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  • I think that criss is talented and very sexy.He is one crazy dude and thats what makes him sexy.

    In some situations he almost got himself killed. Like when he got hit by that car.Also when he put himself in the barrel. And when he set him self on fire.When he was in the oasis i think it was called. I think its hot when he wares eyeliner and his hat.
  • Fan of magic? Give this show a try...

    I really enjoy watching Chris Angel perform his illusions and slight of hand tricks. I always find myself trying to figure out some possible solutions for his magic. He can be a bit over-the-top dramatic wise when it comes to his performances, but then again that\'s what he does - perform. I would caution those with young children watching though. Many of his illusions can be a bit graphic, but then I suppose that\'s why the shows air in the evening. I would recommend this show to any fans of magic, or those wanting to see something a bit different!
  • I love Criss Angel!

    The show is great. He is one of the only illusionists that I like...Well, he is the only. He does it so well, it's amazing. I wish I knew how he did it...It would ease my curiousity, that's for sure.

    Criss Angel is hot, in like a wierd way. But yeah, I am definatly attracked to him, so that may be why I like his show a lot.

    His tricks are some that most people wouldn't dare try...Like being locked in a barrel or having a huge truck run over him while he is laying on a bed of nails. He was even a candle once. He is just so great and goes to the limits. You gotta love it.
  • I watched Supernatural and this is much better.Criss have surpassed Mr.Blaine\'s tricks.Being a determined person everything he does, is in a \"pushing the envelope\" way. I not only like the show for its innovation but because through his lectures i\'ve

    Being very determined; Criss have pushed the envelope in everything he does. The enthusiasm he had since childhood with magic tricks, he has developed a strong of will of not lasting second.
    What he really wants to show people is the reality of life through his stunts and illusions. ! f
  • Criss Angel is a talented illusionist, who has been doing these things since he was 6. His demonstrations every week are mind blowing. They will leave you asking "How did he do that" or saying "That's fake" But how is it fake?

    By far the best in his profession. This man truly is a mindfreak. A&E is lucky to have this man on their network every week. Simply phenomenal show, there are no comparisons. Houdini who? Exactly, Houdini has nothing on Criss Angel. David Blaine is just weak compared to Criss Angel. His demonstrations are so real, how does he do it? This man will be around for a long time as will the show, if he doesn't kill himself with all these freaky things he does. Is this man human? This show has quickly become one of my favorites, maybe of all time. Each week I can't wait to see what Criss has in store for us all.
  • Criss Angel is a talented illusionist. Just a little too overdramatic and, dare I say, narcissistic for my tastes.

    Though I don't particularly like Criss Angel or his show, I do like watching it from time to time. It's fun to spot places in his tricks (the aid of TiVo is useful) where it's clear he "made the switch." This is possible with surprising frequency.

    For example, here's a quick example (with photos) I threw together:

    Another one (I don't have video saved unfortunately) involves teleporting actual people down a hallway. A guy and a girl stand in the hallway, and Criss keeps repeating "get ready, it's about to happen, it's going to happen, get ready, it's going to happen...NOW!" As he says the last few words, he steps in front of the camera, and when he moves, it appears that the two people are a long way down the hall, looking around, bewildered. Unfortunately he didn't train his actors well enough, and as he's about to step in front of the camera, you can see both actors tense up, and the girl actually starts to step toward the side of the hall, where there's a convenient widening she can hide behind. The pair down the hall are either twins or just very similar-looking.

    Regardless, he does perform his tricks very well, and there are some I can't figure out, no matter how many times I replay it. Kudos to him.

    Even so, his bizarre "come into my mind" segments, frequent close-ups of him staring at the camera trying to look bad-ass, and just a general case of taking one's self too seriously really detract from it for me. I'd rather watch David Blaine any day, even though his tricks aren't perfect either. At least he can crack a smile and joke around.
  • Holy crap this show is amazing.

    Some of the stuff he does makes you wonder if he sold his soul to the devil. That is probably why I watch it religiously. For instance he walks into a jewelerly store and asks to see a diamond ring. He then sets the ring on the glass and pushes the ring straight through the glass. I think I rewound my Tivo about five times.
  • This is amazing.

    Very little illusions have a plot or some possible scheme to it out but most of them are incredible and are unexplainable. Like when the trash can was put over him and he ended up on top of the roof of a building. Or when he walked through the piece of glass. And how he can read peoples minds and everything. Quite amazing, i want to know how he does everything.
  • Oh my...did he just levitate himself? I mean, how many magicians can do that?

    This show is innovative, brilliant and by far the best mind blowing experience I have ever seen. He can not only make a live butterfly appear out of a napkin drawing, he can literally read minds and levitate himself and other people. He is, by far, the best magician I have ever seen. The show is just so unpredictable and his tricks are very rare and unique. I have seen many televised magic shows based in Las Vegas, but with his "go out to the streets and entertain everybody" thing, he just takes magic to a whole new level.
  • Criss angel

    Criss angel is amazing. Every thing he does is very shocking and crazy. He is very very brave when it comes to what he does. It is just amazing some of the stuff he does. I would never be able to even think about doing. He is just very unpredictable.
  • Magic is fake and always has been.

