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NBC (ended 2007)
Newspaper claims NBC will announce cancellations of three shows next week.
May 12, 2007
NYT: Donnellys, Studio 60, Jordan out
Tim Surette

Reports on next week's upfronts have spelled mostly good news for shows--such as Friday Night Lights, Medium, and Scrubs--so far, but with old shows getting renewed and new ones getting picked up, someone has to go. Moles inside NBC (who have been very busy and very talkative the past few days) say that The Black Donnel...

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Crimetime TV
Mar 30, 2011
Body of Proof Is Dead on Arrival
To call this show derivative is almost so obvious as to be tacit.
Bob Saget will follow Howie Mandel into game show sphere.
Sep 28, 2006
NBC slots in new game show for Crossing Jordan

NBC is doubling down on game shows, bringing a local version of European hit 1 vs. 100 to prime time next month.

Hosted by Bob Saget, 1 vs. 100 pits a contestant against 100 other people in a test of trivia skills for a $1 million prize.

It begins its five-week run October 13 at 9 p.m., with an episode of NBC's reigning game show, Deal or No Deal, serving as its lead-in. In the remaining four weeks it will then take over the Friday 8 p.m. slot that had been targeted for Crossing Jordan. The crime drama will get a new time slot to be determined later in the season.

It's time once again for TV upfronts, when networks converge to host a series of presentations in which they bombard advertisers, press representatives, and others with exciting news about the upcoming season. Whispered gossip fills the air, series pickups and cancellations are announced, and network presidents wax poetic over the undeniable greatness of their latest small-screen creations. We want to make sure you've got the goods on all of this important news, so we'll continue to update these pages as new information is revealed. Keep checking back, and by the end of the week you'll have the fall season memorized!
May 10, 2006
2006 Upfronts


Fall schedule announced! The NBC upfront took place Monday, May 15; this section will be updated as announcements are made.

Renewed Shows

The Apprentice (to return midseason)

The Biggest Loser


Crossing Jordan (to return midseason)

Deal or No Deal


Las Vegas

Last Comic Standing

Law & Order

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


My Name is Earl

The Office

Scrubs (to return midseason)

New Shows Picked Up

20 Good Years
This new comedy from the cocreator of The Cosby Show follows the adventures of two friends who finally realize that life doesn't last forever. John Lowry and Stanley Friedman are an odd pair to be buddies. They're polar opposites in every way and have a hard time seeing eye to eye. The one thing they can agree on is that they only have ...

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Kring moves from Beantown to fantasyland with new script about superbeings.
Dec 09, 2005
Jordan creator crosses over to new projects

After five years in the Boston morgue, the creator and executive producer of NBC's Beantown-based drama Crossing Jordan is developing projects for NBC and CBS.

Tim Kring has written a reality-bending, large ensemble drama for NBC about a group of seemingly everyday people who discover that they have superpowers.

Dubbed Heroes, the project revolves around the practical considerations that people face at work and at home when they suddenly realize they can fly, or have extraordinary strength, or can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and so on. Kring describes it as "a big giant saga" with a graphic-novel tone. The idea of putting "hyper-real characters" in surreal settings came to him not long after he saw the features The Incredibles and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind back to back, Kring said.

The untitled CBS project is a collaboration ...

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The winter blues may be permeating the atmosphere, but they can't touch the TV airwaves. Midseason replacements are here, so check out this feature and tell Jack Frost to take a hike!
Jan 01, 2007
Midseason Replacements

Show Me the Money
Tuesday, January 2, 8:00 p.m.
William Shatner's trivia-meets-dancing game show has been given an additional six-episode order, and will move to a new timeslot on January 2. Don't miss a minute!

According to Jim
Wednesday, January 3, 8:30 p.m.
Jim Belushi's family sitcom kicks off its sixth season with an episode titled "The Flannel Sexual." We know we won't miss this one!

The Knights of Prosperity
Wednesday, January 3, 9:00 p.m.
Watch as Donal Logue and his band of merry thieves hatch a plan to end their blue-collar lifestyles by robbing Mick Jagger's ritzy apartment.

In Case of Emergency
Wednesday, January 3, 9:30 p.m.
What would you do if you realized you had no one to help you in ...

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Though it's always sad to see our favorite shows end for the season, leaving nothing but the bleak expanse of summer television before us, there are a few reasons--besides pool parties and barbecues--to get excited at this time of year. Each year's May Sweep brings exciting finales and other special TV events. All in all, it's shaping up to be an excellent month of television--and we've outlined the best of it for you. Oh, and a word to the wise: this feature abounds with spoilers, so read with care!
Apr 21, 2006
Finale Fanfare
FinaleFanfareHeader7.jpg Click Here

ABC is home to some of the best shows on television, and the finales for these great series will surely not disappoint. Look for excitement from Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Grey's Anatomy--and be sure to bid a final farewell to Sydney Bristow on the series finale of Alias.

Monday, May 1

9:00 p.m.: Supernanny
Second-season finale

Vicki and Aaron Newton are separated, with joint custody of their two sons, Aaron and Kobe. Though the boys are angels for Dad, young Kobe saves his worst behavior for Mom. He is violent and destructive--hitting, kicking, slapping, punching, and swearing. He even throws rocks at Jo's head. Aaron isn't physically aggressive, but he does talk back to his mother. For the first time, Jo Frost observes life in two homes ...

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If you think your life is strange, The 4400 season four hits the shelves this week so you can compare notes. Also out, the next series of events in the saga of Aang the airbender Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Three: Fire, Volume Three.
May 05, 2008
May 6, 2008 DVD Releases

The 4400

Season Four

Buy the DVD!

More The 4400
Show Summary | Episode Guide | Forum

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ABC trusts Grey's Anatomy to pull off post-Super Bowl ratings.
Nov 01, 2005
Spike for Anatomy ensures Super Bowl slot

ABC's Grey's Anatomy will stay put on Super Bowl Sunday.

The growing second-season hit, part of the network's formidable Sunday lineup, will air a special episode February 5, after ABC's broadcast of Super Bowl XL.

For the second consecutive time, ABC picks a Sunday sophomore drama with a female lead to run in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot. In 2003, the network's Alias landed the spot but stumbled in the ratings after a late start in the East.

Grey's Super Bowl assignment comes after the medical drama passed a key physical on Sunday, posting a big viewership spike at 10 p.m. coming out of a repeat of Desperate Housewives. Grey's finished out as the most-watched program of the night with an average of 17 ...

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Desperate Housewives dominates Sunday ratings; Anatomy, Makeover hold strong.
Oct 18, 2005
Housewives once again dominate Sunday

More than 25 million people kept their regular date with Desperate Housewives on Sunday.

The ABC drama towered over the night once again, drawing an average of 25.5 million viewers and an 11.2 rating/25 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to preliminary estimates from Nielsen Media Research. Even with Fox's live coverage of the decisive American League Championship Series game that advanced the Chicago White Sox to the fall classic, ABC topped the 18-49 demo ratings of CBS, NBC, and Fox combined in the 9 p.m. hour.

ABC was strong at either end of the night as well with a two-part Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that perked up in the 8 p.m. hour to an average of 15.6 million viewers and 6.5/16 in ...

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