Criss Angel Mindfreak - Season 2

Wednesday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 20, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • My Secret Cabaret
    Episode 21
    Shot in the Palace Showroom of the Magic Castle, this episode climaxes with Criss stopping his pulse in five places while being monitored by a team of medical experts. Jonathan Davis of KORN gives Criss an unforgettable surprise in Los Angeles, California. Other highlights include never before seen bloopers and footage of Criss performing as a teenager.moreless
  • Celebrity Seance
    Episode 20
    This episode proves once and for all whether the living can communicate with the dead. Five brave souls will spend a night in one of the most haunted places in America, the Armagosa Hotel in Death Valley, known for paranormal activity as Criss tries to connect with forces beyond our comprehension. Which celebrities will remain in the house?moreless
  • 9/27/06
    Criss travels to Los Angeles to accept the Magician of the Year Award.
  • Shark Cage Escape
    Episode 18
    Criss is shackled, handcuffed and locked in a steel cage and sunk to the ocean floor.
  • 9/13/06
    Criss tries to survive an underwater stunt.
  • Military Salute
    Episode 16
    During a visit to Vandenberg Air Force Base to pay tribute to U.S. troops, Criss makes a hummer disappear, Tries to guess a card and produces a special guest from an empty duffly bag.
  • Motorcycle Roulette
    Episode 15
    Criss takes it underground in Long Island, New York and shares his passion for motorcycle trick riding with a crew of extreme riders who execute the craziest stunts on two wheels, and sometimes just one. Criss ups the ante when he makes a motorcycle vanish and reappear from nowhere, drives blind and demonstrates a fresh style of riding sure to astonish.moreless
  • Prophecy
    Episode 14
    Criss stops his pulse and vital signs in five body locations in front of a certified medical staff and in front of thousands of spectators, and predicts the outcome of a motor speedway race. Criss also waits tables and does close up magic in his favorite hometown diner.
  • Sucker
    Episode 13
    Criss and his team perform an elaborate pickpocket ballet; demonstrate psychic surgery, and reveal the con-artist techniques used by three card monty dealers, card cheats and casino scammers. Criss blows the lid off anyone who uses magic to take advantage of the vulnerable.
  • Back to School
    Episode 12
    A Long Island homecoming has Criss traveling to familiar places to try out illusions on the locals, among them are high-school teachers and students.
  • Animal Magic
    Episode 11
    Criss makes an elephant vanish in public. He also has tricks involving pigeons, monkeys, and cockroaches.
  • Metamorphosis
    Episode 10
    On Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Criss performs one of his signature demonstrations the fastest Metamorphosis ever attempted in front of thousands of spectators. There are no curtains or covers, just an almost deadly wall of fire. Criss also receives the prestigious “Magician of the Year” Award for the third time!moreless
  • Celebrity Minds
    Episode 9
    Criss reads the minds the minds of celebrities including Ice Cube, Vince Neil, Mark McGrath and Robin Leach.
  • Chad's Story
    Episode 8
    Criss helps a young magician named Chad with a touching story by letting him have a magic show at his friend Lance Burton's theater.
  • Bike Jump Vanish
    Episode 7
    Criss has been a longtime fan of Evel Kineval, the famous motorcycle legend. In this episode, Criss is going to attempt to perform Kineval's first jump. He trains with Trigger Gunn, a champion aerialist and world record jump holder. The jump will take Criss down a 60-foot long, 20-foot high ramp at 50 mph, assuming his family doesn't stand in his way. Special guests include Trigger Gunn, Carey Hart, Ice Cube.moreless
  • Party
    Episode 6
    Get ready for a party out on the town with Criss Angel as they celebrate a cast members birthday, as only Mindfreak can. Criss and his crew put on some incredible stunts and outrageous illusions in some of Sin City's most notable locales.
  • Easy Rider
    Episode 5
    Criss is suspended and chained in a wooden box full of explosives and must escape before he's slammed by a stunt car.
  • Walk on Water
    Episode 4
    When Criss did a guest spot on Las Vegas, he walked on water for a few seconds. Now he will attempt it in one continuous shot as he will walk across an entire pool while people swim under and around him. Criss also brings a mannequin to life and introduces some new fans to his way of magic.moreless
  • In Two
    Episode 3
    Cutting people in half has been a staple in the magic world throughout its history. Now it's time for Criss to put his own spin on this classic trick. Watch as Criss cuts someone in two without using boxes, covers, or trick clothes of any kind. You won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind demonstration.moreless
  • Vanish
    Episode 2
    Magicians throughout the centuries have included disappearing acts. For this episode, Criss performs his own incredible take on this illusion: to vanish a spectator surrounded 360 degrees by thousands of witnesses, during the day, in the middle of Las Vegas Fremont Street.
  • Building Float
    Episode 1
    Season Two of Mindfreak kicks off with a stunt so amazing, it defies comprehension. Criss floats from one building to another in front of a crowd during the middle of the day. Criss Angel also shows off an amazing light bulb float using kinetic energy, lifts a kid right off the pavement in a parking lot by sticking his hand to the kid's head, and he also harnesses the power of static electricity among a crowd to levitate them off the ground in the middle of a park.moreless
  • In Pieces
    The Mindfreak, Criss Angel descends upon Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and his hometown New York in a tour de force of mysticism, mentalism and death defying stunts. At the Magic Castle stage, Criss Angel performs some of his signature effects and the never before seen Matrix (where he literally jumps into another human) and offers up new supernatural demonstrations of mentalism in front of a live audience. Criss Angel will also be shackled... handcuffed... and then nailed into a pine casket that is rapidly approaching an industrial BioChipper.moreless
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