Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 12

Code of Ethics

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2006 on NBC

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  • I've never been a fan of military story lines, typically becaus e I think the military is 99% of the time portrayed in a bad light. This episode fell into that category... For more reviews:

    The Cases: Enthralled would NOT be a word I use to describe these two cases. One was predictable from the moment Nigel opened his mouth and the second irritated the hell out of me. I have to admit though, I figured it was going to happen. I have issues with ‘military’ cases. But more on that in a moment. First lets talk about Leo…

    The instant Nigel explained about the kidnapping I knew Leo’s son was the boy kidnapped so long ago. And from that point on everything was rather boring. I had no interests in the case from there out. The talk with the parents, examining the dead boy’s body and then telling the son Leo wasn’t his father…it was like I had to sit through a lecture I already knew everything about, just because the teacher would fail me if I didn’t show up—a waste of time.

    As for Jordan and Woody’s case… The case was a pretty standard story: Newspaper writes story, reporter won’t reveal source and hinders investigation. Nothing particularly special. Needless to say I didn’t care for the case. I have major issues with military cases. Nine times out of ten the military is shown in a ‘bad light’. This irks the HELL out of me. I’m an Army Brat. I grew up moving all over. I loved my life and wouldn’t change it for anything. It also gave me a different view on the military than what most people have. Between my grandfather, father and now brother, they’ve served the United Stated for 43 years…and counting. And for the one rotten apple in a bin you have to remember there are millions of good apples—yet this is rarely portrayed.

    Once again, tonight, the US Army got a bad spin put on it. Yes part of the blame goes to the company making the vest, but what people will remember about this case was “oh it was the Colonel that sold out his country.” The US Army (the whole Military for that matter) is serving this country proudly and I hope you all remember that, and take that away from this episode more than the other message it sent out. Be proud of our men and women serving for us. Garret and Abby: I’m sorry, but I just don’t like Abby. She’s still an immature child. I don’t care how old you are. You don’t go stay at a parent’s house and then invite the boy friend to sleep over too without ever asking the parent’s permission. There’s a certain amount of respect you show for a parent and Abby still hasn’t learned this concept. She’s really spoiled and quite selfish. I wanted to be given a reason to like her this time around, but it didn’t happen. If anything I’m more pissed at her, because she should realize how her actions are coming across by now. At 21 it’s time for her to start taking responsibility for her life.

    That said, Garret pissed me off too. Yes I know he’s an emotional wreck right now. I just expected more out of him. He doesn’t even know Chad and he’s having Woody do a background check on him? That’s paranoid. Don’t you think he should at least sit down and maybe have a conversation with him before he starts trying to destroy his daughter’s life? (Not saying that Abby is perfect.) Garret’s behavior just really bothered me. You think he’d be a bit more level headed.

    A very rocky episode for Garret, but at least he waited to drink until he got home. Oh and that’s another thing I’m ROYALLY pissed at Abby for. It looked (from what I could tell) that the bottle of alcohol was purposely left out on the table for Garret. The fact that Abby would do that, throw the drinking problem back in her father’s face is cruel. I can see how she’s hurt, but so is Garret. And here they are feeding each other’s problem. Garret the drinking. Abby the drugs. And I didn’t approve of the way Garret treated Abby in his office…that wasn’t the way to get through to Abby. I know he’s concern, but that was not the way to show it. All he ended up doing was pushing Abby farther from him.

    Lily and Bug: What the (add expletive here even though I never swear) was up with Bug? I’ve never been more confused than I am at this moment. Nor have I ever seen such a COMPLETE reversal of attitude from a character.

    It sounded like Bug was sincere in his words that he is over Lily. I’m jumping with joy if that’s the case! Let’s bring Seely back into the picture (for Lily that is). But if Bug really is over Lily—it’s the oddest way I’ve ever seen something like this handled. So odd I don’t know what to say.

    Someone described Bug’s behavior with a word that I think sums it all up: Surreal.

    Guess I’ll be waiting to see how this all plays out.

    Nigel: I love Nigel. This season he’s played second fiddle to everyone. I think it’s about time he have some prime time space and a case he can shine in.

    And now we come to the only strong point of the episode: Jordan, Woody and JD. I thought the writers did a decent job with this story line.

