Criss Angel Mindfreak

Wednesday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 20, 2005 In Season





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  • this is one of the best shows on television.i cant believe i have never heard of it. this is horrible because i love the show so much and the guy who also does the show is off the wall. he is an awesome illusionist and i think that he is awesome.

    Criss angel is one of the people whom i had no idea that he existed. when i was watching larry king with my dad and he was on, i thought of him as only a singer, i had no idea that he was such an awesome illusionist. his show is awesome and i cant believe that i never heard of it or that i have never watched it before. another thing that sucks is that i cant watch it because it is after nine o clock and my father wont let me watch television once it is after 9:00. i wish she will stop thinking that criss is demented. o well, i think he is an awesome magician and he is hot especially with his new haircut.