Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 3

33 Bullets

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on NBC

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  • A riot erupts after a firefight in which some drug dealers and a little boy are killed. Jordan decides the cops' story doesn't make sense so she goes out in the middle of the riot to find proof that the cops lied.

    This may have been the worst episode of the series. It appears to justify rioting. As is usual in left-wing Hollywood, it's the trigger-happy cops to blame, not the drug dealer who brought his son along for a ride, or even an unfortunate accident resulting from the heat of a firefight. In addition, the idea that someone from the medical examiner's office would go out and play CSI in the middle of a riot is beyond ridiculous. And of course a cop has to accompany her so she can be killed off, with the blame going not to the rioters who killed her, but to the cops who hid the kid's toy (which probably looked like a gun at first glance - in the middle of a firefight.

    This episode marks the series' jumping the shark, as it is now clearly about politics and not the stories or character development. While I was getting a bit annoyed with the silliness and unbelievability of some of the stories, this is the one that pushed me over the edge, to the point where I no longer watch every episode, but now watch only if nothing else is on and I have nothing else to do.
  • police shoot an eight year old boy because he is seen as a potential threat and then from there a terrible riot breaks out that leaves one of them wounded and completely lost

    i did like this episode in that it was very intense and you were always on the edge of your seat..ill never forget the first time i watched this ep (spoiler) i saw the kid there and i started crying and then when they found out it was just an airplane in his hands and the cops planted the gun i was like that poor innocent boy..and i was waiting for jordan to say something..unfortunately things got bad for almost everyone as they got caught in the line of fire..and SPOILER: lu gets shot and doesnt make it and i cried..the sad thing is and i feel terrible for saying this..the two ppl that woody and jordan dated are now out of the way so to speak and there is nothing keeping them terrible am i! im sry..i really did feel bad about her death and the riots and that poor boy
  • Interesting storyline

    I was quite surprised about this episode and I had no idea that Lu was dying, so it was a little shocking, too. I wasn't too sad though, even though I did like her interaction with Jordan and Woody lately.
    This episode was really different than anything there's been before, wasn't it? I'm not sure if I completely liked it, but it was - as said - kinda interesting!
    And Nigel and Dr. Switzer were hilarious! I already liked their little headbutting in the previous episode, but wasn't it just great how she scared away that guy?? :D I still don't like her though
  • An emotionally powerful episode.

    I loved the episode and at the same time I was disappointed in 33 Bullets.

    This episode was amazing in terms of tension, story, and emotion—anger, fear, even some humor, and grief. I was pulled in from the moment we saw the young boy lying on the ground. Each commercial break I wanted to scream because I realized just how hard my heart was beating. That tense feeling came over my entire body as I waited. I had time to ponder and worry over the commercial breaks and it heightened my emotional connection to the story unfolding before me. That’s GREAT TV. On that aspect I was completely blown away by the episode. If rating just that portion if the story I’d give it a 5½ out 5. I really was impressed.

    Jill and Leslie were amazing. The two of them—I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed their performance.

    So why am I disappointed? The hyped up ‘A Regular Dies’. I avoided all spoilers. I truly believed that they meant one of the original five. So I prepared myself for that event. Instead I feel like the PTB took the easy way out. I don’t know the reasons behind Leslie Bibb leaving, but just looking at it from this stand point it sure comes across as another way for the PTB to fix another casting error (not that I believe she was a casting error). “The majority didn’t like her character so let’s get rid of her.” That’s the attitude I felt. Reminds me of Devan and Elaine. Both characters I really liked/loved. So maybe I’ve just had it by this point. Third time they’ve killed off a character I liked—yet the ones I can’t stand stick around! It really disappointed me. I didn’t want to see any of the original cast go—hell I didn’t want to see anyone go. I just felt let down at the end.

    I liked Lu. 2nd half of season five she had some issues, but that wasn’t her fault…she did what the writers wrote… When it’s all said and done I really liked Lu. I was in denial until the very end when Lu died. I refused to believe she would die. Utterly and completely refused to accept it. In fact I’m still not sure I have quite accepted the fact that I won’t see her anymore.

    While I’m on my rant I might as well continue with Bug. I didn’t buy Bug’s sudden claustrophobia. He’s been in these type situations where he’s stayed calmed (Perfect Storm, Bombs Away…). Maybe this is different because of his (supposed) childhood experience, but somehow it didn’t ring true to me.

    I did enjoy Bug’s bedside manner. Nigel and Kate are a riot (no pun intended) together. I think Nigel is more than a little scared of our new ME. I love Nigel. And his actions in this episode reinforce why I love him so much. He tries to be the gentleman—the entire night—event after event. From offering to drive, to trying to fix up the scratch on Kate’s arm, to providing food, to trying to play the knight in shinning armor. And Kate is just relentless with him. The two of them added just enough humor so we didn’t drown in the severity of the rest of the episode.

    One last note— If only the government would learn – quick doesn’t equal thorough. If the Governor’s Office had waited a few days for the crew to properly do their work all of this would have been avoided.

    This was a wonderful episode. There were a few comments here and there that irked me and a death I NEVER saw coming, but putting those aside I loved the episode.
  • Was very well acted..

