Criss Angel Mindfreak - Season 1

Wednesday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 20, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Up Close
    Episode 18
    This episode features more unseen footage, as well as some new illusions, including 'Ring in Ice' as well as Criss having a black panther appear in taxi's trunk. Also included is an inside look at the show, including the surreal family in the desert, as well as Criss' family and the shows crew and numerous guests.moreless
  • Uncut
    Episode 17
    Experience some of the craziest moments from the season in this episode. Also, there will be never-before-seen footage, as well as outtakes. Not to mention Criss' most infamous illusion; The Trash can, presented uncut, in one continuous shot.
  • Halloween Special
    Episode 16
    Taped before a live audience, Criss provides the ultimate Halloween experience. He will perform some of his most frightening and terrifying demonstrations. While most of the stunts will be new, some will be encores of some of the best from the series. For his grand finale, Criss offers ‘his soon-to-be-infamous’ sawed “in two” act. The stunt will be performed with no box, right in front of the audience, while some of the on-lookers hold his bare limbs. As with many of the stunts in the series, Criss takes a classic and defines it as his own.moreless
  • Chicken
    Episode 15
    While trying to figure out which one of them is crazier, Criss invites The Amazing Jonathan to participate in the ultimate game of Chicken! Their competition begins with a paintball game and an electric shock face off. Criss, deciding this isn’t enough, raises the stakes, and dares the Amazing Jonathan to hit him with a car.moreless
  • Radio Prediction
    Episode 14
    While taking a tour of the Magic Castle, in Los Angeles, through the history of magic, Criss is allowed access to some very elite areas. He will be allowed to see rare Houdini artifacts as well as the private séance room. Then, on the Dicky Barret show on Indie 103.1 in LA, Criss will predict a major news event, and the lottery.moreless
  • C4 Crate
    Episode 13
    Criss decides to experience the power of C4 in a public setting, Downtown Las Vegas. Having always been intrigued by explosions, Criss asks the help of “Pyro Pete”, an expert in explosives, who’s been utilized by man, including The Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, and AC/DC, among others. For the trick, Criss will be locked in an crate filled with explosives that will be operated by Teller, of Penn and Teller.moreless
  • Building Walk
    Episode 12
    One of the most precarious stunts in the series, Criss will lean over the side of the 55th floor of the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas at unbelievable angles. More astounding still, he will walk down the side of the building with no wires or harnesses, and without the benefit of safety netting.moreless
  • Oasis
    Episode 11
    In one of the most extravagant and remarkable feats ever attempted, Criss will live inside an air bubble in a giant, see-through tank, immersed in water. He will have no food, and a very limited air supply. He will remain in the bubble for 24 hours, and at the finish, disappear right before everyone’s eyes.moreless
  • Tesla Strike
    Episode 10
    Some people, when struck by lightening have increased memory skills and mental capabilities. Criss will be venturing to Baraboo, Wisconsin to test out one of the world's largest Tesla Coils. The transformer will generate up to 4 million volts and, for Criss, simulate what it's like to actually be struck by lightening.moreless
  • Blind
    Episode 9
    When Criss Angel closes his eyes, he sees reality where others might see only darkness. He shows off the ability in an interesting way.
  • Superhuman
    Episode 8
    Sometimes in life, people are able to channel enormous amounts of strength through adrenaline. In this episode, Criss decides to see if this strength can be harnessed.
  • Hellstromism
    Episode 7
    The art of reading thoughts through muscle reflexes.
  • Buried Alive
    Episode 6
    For a deadly stunt, Criss will be lowered into the ground and have dirt surround him. With little time and oxygen running out, Criss must escape his tomb and claw his way to the surface.
  • Body Suspension
    Episode 5
    Criss takes on a more obscure form of body manipulation in this episode.
  • SUV Nail Bed
    Episode 4
    Lying on a nail bed may have been done in the past, but never like this.
  • Wine Barrel Escape
    Episode 3
    Criss pays homage to the Great Houdini by attempting a daring escape. Criss will also make a couple experience déjà vu.
  • Levitation
    Episode 2
    In his second episode, Criss takes on Levitation. He executes amazing maneuvers, such as levitating up an escalator while not touching any part of it, and grabbing people off the street and completely levitating them off the ground.
  • Burned Alive
    Episode 1
    In this episode, Criss takes on people's fear of fire.