    Jordan and JD: As I type those two names a feeling of sadness over comes me, because I believe this is the last time I will write about them. I may not have wanted Jordan with JD, but he grew on me as a character. Sometimes I liked him, sometimes I hated him, but he did a wonderful job of adding some tension and drama to the season, and he moved the Jordan and Woody story forward. Without JD, Jordan and Woody would not be where they are today.

    Woody so had that punch coming to him. I’m not saying it was right, but JD had reached his breaking point…I love that Woody understood where JD was coming from and wasn’t mad (Woody is after all on the winning end of it), but it just shows how much Woody has grown this season. Now I thought Nigel would have spilled the beans to Jordan but Woody was given that honor. I have to say the writers handled it well. It wasn’t said in a ‘gloating’ fashion by Woody, but merely an innocent remark. The look of shock on Jordan’s face…Woody’s comment suddenly showed Jordan JUST exactly where JD was in his commitment to their relationship. Jordan telling JD that she didn’t know why she slept with Woody should really been her saying she didn’t know ‘how’ to explain why…because explaining why would have put into words her feelings for Woody and that’s something she hasn’t voiced to anyone. So how, if she couldn’t admit to herself, would she have the courage to admit this to JD? So instead she danced around the situation. JD knew though. He didn’t need Jordan to explain. His comments to Jordan in the jail seem to be said from hurt, but I think he really meant it.

    The ending scene was bittersweet. It was a tribute to both Jill and Charles’s characters. I thought it was handled wonderfully. It’s one of those moments you wait for, but no matter how much you prepare for the moment you never manage to stay detached. Jordan and JD’s talk left an understanding between the two. JD didn’t leave on a bad note, rather one of sadness, but understanding.

    I loved the ending shot of JD kissing Jordan on the forehead, their talk, him wiping a tear from her cheek and the door closing behind him with the soft Irish music playing in the background. “And what’s really pathetic is I actually tried this time. I really tried…” And that my friends, sums up Jordan and JD’s relationship.

    Jordan and Woody: Woody impressed me in this episode. He understood where JD was coming from I believe (that and he knew he was on the winning side.) So it makes it easier to be generous when you have a good feeling that things are going to fall your way.

    I give credit to Woody for staying back. He insisted that she talk with JD and they make decisions. Because until Jordan and JD figured out what was going on between them, Woody understood that he could do nothing but sit and wait. So his continuous encouragement for Jordan to talk to JD…well I see where it was coming from.

    Overall though Woody was very sympathetic to the whole situation, though I think he enjoyed arresting JD. Little bit of payback for that punch. I think Woody’s one line summed up things nicely: “You’re a complicated girl Jordan. Not everybody gets you.” But Woody does.

    Goodbye JD. While I was never a fan of you and Jordan, you did win me over with the spice and drama you added. You’re character was real. You had flaws. You had strong points, and you had your weak points. You were sweet and you were annoying. You were 100% human. And I even came to understand your accent—somewhat—I only had to listen to you two or three times verse four or five. (Yeah I had a hard time with that accent).

    Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing dun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart. ~Washington Irving


    - When Woody is interrogating Captain Osborne she starts out by saying she went to Black’s house at ‘eighteen hundred hours’ (1800H). Then she starts talking and reverts to she left at 9:30. Military Brat that I am, she wouldn’t revert. She’d either say one of the other, but because she started by says 1800H (which is six o’clock by the way) she should have finished by saying she left a 2130H.

    - The opening scene—I’m sorry, but that was cheesy and totally unnecessary if what the writers were trying to portray was that Jordan had two men on her mind and she couldn’t decide between the two. We already know that. I felt like I was in some BAD fantasy world soap opera. Please don’t ever do that again—we truly crossed over into the bad bad world of Soap Operas with that scene.

    - I have to comment on how Garret says Albany. It's hilarious. Every time I hear him say it I laugh. It's All-bany not Al-bany, at least if we're talking about Albany, New York. I lived there I should know.

    So, while I actually liked the personal interaction between Woody, Jordan and JD (I thought it tied it up in a satisfactory way) Garret, Lily and Bug’s personal problems didn’t quite do it for me. And I really didn’t like the cases. They were mediocre at best. So for J-W-JD they get four dead bodies. The rest gets two dead bodies (and I’m being nice).