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  • He's a mindfreak!

    This show is about a guy named Criss Angel, he does a lot of illusions that really look real. In every episode, Criss does tricks with people he doesn't know or does know. Then later on when hes done with the trick the people or person gets surprised because that person or people don't know how he did the trick. To me I think that maybe some of his tricks are real but some are fake. In the end of each episode, Criss tries to a stunt that looks dangerous to do but he manages to pull it off but in some stunts he ends up getting hurt but he is still okay. Like when there was an episode when he was laying down on a little carpet with broken glass while a streamroller came to him and crushed him a little bit and ended up getting a bit hurt and he though that he pushed the stunts a little too much. Well overall this show is very interesting and if you haven't seen it, you'll be surprised because Criss Angel does a lot of cool illusions that look real because he is the MINDFREAK.
  • This show rocks my head off

    i love criss angel because i love dangerous stuff like cars and trucks and elephants and i am glad that he is a magician because he is in someway becoming the new houidi and it is going to be a treat for everyone who does not know criss angel and his show and his magician tricks and the way he told everyone to watch out for pickpicketers and card sharks now that a little scary and funny in someway and i love the show and the one where he walks on water and the latest here he told everyone he loves them
  • This show is way better than David Blaines Street Magic.

    This show has more magic and stunts in 30 minutes than David Blaines Street Magic does in 1 hour!I think Criss has made a great influence on magicians and has done some amazing magic!I am glad they made this show I watched the 2 episodes that were on last night and they were astonishing I cant wait till next weeks.

    I defenitely recommend this show for anyone who is interested in magic and psychic phenomena.Criss Angel is one of the most brave and incredible magicians since...anyone!I watched the same episode twice last night and I hope you guys wont miss the next episodes,Criss will attempt to escape from a water chamber while handcuffed on a crane now that my friends is what I call magic!david Blaine has some good tricks too but come on he cant levitate all the way up an escelator thats moving up.I remember one of Criss's former appearences on a 1 hour special he had in 2003 It was great and now they have finally made a series that will change magic for skeptics forever..well I am not really a believer in magic but I know Criss does some damn good tricks and this was just his first 2 episodes of the series!Check it out and see if you liked it as much as I did.
  • Amazing show.

    Criss Angel Mindfreak is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen on tv. I first came upon this show by a clip that was sent to me and have started to watch the show on tv and the internet. Criss is an outstanding magician and performs stunts by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. He says that if we focus on these three things we would be able to to anything if we put our mind to it. I would recommend this show to people who love magic and those who want to be amazed by what they see.
  • Oh the skeptics episode. Only if the skeptics were paying attention hahaha.

    It was a good show but when I watched it again, I figured out how it was done. Look for clues where Criss isn't looking. I could do it and so could you if you know what to look for. I'll leave it at that for now. Depending on the response, I'll elaborate a bit more. A whole lot more of the illusions I can't explain but when you use the elements of nature and physics, illusions like this one are easy to figure out. Criss keep up the mindfreak and I'll never get a tarro card reading, thanks for exposing some scams for the viewers.
  • Wow..just wow... This show is a must-watch!

    Criss Angel, "World's Greatest Illusionist" brings his brand of mysticism and illusion to the masses. He's determined to bring magic back into popular culture. And he's doing a great job. He's taking illusion to its limits with stunts that are hard to comprehend. Some can be thought out, or at least believed to be. But overall Criss mystifies and charms as he walks the streets of Vegas. He takes random people off the street and does the most amazing of things. From using a Korn doll to make modern day voodoo to levitating a woman completely off the ground.

    The question on everyone's mind should be, What will Criss do next?
  • He's certainly a freak . . .

    I like a lot of the illusions he does, but I can't say he's my favorite magician. He doesn't have a lot of the showmanship that I think a true magician shoud have. I guess he's trying to be more of a 'street magician' like David Blaine. I really think this guy is going to hurt himself oneday. He seems like the type who has a lot of issues and that shows in his performances. As I said the magic is pretty good- but a lot of the surprise is taken away because of how he reacts. Cool magic ideas-not too cool presentation.
  • This show is out of this world. When will the show be back on with all new episodes.

