Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 15

Acts of Mercy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2002 on NBC

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  • A Tale Of Office Romance, Reality . aspirations and a Euthanasia debate

    "Acts Of Mercy" deals with the issue of euthanasia. A doctor is accused of several assisted suicides. Initially, Jordan thinks that it should be classified as murder ("murder is murder"). By the end of the episode she is a bit less sure of her position. The episode does make you think about the ethical issues raised by euthanasia, without necessarily spoonfeeding the audience a neat, sound byte friendly answer.

    In addition to the issue of euthanasia, the episode continues to develop the personality and romances of the first season. Nigel and Bug come close to being stars in a reality . series, Jordan rebuilds her relationship with her grandmother and (last, but not) Lily and Dr. Macey become . . "friends".
  • This was pretty good...

    Personally I thought that this was a decent episode, focusing mainly on the developing relationships in the series, between Jordan/Woody, Dr M/Lily, Bug/Nigel, Jordan/Grandmother/Max. I feel that the main plot surrounding Jordan and Woody was decent at best, providing an interesting twist in the case. Honestly I believe that there could have been a little more focus on the subplots, especially where the relationship (or lack thereof) between Dr M and Lily was going, and on Garret's problems with his ex. I also think that more of the focus could have also been put on Bug and Nigel, and their adventures in the TV world. I thought it was very in-character for both of them either way though. Overall it was an entertaining episode.