Crook and Chase (2008)

Thursday 9:00 PM on RFD Premiered Jan 17, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • From Not-Too-Good, To Worse -

    RFD had (And emphasize the word 'had', for reasons to be explained, later) a fairly good thing going, with this new version of Crook And Chase. I say 'fairly' good, because there was so very little of it that was good, to begin with - Meaning, specifically, the REAL country performers who appeared on it, from week to week. Personally, I could care less about these so-called 'Exciting new stars', like Rissi Palmer, or Bucky Covington, or Miranda Lambert, or Chuck Wicks (Whoever they are), and the only reason this show rated as high as it did, with me, was because of the appearances of Mel Tillis, Loretta Lynn, Bobby Bare, Connie Smith, Charlie Daniels, and the like. They, and their performances were the only enjoyment I got out of this 43-minute Nashville glamour show. If you're interested in the stories of the 'Rising stars', or Lorianne's wardrobe, or Charlie's daughter's wedding, or Taylor Swift's high school prom (Puh-leeeze!! Who the h__l cares?!!), then this show might have been for you. If you're into the music and the performances of the 'exciting young new talent' of Nashville, this show might have been for you. If you're into cIassic Country, by long and well-established names in the Country Music world, well… This show may or may not have been for you. It depends on how much BS you'd have been willing to sit through, to see it. But, none of that really matters, now, because now, the bad news (Or, maybe I should say 'The even worse news'): Season 2. It can be summed up in one 14-letter word: BOOOOORRRRRING!! No more performances by the old-timers, or (Which is no great loss) the newcomers, either. In fact, the music is gone, altogether - Including the darn good Crook And Chase Band, which was quite an impressive collection of very fine, highly-talented Musicians. Now, we're treated to interviews - And ONLY interviews - With the oldsters, and the newbies, save for a short clip of a performance, here and there. There's not even a live audience, any more, to applaud an entrance, or laugh at the occasional funny line, and it's all taped (At least, for now) in the incredibly exciting setting of backstage in Studio A, of The Grand Ole Opry House. And, later, I understand, we'll be traveling all over Nashville, for "Glimpses of the stars in action". YAWN!! So… Don't feel bad if you missed Season 1, because you really didn't miss much. But, trust me, don't even bother with season 2. At 8 p.m., on Thursday nights, switch to the back-to-back episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show', on TV Land, and spend that hour with some QUALITY TV.