    How does he do the stuff he does? I don't see how its possible to do half of the stunts that he does. I would love to be like him. With out Criss Angel Mindfreak being on I would have keeped on thinking that the type of magic that he does is so not real. After watching the first episode I was hooked on the show. I would love to have Criss Angel Mindfreak on all the time. There is nothing more than a good how does he do these things in mind all of the time. He is really good.
  • Criss Angel = Amazing, talented, and so so much more!!!

    Criss Angel is Amazing!! I have much respect for Criss. There are not enough words to explain how awsome he truely is. This man has it all....talent, Great family, Amazing Crew, awsome personality, nice sense of humor, great taste in music, fashion, movies "The Wizard of Oz", and Soo much more!! He puts alot of time and effort into his work. He is very successful. His Fans love and adore him and alot look up to him too. Every one of his fans support him in evrything he does or trys to do.
    If you are reading this Criss Angel...Great Job Buddy, Keep up the good work....and keep on amazing us!!!
    You are Truely my HERO!!!
    Love ya..
  • Criss Angel is definately a Mindfreak! This guy is unreal!

    It wasn't unitl a few weeks ago I found out about the show Mindfreak starring Criss Angel! I love shows like this so decided to check it out. I had been a big fan of David Blaine until Criss came into my life! Now it's almost like David Blaine who! Mindfreak is the perfect name for this show as that's exactly what you get during the entire thing! This guy is AMAZING! He has a rock hard body that doesn't look like it's been put through the hell it has! Criss just when I think you couldn't possibly amaze me anymore then what you have you prove me wrong! The tricks and stunts you do are mind blowing! Keep up the amazing job,but please stay safe! MINDFREAK!
  • OMG

    this dude is crazy i mean how can someone do what he dose.he is a mindfreck.i saw him go right throu a armourd truck.and it was crazy.the first episod i saw i thout he was gona puull a bunny out of his hay or something but no he dose crazy stuff man.hes a creepy guy and he is amazing i mean hes crazy.its crazy.
  • Criss Angel is a talented illusionist, who has been doing these things since he was 6. His demonstrations every week are mind blowing. They will leave you asking "How did he do that" or saying "That's fake" But how is it fake?

    By far the best in his profession. This man truly is a mindfreak. A&E is lucky to have this man on their network every week. Simply phenomenal show, there are no comparisons. Houdini who? Exactly, Houdini has nothing on Criss Angel. David Blaine is just weak compared to Criss Angel. His demonstrations are so real, how does he do it? This man will be around for a long time as will the show, if he doesn't kill himself with all these freaky things he does. Is this man human? This show has quickly become one of my favorites, maybe of all time. Each week I can't wait to see what Criss has in store for us all.
  • Holy Sxxx!!! How does he do that??? is that real? HEY, who gives a's magic. It's just amazing.

    I like little side magic tricks that he does in first few episodes. When I first started watching this show, I kept thinking..."He must be a witch or something.." It's kinda hard to believe those things he does out of nowhere.
    Some people think Criss Angel is a freak but I think he is an artist.
  • This is Criss Angel's new A&E special. Two new 30 minute episodes are shown every Wednesday.

    This show is absolutely amazing! The "Illusions" and street magic positively blow my mind! It is indeed a mindfreak. A must see for anyone who loves magic!!! Criss Angel blends his cutting edge show with a hard driven metal soundtrack for an experience that's hard to forget. A MUST SEE!
  • If the tricks are real, it's astonishing!

    I have to admit I'm a little sceptical.Some of the episodes I've seen, are beyond comprehension(in two anyone!!).However everyone has to admit that the man has style!If the tricks are real then Criss is one of the best illusionists ever.I wish I had the opportunity to watch him live.That would answer some of my questions.If the tricks are TV edited then he is one of the biggest frauds ever(in that case my score becomes 0).Nevertheless, because I have no way of proving anything, I 'll continue to enjoy every episode and hope that in his tricks there is a strong dose of real magic.I wish I could see the levitation up close!!!
  • Criss Angel freaks you out with really cool stunts and trucks!

    This show is very good and extremely addicting! All his tricks are awesome and I love how it shows him getting ready for his tricks and things like that makes it even more interesting! Criss Angel is very cool himself. A definate must watch Criss Angel will freak you out!
  • This is a show about a man doing amazing impossible stunts. From things such as dangling with hooks in his back from a helicopter to laying on a bad of spikes while supporting the weight of a hummer.

