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  • Old sterotypes die hard

    For an educational show this did a poor job at portraying Neanderthals. They were portrayed as more primitive and apelike rather like modern humans. True they weren't exactly just like modern humans but they weren't that slow or dimwitted. Was the staff trying to make Cro look smarter? I'm guessing that some staff members either didn't check the facts or got lazy. This also really insulting to the human population in general because up to five percent of the population is Neanderthal decent. Neanderthals were much smarter, resourceful, tough, and well adapted than portrayed in this cartoon. As for other inaccuracies the Smilodon and Dire Wolves lived on the American continents while the Wooly Mammoths, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon lived in Europe and Asia. Wow, major fail for an educational show. It didn't even get the wildlife part right and there are plenty of resources to find correct information on it. There was also a very young mammoth (as in a baby but not a newborn) that had a fully developed set of tusks. That is like drawing a six year old boy with a beard. The educational parts come from problems being solved by basic physics and simple engineering. In other words the show is rather dull. The real saving grace of this show is that very catchy theme song.
  • I used to watch the show on PBS kids in the day.

    I used to watch it on PBS Kids in the days when the P-Pals were the mascot of PBS Kids rather than Dash and Dot. And I do know the National Science Foundation were the proud funding of Cro (along with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by the contributors of this station, And other Public Television Stations). And we thank you. Thank You, PBS.