Cromartie High School

G4 (ended 2006)


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  • I don't have Anime Network, & I would love to see it again

    I remeber when G4 aird this show when I was young, it like Catscratch & Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, but better. My favorite is Mechazawa because he's the most manlest robot I've seen in a long it & Freddie & Gorilla can be funny too. One of my favorite episode is when Mechazawa brings his little brother & Gorilla stomp on him becasue Mechzawa's friends are not the best baby-sitters around . I like this show as much as Rocko's Modern Life & other shows I love. & hope to collect all the episode in all 4 volumes someday & One of my goals in life today.
  • Better than 6Teen & when the HELL is it comming back!

    G4's anime unleashed feature cool anime & cromartie is one of them if you love Anime Unleashed tell G4 when it's comming because Abenobashi,Colorful, & Cromartie are cool Anime, but hey this show beats 6Teen by a long shot deliquents only show is origeal & A robot name Mechazawa Ass-kicking
  • Dude, this anime rox my sox!!

    When I first saw the ad in the Anime Insider magazine, I thought it was ugly and stupid looking. But then after a few weeks, I was getting bored and decided to read the preview manga strip. Thanks to my boredom, I realized that this was actually funny and became one of my favorites so I was dying to see the anime. It has an extremely catchy theme song and randomly fuuny comedy elements. This anime is definitley like no other I have seen before! I mean, how many animes has a robot(the best character in that show in my opinion), a guy named Freddie that doesn't talk, a gorilla, and a bunch of badasses all in one place? That's what I thought.
  • a normalmiddle schooler goes to a dumb, delincuints school, because his best frien is thinking of dropping out, so our star goes to the school, and his friend is too dumb to pass the exames! follow the misadventures of kameyama, hyashida, meada, takenuki,

    this show may not be your cup\'a\'noodles, if you are a retarded avatar lover, but if you have a sence of humor, youll snicker at the very least once. This is a show, which is based on a manga, and if you love music, buy it! Its an offthewall, wackey behaviar, and some priceless characters.
    watch, lauff, love, reapet.
  • This show is good once you get to understand it. Its filled with wacky characters and its hilarious.

    When I first saw the show, I thought it was funny because of the guy with the purole hair. I thought it was weird that it moved on its own. I think this show is good and people should watch it. I think this is a good anime and its sort of original in its own way.
  • show about Deliquent To origenal

    The charater you see in the Anime are Dequents Please do not any sercomstancese Imatate what they do Im Searious Man Don't Do It Bad Idea!
    that bringes back memories favort charater is Mechazawa the Robot know why because he like Tiff from "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!" Bejou from "Hamtaro" & Milk of Don Patch of "Bobobo-Bobo-Bobobo"
  • Absolutely horrible! The worse anime I've seen in a long time.

    This show is horrible. I tuned in knowing that it was going to be a comical anime and was expecting to laugh. I didn't crack a smile. For 15 minutes I sat there scratching my head wondering why in the world this was selected for Anime Unleashed when they could've easily picked an anime that was better. The jokes are the types of jokes you find 10 year olds snickering about. I found having Japanese writing on screen and then the English translation above it annoying. Not to mention how whenever the show should have reveled some back story for those who haven't read the manga, it said, "Go read the manga!" Lazy writing, bad voice acting and all together just a worthless expierence.
  • awsome once you get to understand it

    at first i didnt like this when i saw a preveiw on tv for it but once i read two chapters in anime insider and once i bought volume 1 of the manga it has been my favorite ever since. i suggest that you buy the manga wether or not you watch the anime because of many jokes that are manga only like the "bad" thing kamiyama did. this show is the funiest anime/manga i have ever seen and second funniest show ive ever seen.
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