Criss Angel Mindfreak - Season 3

Wednesday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 20, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Criss Angel Roast
    Criss Angel Roast
    Episode 98
    For Criss' birthday this year, there's going to be a good ol' fashioned roast. Criss will also transform himself into several of his guest magicians and do their specialties with a Criss Angel twist. The roast culminates when Criss makes the Luxor Hotel disappear. Guests for the Roast will include Vince Neil, Robin Leach, The Amazing Jonathan, Lance Burton, Howie Mandel, and Penn and Teller.moreless
  • Season Finale
    Season Finale
    Episode 28
    In this creepy episode, Criss attempts to bridge the world between the living and the dead and proves he can walk on the ceiling. In the Artisian Hotel that's rumored to be haunted, Criss interacts with the afterlife in front of a shocked group of observers and channels spirits to reveal private information about their lives. He uses a tambourine and a spirit bell to answer questions from beyond while strapped to a chair in plain view of observers as strange phenomena continue to manifest. Criss asks a spectator to think of a name and the spectator's name appears from underneath Criss's skin--written in blood.moreless
  • Fantasy
    Episode 26
    Criss will make a girl's dream come true as he magically changes her A-cup to a C-cup without any post-surgery recovery time. Shot in "blurry vision" this episode will climax with Criss hypnotizing a mass crowd of people to remove their clothes in public.
  • 12/29/07
    Some of Criss' greatest illusions have been done with the help of some pretty famous people. Criss repays them all by counting down their favorite moments from past shows.
  • 12/28/07
    Inspired by those who attempted to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, Criss is suspended hundreds of feet above the ocean in a barrel before being dropped. The barrel crashes to the sea. Will Criss survive?
  • H20 Teleportation
    Episode 23
    Summer's here, so join Criss and the crew for a fun beach-filled day in Mexico. Criss establishes a psychic link with a dolphin, using the mammal to assist him in a card trick. Finally, Criss vanishes from a yacht to instantly reappear on the beach in front of beachgoers.
  • Thunderbirds
    Episode 22
    Criss visits the Nellis Air Force Base where he swallows a ring and then pulls it out through his navel.
  • 12/27/07
    This episode will chronicle a day in the life of Criss Angel as he attempts to shoot an episode of Mindfreak. The viewer experiences the mayhem Criss encounters on a daily basis. The climax of will be a Mindfreak crew party, celebrating Criss' mom's recovery from heart surgery.
  • Seance 2
    Episode 21
    In this creepy episode, Criss attempts to bridge the world between the living and the dead when he becomes possessed and walks on the ceiling.
  • Seance
    Episode 20
    In the haunted Artisian hotel, Criss interacts with the afterlife and reveals secrets from the spirits. Along with lots of other strange phenomenon, Criss proves that he can walk on the ceiling of the hotel.
  • Cement Block
    Episode 19
    Cemented inside a Plexiglas block, five stories in the air, Criss will have 24 hours to escape before the block comes crashing down in front of thousands of fans. Criss also performs other demonstrations on the construction site, including card tricks.
  • The Kid in Criss
    Episode 18
    Criss turns a little girl's Barbie into a real woman and then transforms himself back into a kid. Criss demonstrates tricks for kids from the Make-A-Wish foundation and surprises them all when he dresses as Santa Claus and makes a truck of toys appear out of nowhere.
  • Mentalism
    Episode 17
    Criss astounds people as he tries to become a human lie detector. He also freaks out Flava Flav and Jamie Kennedy with his mind-reading. In the finale, Criss will attempt to teleport a group of people from one elevator to another.
  • The Loyal
    Episode 16
    Criss spends time with his fans known as "The Loyal" and reads some of their letters. He will also repair a hole in a pair of jeans. Criss will host a Mindfreak trivia game show, where the winner will receive a trip to Barbados. In the finale, Criss will attempt to make a new car appear and give it away to a Loyal fan.moreless
  • 9/4/07
    The title says it all. In memory of his uncle, he will be tied in a trunk of a car and will live or meet his uncle. Also he will attempt to restore a watch after he smashes it to pieces. After Criss draws a picture, kids at the arcade get freaked out when it starts talking to them.moreless
  • 8/28/07
    Criss attempts to have a woman crawl through him. In the finale, Criss will be tied to the tracks of a roller coaster and will have to escape before it runs him over.
