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NBC (ended 2014)

NBC has finally released the first trailer for its upcoming pirate drama Crossbones, starring John Malkovich as the legendary pirate Blackbeard. And it looks like Malky had full rein over the character, as there isn't a trace of black in his beard, nor has he made any real effort to dress up like a pirate. It's as if Malkovich showed up for work and said, "Hi, I'm wearing these bedsheets, and that's the end of this discussion." 

As for the series itself, it doesn't look that much different from Starz's recent pirate drama Black Sails, with a cerulean-oceans-and-palm-trees setting in the gorgeous Caribbean. The story will follow Blackbeard's attempt to obtain the Longitude Chronometer (whatever that is) and English spy Tom Lowe's plan to thwart the legendary pirate. Take a look!

Crossbones premieres Friday, May 30 at 10pm on NBC.

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