    This is one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen. I discovered it when channel flipping. Once you see it you will tune back in to see what wild things he does the following week. This show is definitely what some people call weird but it it truly amazing. It will amaze you to see what this man is capable of. It is definitely worth watching at least once.
  • Criss is an amazing ilusionist. He always gets big responses from the audience. There are no tricks or strings. He is the Mindfreak.

    I think Criss Angel is the best there is. He is the Mindfreak. He dosn't use camera tricks. He realy can levitate and walk on water. It's realy cool when he hypnotizes people. His cat Hammie is sooo cute! Criss has an amazing ability. He dosn't use his skills to steal, unless he's making a piont that magicians do do that. He always gives back whatever he took. He is very attached to his family. He has gotten hurt because his head wasn't in his work. Criss' work is his child. It's his baby. He would probly be a mess without it. Criss Angel is legitimate.
  • an amazing show with a freekin hawt guy!

    okaY anyways this show is amazing. Criss Angel is an illusionist and trust meh everytime he does something you will think he is dead. Scary stuffs, ive almost cried a few times. This is definitely my favorite show, if you dont like it idc dont tell meh. If you think Criss is the devil dont tell meh, frankly[not being rude] i dont care what you think about him, i have my opinions of the touchable man and you have ur opinions. if youve enver heard of it OR seen it he is amazing just ike his show. chyah...suck it...biotch:)
  • It is so fun to watch because he keeps you interested by his magic and his looks.I watch it as much as I can because I am always thinking how he does what he does.My favorite was when he floated over the Luxor.

    I LOVE watching Criss Angel Mindfreak.It is so,so,so,so interesting.I have been wanting to go to see one of his shows in Las Vegas ever since he first went to Vegas on his show.I would love to go to Vegas by the summer of 2008,but I don't think it's going to happen.I hope I will be able to go soon.I am hoping that I can go with one of my friend, or one of my family members.If I do get to go to Vegas I hope I will be able to meet Criss or go to one of his shows.I also want to go because he is HOT!!!!!!!!
  • I like this show because it has every element of suspense and magic. Criss Angel is an amazing illusionist. I am left wondering how he does some of his tricks every week. He is the greatest magician of this time and I don't think anyone can be any better.

    Criss Angel is amazing at what he does and is an inspiration to all. He is a role model to younger kids, teenagers and even adults are all mesmerized by him and his magic. This show is a personal favorite because I love to watch what is going on and wondering what is going to happen next. He does something different every week which makes the show interesting to watch week after week. He really can mess with your mind and make you believe something that is not there appear or disappear. I only have one thing to say: Criss Angel is a MINDFREAK!
  • Definately one of the most influential illusionists out there. He's sparked the imaginations of millions, and I wouldn't be surprised if those millions say that they tend to follow in his footsteps one day!

    Criss Angel. The most influential illusionist of his time. He takes on the seemingly impossible everyday, and creates new stunts and tricks like clockwork. As a mindfreak, he has rekindled the flame in the world of magic, and now that flame is as high as it's ever been. Some compare him to top mystifiers like the great Houdini, and Siegfried and Roy, but he is not to be compared- he IS greatness. With his beloved family and crew, Criss is willing to take on just about anything deemed "impossible". Screw reality. He is definately someone to look up to, especially to those who have never had a real role model. Criss encouages people of all ages to live life to the fullest, do what you feel is right, trust your instinct, and most importantly, BELIEVE. Children now-a-days get the benefit of growing up with him, and they get the opportunity to draw the most inspiration from him, and can dream of doing great things some day- or maybe even follow in his footsteps! Criss is just plain cool in ever respect- the way he dresses, his ability to laugh and have a good time, the respect he gets and also gives to others, and the fact that he's not afraid of his emotions. There may be a little bit of bit of Criss in everyone, but he is true to who he is, just as we should all be. He's a hero to many, including myself, and he is definately a MINDFREAK!
  • It kinda creeps me out... ya know with the tricks. That's why i love it@

