Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2014 on NBC
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Nenna plans an escape, putting Tom in peril. Meanwhile, James forms an unlikely alliance that could get Tom killed.

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    Marise Alvarez

    Marise Alvarez


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    Peter Stebbings

    Peter Stebbings

    James Balfour

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    Julian Sands

    Julian Sands

    William Jagger

    Recurring Role

    Ezra Buzzington

    Ezra Buzzington

    Oswald Eisengrim

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      • Jagger: I've heard it said that when a fugitive from justice is finally apprehended, they sleep like a newborn. It's the relief of it, I suppose. And yet they tell me that you haven't slept but a moment. That day after day, you sit here, alert and silent. The discipline of that is really quite breathtaking. But everything you do takes discipline. A man doesn't just wake up one morning, and find himself a legend, the stuff of ghost stories. He becomes a legend through force of will. Everything about you is the production of exertion. Even this silence.

      • Tom: Still, it wasn't my intention to add to the sum of that violence, and for that, I beg your forgiveness.
        Kate: You don't need my forgiveness.
        Tom: I very much do.
        Kate: It's not a crab's fault that it must walk sideways or a jackal's that it has a taste for carrion. Such creatures exist as God created them. As, I suppose, must you. So it's not a matter of forgiveness, so much as an acknowledgement of your nature.

      • Kate: Tom, you should leave. No one wants you here.
        Tom: But that's the price of a secret island: you can arrive, but you can never leave.

      • Tom: That letter will find its way to the commodore.
        Nenna: I won't be in your debt, Tom.
        Tom: This isn't a debt. We're in check.
        Nenna: I don't play chess.
        Tom: I can teach you.
        Nenna: I didn't say I can't. I said I don't.

      • Tim: On my mother's soul, he didn't do it.
        James: That's not an oath to be taken lightly.
        Tim: On my mother's soul and on my father's soul, too. On God's soul.
        James: Well, let's not damn ourselves to hellfire for the sake of a conversation, shall we?

      • Selima: Edward? Thank God.
        Blackbeard: Well, Him or the other one.

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