Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2007 on NBC

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  • Loved the series

    Like I said loved the series.

    Just got through watching the last show Crash. It was ok. Just wanted more of a finale!

    Thanks for Crossing Jordan!
  • a great season finale, not so great series finale

    It was an amazing episode and would have been a perfect season finale with the cliffhanger but it was horrific in terms of leaving far too many questions unanswered. IT showed wonderful character interaction which is what the series was all about.I wish that they would have chosen to do a follow up movie to wrap the series up, to answer the unanswered questions around the plane crash. It was an exceptional season finale, but not a great series finale. It did bring out the best and the worst in the characters. This episode put all of the characters showing what really means the most to them, what is important in their lives and what their weaknesses are, although most of us were already aware. It was a great episode, but it left many questions unanswered.
  • While investigating some mysterious deaths, Jordan and the others crash into snowy mountains. Will they be rescued or perish in the snow????

    I can actually say that I throughly enjoyed this episode. No, I am not saying that because I am a big fan of Crossing Jordan but because I truly liked this episode. It wasn't like some of those stupid shows where they're stranded but they have lots of food, material to make a shelter, and it's not cold. As if that would happen in real life but in this episode not everyone lives, people are injured, there's no food, the radio died, and everybody doesn't have a lot of knowledge of surviving in the wilderness. They are actually struggling to survive. One of the best scenes was when Jordan admitted her feelings for Woody. It was good for her to do that and admit that she was afraid. Jordan has always had trust issues and has not let anyone get close since her mother died. She has always been afraid of falling in love, in fear of losing someone else she is close to. Another good scene is when Kate apologizes to Garrett about her outburst. We learn that she knows that she is not the most popular person at the morgue. We see a bit of her character when she volunteers to be food monitor and knows the others won't like the person who does it but does it anyway because she knows that it will prevent everyone from disliking two people instead of just her. I am sad that Crossing Jordan has ended. It will always be my favorite TV show. In my opinion, this was a nice way to end the show. The only thing I can think of improving this episode is making it a little longer, having a little more happen instead of trying to cram everything into one hour. Overall, this episode was very well done.
  • question to any and all viewers.. jordan and woody?

    i thought this episode was good but i dont know for about a series finale. i mean i know the cancellation came as a shock and maybe they didnt plan for this to be the last episode. but what abouy woody and jordan? do you think in the end theyre together? i hope so. haha i dont know, i wish they could have elaborated on that aspect on the show some more. i really think that the two together as a couple who be a great ending, along with bug and lily as one. in the end though, the show is great and i wish it wasnt over.
  • I thought everyone was going to die and I was totally glued to the seat.

    Watching the plane rip apart seconds before crashing was scary enough but then to see Dr Macy in such a bad way and trying to hide it really did away with my last nerve.
    I felt sorry for Bug because he never wanted to go in the first place.
    Jordan seemed quite concerned for Dr Macy and for a minute I thought she was going to scream out her undying love for HIM I was definately relieved when she finally told Woody she loved HIM instead although I didn't hear him say it back...the kiss kind of insinuated he did too.
    Kate and Nigel seemed a bit devoid of emotion at first and then kind of annoying...they could have died..I wouldn't have minded.
    Great that they all got rescued in the end ..but It shouldn't have ended there..they could have showed everyone back at work and getting on with things it would have tidied things up for me..
  • Great last episode!

    I actually thought it was really good. I was a little bit upset that Jordan ended up with Woody as a shortlived Jordan/Nigel shipper, but I guess through the whole series the focus was on Jordan and Woody's relationship. I like how Jordan finally told him she loved him. Not like before in season 4 when Woody didn't believe her. I think he saw that Jordan had been through so much she wouldn't make something like that up, it would have been really hard to say.

    I didn't like how things ended with Garret. I've been watching since the pilot and always envisioned Garret with Renee. Or anyone. It didn't seem like his characters storyline was wrapped up. I guess the point was that he needed to be alone, and was better off that way.

    Anyway, great episode.
  • Jordan and the crew are on a plane heading back to the morge when suddenly the plane crashes. One of the piolts is dead and nigel is wounded. they are stuck in the mountains with no one knowing where they are. Now they must pull together to survive.

    Omg!! i loved this episode. i mean i was kinda sad watching nigel and bug fight like that but it was a good episode. so jordan and woody are finally together...yippi!! i am just scared that this was the finale of the show all together. i hope and pray not, and i guess i will just have to wait and see. there wasnt very much of lily in this episode but the charecters were very good. i kinda felt bad for kate when she said she would gaurd the food becaus they already hated her. i think everyone got closer in this episode, and if there is a next season jordan and woody should have a chance!!!!!
  • Hope that wasn't the ending. Completely unrealistic.

    First of all, what are the odds against an engine blowing up, the plane door being ripped off, the luggage lockers falling open and lord knows what else? How could every single thing on a plane go wrong at one time? Our main characters are in sub-arctic tempatures with their jackets unzipped, not wearing the hoods on their jackets and other stuff that ruins any attempt at realism..

    They then solve a worldwide terrorist plot (gee more muslim terrorist plots, that's original) while injured and lost.

    None of the main characters die and are the only ones to survive the crash. (there was one other guy at first but for no explicable reason crawls outside to die?)

    I don't expect perfect realism from tv, but this laughable and cheesy departure from reality was just too much.

    And I just heard that this might be the final episode. I can handle a lame episode every now and again but this would be a very sad way for the series to end!
  • Good Episode

    This episode starts with the crew on a plane and heading to anotehr destination when the plane has some problems and starts to head down. The have an emergency landing, When all contact with the outside world is lost the crew tries not to freeze to death. The episode shows the crew getting alot closer and also ones life is in jeopardy after the crash. This was a good episode, take the time out to watch the ending of a long runnign show. This was one of my personal favorites even though it wasnt a success.It sucks to say Goodbye.
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