, and drama I mean his assistants constantly saying he shouldnt do the acts, I would say that this maybe a fake show. I havent actually seen him do anything live, only on this show but so far nothign has leaked out saying he is a fake. The episodes are pretty cool, but you always hear about how he shouldnt attempt anything because it is dangerous.
  • not to be missed

    criss angel: mind freak is a great show. i started watching it when it was shown on e4 in the uk on sunday nights. i immediatley enjoyed the show and continued to watch it regulary. i am i fan of magic shows, such as derren brown and david blaine, and this show is of the same hight standard. reccommended.
  • Hello I'm 14 , I live in Colombia and I think that that show is the best

    Hi !
    My name is andrea I'm 14 . Criss Angel is the best because he isn't afraid of do new things and be beter than he is.also he have a great body and he is really handsome. He do things that anybody have done and it's really interestig watch him do that things

    Every episode has me hangin by the edge of my seat. Criss Angel is not just a great illusionist but is just naturally cool, he seems down to earth but not from Earth. I know its just a trick but so believable . Some I try to guess but other stricks he does Im clueless? Great show, every episode is magical. YI am the Ultimate MINDFREAK !
  • Criss Angel, mindfreaks with a great sence of style!!!

    This show is great, it makes you think if its real or a allusion. The allusions are great, he also does stunts( sets himself on fire for a long amout of time, hangs himself from meathooks of a helicopter). Criss angel does not only have a great sence of a allusionist but has a goth style, witch is a positive on my site! check the show out, its great!
  • Criss Angel is a very talented man. From doing tricks and illusions and also writing music and singing. His inspiration come from Houdini he uses his tricks but makes them more thrilling and dangerouse. He also has a great body.!! =)

    Criss Angel is the best magician since Hudini.He tricks and illusions are really amazing.Ilike the fact that he uses Houdini tricks but makes them even more interesting and dangerous.The fact that he's a great magician he also is a talented singer and he makes his own music which is awesome.
  • angelnohio73 thinks Criss Angel is #1 & HOT HOT HOT!!!

    This is my Personal Favorite show. Criss Angel Rocks!!! He's very talented & so awesome. He's #1 in my book. If I could meet him??? Oh Hell Yeah!!! In other words... He's HOT HOT HOT!!! Thank you Criss for showing me a new world of reality with illusions. Awesome Show!!!
  • My favorite magician besides Lance Burton...

    I guess you could say I'm the lucky one to have met both of my favorite magicians - Lance Burton and Criss Angel. Both of them I heard about from TV, but Criss offers something Lance definitely does not -- you have to decide for yourself whether what Criss does is illusion, or whether he really has developed an immense amount of control over his mind, body, and spirit.

    Not only is he an amazing magician, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met. I still sometimes touch the top of my head where he kissed and smile. While watching his show, all I can think of is how grateful I am to have been able to meet someone as amazing as he is.
  • Criss Angel Mindfreaking people one at a time!

    Criss Angel is not only a great illusionist but he is one of the best in his field. He is a well rounded preformer and knows how to use all of his talents as skills. He likes to say that some of what he does is real and some is illusion, he likes the audience decide for themselves. But he has also clearly stated he is not psyhic or superhuman, but has merely tapped into an understanding of the mind body and spirit that helps him do a lot of the stuff he does. From preforming on the streets, defying death, creating a stage show, writting music or just hanging out with is family Criss puts on an unforgetable show. Whether you love him or hate you, you feel compelled to watch, and by that, he has done his job and done it well!
  • This show is awesome, the main illusions are cool but I really like the little tricks he does best.

    I first heard about this show from my good friend and after watching the first episode I was hooked.
    Some of the episodes weren't great but most of them were very much worth watching.

    I know that his big tricks or illusions are fake but damn, he's good. I enjoy the little tricks best because anyone could do them thats what makes it cool to the normal person watching on the TV. I wish I could pull some of the tricks he can, but alas I am not skilled in the black arts and am not in complete control of my body and spirit. (I have bowel issues, just a joke, lol)

    Anyways, this show has redefined magic and illusions for me and I am trying to pass on this amazing show to my friends. I can't wait for the next season, hopefully he won't be struck by lightning and the show will return.
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