  • Burning Man
    Episode 13
    Criss puts his hand through glass to retrieve a bag of chips stuck in a vending machine. Criss travels to a dude ranch where he does some levitations and other amazing acts. Criss will then take part in a right of passage which involves dangerous tricks with fire.
  • Naked Jail Escape
    Episode 12
    Paying homage to Houdini, Criss recreates one of his most incredible escapes. Criss is disrobed and must escape a jail cell before a mob of fans rush in.
  • Drowned
    Episode 11
    Criss attempts to escape mental institution restraints in front of a live audience. He also levitates a manhole cover. And for the first time, Criss runs into trouble doing one of Houdini's water escapes.
  • Sucker 2
    Episode 10
    Criss exposes more scams, including some of the secrets of psychics. Criss will also unveil the ultimate scam of all time. Then he will reveal the ultimate secret, the words that will allow you to attain anything you desire.
  • Car Crash Escape
    Episode 9
    Criss has been hit by a car before, but not when explosives are in the car he's chained to. This time if he doesn't escape, Amazing Johnathan will have the last laugh.
  • Raging Bull
    Episode 8
    Criss goes door to door as a traveling salesman and keeps pulling unlikely items out of his briefcase. Then Criss will attempt to vanish himself before he gets charged by a Mexican bull.
  • Quad Drag Escape
    Episode 7
    After hearing that his mother needs emergency heart surgery, he has to get his mind back to his stunt, or he'll be meeting his mother in the hospital if he's lucky. His stunt of the show- escape from being bound and gagged to an ATV going at very high speeds. Can he keep his mind, body, and spirit together, or will he lose it.moreless
  • Animal Magic 2
    Episode 7
    Criss Angel has always loved animals. Last season he made an elephant vanish. In this episode, Criss will attempt to end the elephant's long hiatus by making her reappear in full view of hundreds of people.
  • Animal 2
    Episode 6
    Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn't want Criss to make him disappear.
    He already made an elephant disappear. What else is there? Turn a cage handler into a tiger. Make the pachyderm (elephant) reappear. Also he'll take you into Siegfried and Roy's secret garden.
  • Motorhead
    Episode 5
    Criss has always been fascinated by cars and motorcycles. Now he's created new illusions to go along with them. These include turning a Bentley into a Lamborghini and then attempts to make moving vehicles vanish. And for the finale, he will make his Lamborghini disappear while driving it at a high speed.moreless
  • Screwed
    Episode 4
    Criss takes some of the most ordinary objects and makes them the center of the most amazing illusions. He puts a beer bottle through an onlooker's stomach and moves his friend's eyebrow to his chin. Criss transforms a little girl into an adult woman and eats his pet mouse, shocking his friend Jamie Kennedy. In the final demonstration of this episode, Criss actually balances on two upright standing screwdrivers, and then proceeds to walk on a row of them while barefoot. He is then presented with the prestigious International Magician of the Year Award.moreless
  • 6/12/07
    Locked in a mailbag, in a truck of explosives, as it races toward the edge of a cliff. Will Criss escape, or die trying? Also, Criss will be showing off on the golf course with skills so good Tiger Wood might even envy him. The day wouldn't be complete without some of Criss' trademark levitation skills.moreless
  • Steamroller
    Episode 2
    Criss lies on a bed of broken glass while a steamroller rolls over him. Later, Criss will make a beautiful woman appear from a box of merchandise. He also does some of his street magic, where he bends a quarter using his mouth and makes a card appear in a lit cigar.moreless
  • Luxor Light
    Episode 1
    Criss Angel's third season starts off with a bang with a one hour premiere! First he'll levitate in the Luxor Light. After that, he'll be bound to a chair by Dog the bounty hunter, and he must escape underwater. Also, he'll show his new penthouse in the Luxor Pyramid, as well as float down the Luxor atrium from the 26th floor.moreless
  • Teach A Trick: Cup Float
    Criss demonstrates and explains his floating cup trick.