    So the storyline didn't end the way I thought. Good thing the original 5 didn't die.. Yes in some way I was glad it was Lu. She hasn't been part of the cast for too long, she was a character who I wasn't too fond of. Yes she was quite strong in the beginning, she got involved with her patient (Woody). I really disliked how she was towards Jordan when Jordan was a suspect for J.D. Pollack's death. But Lu didn't care what everybody else thought.. but in the end she did redeem herself and I started to like her a bit more. She still is not a favorite character.. but I did get a little teary eyed in the last few moments before Lu's death. It was just very well acted and a highly emotional scene.

    I just have a new character to hate. Kate. But I wonder if there will be a little chemistry between Kate and Nigel now..
  • A police coverup of the murder of a young boy turns the city into mob violence.

    A great episode. I'am not a regular viewer of the show but I tune in every now and then to see what's up, and I really enjoyed last night's episode.

    The brutal massacre of a young boy by police prompts the city into mob violence. The kid allegedly pulled out a gun which prompted police to shoot him down 33 times. You can say this episode is ripped from the headlines in a way. Los Angeles and New York City for example have had a long disgraceful history of police corruption and violence toward citizens. Recently, as was happening in New York a few years back the police would literally fill up a kid's body with bullets and later claim it was warranted. Yeah right. Jordan is given till 5pm by Dr. Macy to come up with a report before an official inquiry is done to close the investigation. Obviously this is a joke as Jordan has little time to go inch by inch of the clues available such as the trajectory of the bullets, if the boy really did shoot a weapon, and if any other evidence was discounted or covered up. Naturally, then Jordan does miss something but unfortunately the evidence she has at the time shows the boy might have shot the police first.

    All hell breaks of course as the city can't stomach a couple of pigs getting away with this sort of thing so the citizens retaliate with mob violance ala the La Riots style from 1992 in LA and other places.

    Jordan eventually finds what she needs to discredit the testimony of the police officers but not until a great many people are injured including Jordan's co-worker Lulu. Man what a great character she was. She was badass yet underneath it all she had a heart. She and Woody went back to the crime scene to find the evidence they needed but she paid for it with her life.

    Top notch acting by everyone involved and this amounted to a very memorable episode.
  • Great episode but really painful to watch seeing something get out of control the way it did.

    First of all Jordan Cavanaugh is the best ME they have along with Garrett Macy. I really enjoyed this episode even though it dealt with some very tough issues. I liked the fact as always Jordan would not rest until she found out the truth. I was so shocked to see the little boy Jamar get shot so many times by the police. I understand that the police are put into danger each and every day but that was an overkill on their part. If the policeman Connor would have told the truth from the beginning then alot of lives and damage to peoples lives and property could have been prevented. I wish that Lou did not have to die because her and Woody had alot of issues to work out that he will probaly have alot of guilt for the rest of his life. I just hopes this makes people stop and think that this could really happen so they need to think about consequences before making decisions that can hurt themselves and others.
  • Probably my favorite episode, and destined to become a pivotal moment in the series.

    Wow, what an amazing episode. It is so sad to lose Lu, to be completely honest, I almost cried. Even though she wasn't my favorite character, I did like her, and appreciated her spirit.

    Personally, I think that this episode brings up some interesting issues, especially considering the number of police shootings that have occured in my area in the last few months. But don't think for a second that I'm spouting police cover-up or anything. It just makes you think, you know?

    Being a sucker for a romance and a lover of male/female partnerings, I really loved the interaction between Lu and Woody, as well as with Jordan and Woody. The moments between Jordan and Lu in the last few minutes of the ep were heartrending. But maybe, just maybe Jordan and Woody will be finding comfort in each other? Each now knows what the other is going through, and who better to help you through losing someone you're so close to, than someone who is going through the same thing? Writers, any smidgen of truth to my ramblings?

    Nigel and that new lady...that was intersting. She's just SO abrasive, but oddly impressive with her forcefulness. Obviously, I'm not TOO impressed, considering at the moment I can't remember her name...(well, and it's 2 A.M.).

    I missed Lily!
  • What an episode!! It's sad that another cast has to die.

    From the very beginning it was very gripping. Beginning with a child being convicted of shooting first and from one officer's point of view says that the boy shot first. Racism can be such an ugly monster and this episode sure proved it. The new M.E. is really a tough cookie isn't she. Why did they have to kill Lu for? Damn it, I was just starting to get used to her. I really loved this episode so did my brother who is not a Crossing Jordan fan.
  • Another one must die!

    This show was very emotional as well as really sad
    To find a little boy shot and killed 33 times
    As the team also finds themselves in a riot and I
    Agree with the viewer, though Lu really rubbed people the wrong way, she did apologize to Jordan. And she made up big time for what she did. It did cost her, her life. Wished it was that dumb ME as she is rubbing people big time!
  • This great, well written, sad episode. Lu is gone! NO!!!

    I did not know that this was going to happen to Lu. If I knew she was going to get shot I would have said no. If she was leaving to another place, I would have said yes. I cried, I cried from that time when Lu was slowing talking to the end. She did apolize to Jordan. So, people who are still mad at Lu please forgive her. Jordan tried her best to keep her alive and Woody didn't even know until they got to the hosptial. And bring her body to the morge with the family - friends- Macy, Nagle, Bug, Jordan and Woody.

    Why couldn't they shot and kill that new M.E.? She is on my buttons. I bet I can take her down with or without suger. She should be the one leaving. I tell you, some people who are on your nerves and then someone is gone (Shot or killed), they are the ones that we love and all that. Okay, Okay, Okay, maybe we will have to see and wait and see what will happen thour the season.