    It's one of the best shows ever ! ! ! Criss Angel does this because his dad died right in front of him and now he does tricks to try and kill himself, but he never dies. I love his show. He was trained how to do the tricks but it still is soooo kool how he can do that. All of my friends watch the show. It kool. I think everyone should watch it. Criss Angel rox my sox! And don't you forget it! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! !! !! ! !! !! !! ! !! ! !! !! !!
  • AaMmAaZzIiNnGg

    Oh My God this is Great! first off i LOVE criss angel. i think he is just plan amazing and deserves this show, and any greatness that comes along with it. but this is about the show. Mind freak is the PREFECT name for this show. every time i see an illusion he does i am stunned, and every single illusion out does the last. i love how every once in a while he has a peronal moment in the show and we learn about his past and his family. it was soo sad when he cried about his father, i was like aww! i couldnt believe when he first levitated, and walked on water. it was CRAZY! and every since i have been trying to figure out how he does it. the show is completely amazing though!
  • This guy is awesome!! the things he can do are amazing!

    I didnt even know the guy existed untill i saw the add on the homepage 2 days ago, sincei have been watching all of his stuff and this guy is awesome! a true magician and illusionist, the Houdini second coming!

    I don't know how the hell he does it but it works, and it looks amazing, the thing i likeis the fact that he involves the audience in his tricks, and the tricks are always shot in with one camera and continuously with no camera cuts in between, so what he does is very special, makes it seem more believable, specially with just the one camera and the cameraman walks right around criss when it is being filmed so you see everything, sometimes he even gets a memberof th audience to film it ona different camera and lets them walk around so that the trick is filmed in 2 different camera's so you can see different perspectives!

    If i believed in true magic, then this is the guy who i would most definatly say has something about him, the things he does are just plain strange, and hav never been done before, like the woman on the park bench where she ends up in 2 seperate pieces, a torso and her legs, that freaked me out!

    Looking forward to season 3, just to see what else he can do that he already hasnt done!

    Awesome stuff!
  • I love Criss Angel! He is a true illusionist!

    Mindfreak is one of the best shows on television. It's very original and such an adrenaline rush everytime I watch it. Some of the tricks that Criss performs are astounding. I'm amazed everytime I watch. I tune in each week just to see what crazy things he can do next. One of my favorite tricks that he performed in Season 2 was when he walked across from one rooftop to another with no wires. He was literally walking in air. It was amazing, and in some ways, I'm still skeptical that he actually did it without a line. This show is awesome, and I can't wait to see what things he has in store for us on Season 3!

    wow. this is so cool! I don't get....i mean......i'm speechless!! I don't get how he does this stuff. He's amazing! I was flipping through the channels one day and i saw this and i'm like, wow. this is pretty dang cool. criss rocks, i feel kinda bad for his family though they must be so scared when they watch him do those tricks. But he hasn't died yet, and he's done some pretty cool stuff. pretty cool. i like it. i like it a lot. i'd watch it any time. Criss really is a mindfreak. I love this show!!!! it rocks!
  • Is he a fallen Angel, or a really good magician?

    I started watching this show back in the first season and was totally stunned at the total randomness that he has with the crowd, the passersby, and the audience itself. I myself used to like David Copperfield, however, after watching Criss, it will appear that my favorite illusionist is going to be Criss. If the third season was anything like the first 2, its going to be some white knuckle, mind blowing, 30 minutes on Tuesday nights. I wonder if it will run over the Deadliest Catch? Hmmmm
  • This guy is the BEST! MINDFREAK! The show is completely awesome!

    I think EVERYONE should watch this amazing show! There is so much action, suspense, comedy ect. I love the stunts, although some people say that they ruin the show. But what I find most entertaining is when he picks some random person off the street and does one of his cool tricks. I would love to know how he does them. I also like that in some episodes, he tells you how to perform some of his magic! Many people say that all of his stuff is fake, but take it from me, This guy is the absolute real deal!
  • How does he do some of the things he does.

    How does Criss Angel do have of the stunts he does? It blows my to see him walk across water and that he can make people float. I so want to go to Las Vegas so I can personally see him do one of his performances on the street. I wish i could have been in the audience when he put himself into the wooden box into a wood chipper. I enjoy watching this show because it is highly entertaining and every mind blowing to see him pull off half of the things he is able to do. Did i Metion Criss Angel rocks.
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