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  • Disappointing

    This was more like a 1700's soap opera than a Pirate Adventure show. There was little or no action and Malkovich way overacted the part. He was more like an aristocrat than a pirate. Black Sails was much better
  • I miss this show!

    This was by far my and my family's favorite show. I wish that it was given a better chance. So sad it's cancelled.
  • Loved it

    Loved it from the first ep.

    Great cast, great script, well acted.

    Sadly NBC didn't give it to much chanche, twice the episodes were prosponed and in the end after only 9 episoded got canceld.

    A great show died today.
  • Where did I see it before?

    It kinda reminds of Terra Nova. Like Terra Nova this was a great show that had a great name behind and was too big for TV.

    John Malkovich was a great Blackbeard, but like Spielberg in Terra Nova he's just a person. It takes so much more than a person to hold something as big as Terra Nova or Crossbones.

    Anyway, great show. Sorry to see the end.
  • crossbones

    One of my new favorite shows
  • Great Show

    Loved the show is awesome to watch it unfold but as usual they cancel the good ones .........................
  • i loved the show

    too bad it's cancelled :-(
  • Avast ye mateys! It's a rollicking good time.

    I love Crossbones! John Malkovich makes an excellent Blackbeard and Richard Coyle is a lot of fun as the protagonist. It's not high art and it's not high drama. It is great fun with pirates and lusty wenches and treasure ships and sword fights. Sit back and let your brain rest and just have fun.
  • An Action Show with Great Acting, Style & Intelligence--but too intellgent for the average viewer!

    Crossbones is an action-packed story about pirates, supported by outstanding actors and superlative dialogue. The story is a period piece set in the 1700s (or there abouts). The dialogue replicates an older form of speech, more eloquent, polite, and witty than modern speech. Listening to the actors is almost like listening to old poetry. The problem is that in a society where eloquence is reduced to creative ways of using the Big 'F' show is too thus its demise by the indifference of the Rabble!
  • Too bad...

    I was hoping this show would defy the odds and survive, but I see it's been relegated to burn-off, to be replaced by Dateline. I have Xbones recorded but haven't watched yet. But I'd watch it backwards in B&W and Russian without subtitles over Dateline...
  • Woo, pirates!

    Most ep (14)
  • after 6

    its pretty boring. the end.
  • goodbye

    2 episodes then 2 weeks off??

  • People don't speak like that.

    Interesting plot, but the dialogue is so overwrought. People just don't speak like that! Everyone, and I mean everyone delivers a Shakespearean soliloquy of no less than 30 seconds, featuring the grandest adjectives and verbs almost every time they open their mouth. Over-written dialogue. And giving it a 5 and a small chance to get better.
  • Crossbones Is A Snore-Fest

    I watched the entire first episode without falling asleep. Yes, I am proud that I could stand up to the torture at the hands of this monstrosity. I thought it was an insult to not only my intelligence, but to anyone else out there with a pulse!

    John Malkovich is a way better actor than this rotten attempt at entertainment allows him to be. This is just another example of the typical garbage from
  • Okay but not really feeling it

    This is a decent show, overall, but the problem is the doctor isn't nearly as interesting as the pirate, and we spend way more time with the doctor. I think the problem with the show is it takes itself so seriously; Malkovich is the only one with a glint in his eye. Pirate stories aren't supposed to be serious and dark, they're supposed to be fun. Where's Captain Hook?
  • 2 strikes

    Well, after only 2 episodes, I'm bored and I'm annoyed by Johns accent.

    Too bad BBC isn't doing this. They would have done a far better job of it

    and would have hired a far more interesting Blackbeard. I can think of 50

    other actors who could have done it 500 times better than John.

    I'm not sure where they're going with it either. I'm only giving it a chance of

    two strikes and I'm out.
  • Not a review

    Not a review, I am giving this show a chance. It's early but John Malkovich's accent is driving me batty. What the heck is it supposed to be? What dialect is that? I'm still on the fence.
  • A nice change in a Pirate's story

    It was entertaining and that's all that matters, If you want real life pirate stories watch a documentary, If you have read the book "On stranger tides" not the POTC movie. You will like the unique story line.

    the extra gore was a good touch. Battles would be bloody in real life.

    Much better then more "reality TV" Garbage. How can ANYONE Complain about FREE entertainment
  • A Rather Significant Disappointment

    The producers of the show seem to believe that gore and even more gore are substitutes for an interesting, intelligent story and character development. The latter two were missing while the first two made the show rather unpleasant. It is also important to have a protagonist about whom you care. I could not connect with nor be particularly concerned about what "Doctor" Lowe did nor what happened to him. While John Malkovich was good at portraying evil with a mask of civility, it takes more than that to make a good series. Location and scenery, which admittedly are quite attractive, can complement but not replace the basic requirements of a good show. Perhaps the next episode will rectify these failures and I am willing to give it the chance to do so. But I am not holding out much hope of that happening.
  • Malkovich does another Malkovich

    I got it that some actors get hired because they look as they do and act as they do. From J Nickelson to Malkovich (the list is huge and mostly filled with men) they mostly adapt the part to their persona instead of doing it the other way around.

    Take Bette Davis. She of course got her parts for her eyes and curves but created the characters around her in such a way that each part she played was different, each character enriched by the actress. Julian Moore, Dame Hellen Mirren, even Angelina Jolie is trying to break away from her Croft persona. Not Malkovich. Same "posessed" face, weird body movements, like a lizard thrown in a jar with formaldehyde when barely drunk.

    Ive only watched the pilot and hopefully things will change. I like pirate movies and Black Sails did it for me. Not Black Beard episode 1