Crossing Jordan

Season 3 Episode 9

All the News Fit to Print

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on NBC

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  • While Macy is being sued for wrongful death, Bug and Woody track down the killer of a reporter.

    Despite the distinct lack of Nigel, the interaction between Bug and Woody was just priceless in this episode. Unlike others, I feel that Jordan's absence from this episode did not harm it at all. All in all, the actual character of Jordan does not intrigue me so much as those of Bug, Nigel, and Woody, and (on occasion) Macy and Lily. I laughed so hard when Bug asked Woody why he has his nickname, in response to Woody asking the same question of him. The other part of the plot, involving the lawsuit was also very interesting, especially when the bad guy was revealed at the end. Great writing and great acting all around.
  • 2 cases

    Jordan is missing again and Nigel is gone too...
    Well lets see, a reporter, Gordon Tolliver, is found shot to death on the street. Woody gets the case and Bug is the ME.

    The reporter was doing a story about a 16 year old girl that was been forced to work as a prostitute for a modeling agency.
    The girls fictitious name was Natasha. Bug bonds to the case and wants to find Natasha. They realize that the reporter was trying to save her too.
    They find a body in the car of a guy that was searching the reporter's apartment.
    They follow a lead and go to a modeling agency and get a voice mail call with Amber, one one of the girls. When Bug compares the tapes(the reporter had a recorder with him) they discover that Natasha doesn't exist, the reporter made her up. And the guy that ran works for a senator and was trying to protect him because the senator was getting to attached to a young prostitute.

    Gordon used to talk with a waitress at a diner and he used her marks to describe Natasha so the waitress father comes looking for her and at the end they find each other.

    The other case involves Macy, Peter and Devan.
    Peter and Macy are going to pick up a body when they almost run over a guy. He is still alive and is taken to the hospital, later he goes to the morgue, dead. Macy wants to find out why.
    The paramedic, Michelle, was drugging people that she thought didn't deserve to live, her father died waiting for the paramedics.
  • I just wish Jordan was in it.

    It was an ok episode even though Jordan wasn't in it. I still missed her & the humor she brings into the series.

    I'm beginning to like Devan alot but she is more like Jordan & I think that she should have a different personality, one Jordan is enough.

    I just wish the episodes were in order because this episode had me confused for a while when Devan asked for her first case after she'd worked on one before this episode aired. But she was pretty funny acting like she was in charge of the morgue.

    Woody & Bug working together, now that was so funny. I wonder why they can't stand each other.
  • Its revealing to me cause one Devan and how she is like Jordan to much. Reaveling how we see how jealous Bug is off Nigel and is tired of being treated diffrent by Woody.

    Devan in my eyes is to much of a Jordan. Witch they actualy prove when Peter avoids her cause of that. We dont need another Jordan Cavanaugh on the team but it is a excelent show so far and im enjoying her but she needs to be taken down a notch. She has proven to be a smark doctor thats for sure. Bug threw this one wanted to prove him self to Woody that he was a good detective like Nigel and Jordan and Macy. He proved him self threw the end im so proud of Bug. It brings me to a point to think maybe I shouldnt go for looks maybe its the heart that counts as well I mean Woody has a damn good hearta s well. But Bug him self his heart is big he just has a hard time showing it. He has a hard time showing alot of emotions this was a great episode for Bug in my eyes. At the end I am proud of Garret as well he is growing in his character so well. Toward the end we find why Peter turned to drugs and why being with the real people scared him so much. He found his home just like all the others that worked at the Boston ME office. This is were he could save people even if they were not alive he saved the victums family of night mares of who or what killed there loved one. Being a ME is a big job caue you have so meany cases cross the autopsy table rapes, children , people that dont deserve to be helped cause of what they have done but ever one deserves peace even the evil of this world
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