    90% of what he does it fake. Magic is not real and never was. His tricks are so unbelievably fake. Even the ones in the streets when he talks to "random" people are planned. Only an idiot can belive this crap. The unbelievableness doesn't make it interesting. Low the max
  • the best show ever

    my favorite show ever10 that is the awesomest stunts and m,agic what a crazy head best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best besst best best best best best best best best best best best best show, ever a much watch
  • I disagree with all of you

    The first show was great, I'll give it that.
    But I just wanna see the magic and stunts not all the setting up and hes faking how har it is, Ya know.
    Since then each show has less tricks and stunts.
    Last week there was only 1 stunt.
    maybe the coming wees will be better.
  • Holy Sxxx!!! How does he do that??? is that real? HEY, who gives a's magic. It's just amazing.

    I like little side magic tricks that he does in first few episodes. When I first started watching this show, I kept thinking..."He must be a witch or something.." It's kinda hard to believe those things he does out of nowhere.
    Some people think Criss Angel is a freak but I think he is an artist.
  • This is a show about a man doing amazing impossible stunts. From things such as dangling with hooks in his back from a helicopter to laying on a bad of spikes while supporting the weight of a hummer.

    This is one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen. I discovered it when channel flipping. Once you see it you will tune back in to see what wild things he does the following week. This show is definitely what some people call weird but it it truly amazing. It will amaze you to see what this man is capable of. It is definitely worth watching at least once.
  • One of the best shows, if not the best show, I've ever seen!

    This show is absolutly amazing! Criss Angel has captivated many viewers, including me, with his amazing stunts and illusions. I thought that David Blane was incredible until I saw this show. Criss Angel will go down in history because of his stunts and illusions. He is absolutly amazing!A MUST SEE!
  • I think this is the best show out's creative and gets everyones imagination going. Criss Angel might be the only convincing and real magician out there...

    This show is the best show i have seen in my life.
    I simply love it, Criss has recreated the art of magic in a way that noone has seen before. Unlike many and most magicians, all the episodes are performed in the middle of the street with real pedestrians as the audience, and he even lets them check for wires to reassure that the stunt he's about to do is very real and very dangerous.

    Criss has done it all...from the famous escape from the water tank to beeing burned alive and even burried alive. He has been on a bed of 6 inch nails while an h2 hummer was over him...once again very real as you will see when you watch this show.
    This show is a must see.
  • Mindfreak blows all other magicians out of the water.

    Criss Angel's magic touches you far more then any other magician that ever lived. What Angel has done with his new reality show, MindFreak, is exemplify his talents and allow them to be viewed throughout the world. Angel does things that other magicians and stunt devils could never think of in thier wildest dreams. When Criss does magic he not only takes the illusion to the next level, he creates another level that the audiance aren't even expecting. When saw the first episode, the one where Angel becomes a human inferno, I could tell that he blew away the minds of his inpromtu street audiance with his display voodoo. Criss' magic is well ahead of its time,far greater than that of David Blain's and the raw feelings that each show portreys deseverves an emmy within itself. There can be no words placed on how amazingly talented this man is and the maximum score of ten that this site allows doesn't even come close to measuring the greatness of this show. Criss Angel Mindfreak is without a doubt my new favorite show and out of a score of 10, I give it a 20.
  • What the ABC David Blaine specials should have been.

    A&E took the first David Blaine special (the one where he actually does "magic") and turned it into a great new series. If Blaine had stuck with the magic, there'd be no place for Angel... but Blaine's quest for endurance challenges opened the door for Criss Angel, and I for one am glad he did. Where Blaine was dull, Criss Angel is exciting and in your face.

    Of course, how many new magic tricks can one person think of, create and perform in front of a live audience. I doubt there's enough to continue the series for more than one season. I fear Criss will fall into the same area that Blaine did. In fact, I've already heard that one of the episodes features him being hung by hooks piercing his back and helicoptered away. Can you say "pain endurance"?

    My thoughts - Enjoy the "magic" while it lasts!
  • This is Criss Angel's new A&E special. Two new 30 minute episodes are shown every Wednesday.

    This show is absolutely amazing! The "Illusions" and street magic positively blow my mind! It is indeed a mindfreak. A must see for anyone who loves magic!!! Criss Angel blends his cutting edge show with a hard driven metal soundtrack for an experience that's hard to forget. A MUST SEE!
  • Wow..just wow... This show is a must-watch!

    Criss Angel, "World's Greatest Illusionist" brings his brand of mysticism and illusion to the masses. He's determined to bring magic back into popular culture. And he's doing a great job. He's taking illusion to its limits with stunts that are hard to comprehend. Some can be thought out, or at least believed to be. But overall Criss mystifies and charms as he walks the streets of Vegas. He takes random people off the street and does the most amazing of things. From using a Korn doll to make modern day voodoo to levitating a woman completely off the ground.

    The question on everyone's mind should be, What will Criss do next?
  • This show is way better than David Blaines Street Magic.

    This show has more magic and stunts in 30 minutes than David Blaines Street Magic does in 1 hour!I think Criss has made a great influence on magicians and has done some amazing magic!I am glad they made this show I watched the 2 episodes that were on last night and they were astonishing I cant wait till next weeks.

    I defenitely recommend this show for anyone who is interested in magic and psychic phenomena.Criss Angel is one of the most brave and incredible magicians since...anyone!I watched the same episode twice last night and I hope you guys wont miss the next episodes,Criss will attempt to escape from a water chamber while handcuffed on a crane now that my friends is what I call magic!david Blaine has some good tricks too but come on he cant levitate all the way up an escelator thats moving up.I remember one of Criss's former appearences on a 1 hour special he had in 2003 It was great and now they have finally made a series that will change magic for skeptics forever..well I am not really a believer in magic but I know Criss does some damn good tricks and this was just his first 2 episodes of the series!Check it out and see if you liked it as much as I did.
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