Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 4

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on NBC

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  • danny and delinda help work a case with woody and jordan while bug deals with a woman found in a river

    i saw most of this ep and i have seen it before..i did really like this ep but it just wasnt exactly one of my didnt hold my interest as much as some..the case was awesome with the forensics and everything and i like that jordan and woody are working together again..i also love how (oh spoiler) nigel brings up the thing about jordan and woody being on again off an enlightenment to their relationship..the rest was just the case and it was interesting but not as interesting as others..and kate was still very annoying but surprisingly good with the parents lol
  • Fun filler episode. More reviews at

    Fun filler episode. There are always going to be a few of those in a season. I don’t mind them. They’re not going to make a huge impact on us, but they do entertain, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

    I had no clue what this episode was going to be about. I hadn’t even read the episode description—that’s just how busy my life has been. Anyway, I went into the episode blind and was pleasantly surprised.

    I actually liked the case. I wasn’t sure who the guilty party was. I knew it had to be either, the other boxer, the wife or Mickey. However the way the information was presented I was never sure just who was guilty until Mickey was found dead.

    Jordan and Woody—this is what makes shipper fans happy. Yes they want more but this type interaction will keep the shippers content for the moment. This was more of the old CJ that was fun, playful and gave you hope that a happy ending is in sight for Jordan and Woody. Me I’m no longer in either boat, get together or not, either way is fine with me, but watching Jordan and Woody tonight was fun. More fun than last season’s turmoil. What is up with the Alpha Male Syndrome? Danny and Woody (more so Woody) are quite childish at times (much to our amusement). Danny tries to be a bit more adult about it, but he still eggs Woody on.

    Side Note: I’m so glad NBC posted the deleted scene because after the episode aired I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how the two episodes (CJ and Las Vegas) connected.

    Bug and Lily confuse me. I’ve never really been a fan of that match up, but I see how they fit together well…that said I can’t figure out where the two of them are heading. Lily doesn’t tell Jeffery she’s pregnant. Bug thinks Jeffery knows. Bug gives Lily space. Lily doesn’t want space. Lily wants Bug but Lily’s having Jeffery’s baby. Bug decides he doesn’t want Lily right now.

    Is your head spinning yet? I’ve come to the conclusion there are too many ‘doesn’t wants’ in their relationship. They need to figure out what they want—then maybe things will work out for them. Right now, they’re just on two different pages…

    I do like how the CJ cases relate back to personal issues in the characters lives. I’ve noticed more and more, that each case will relate to certain issues that each character is dealing with.

    Music—I love CJ and its music. Flashdance made me laugh. It’s always a fun moment when a few strands of music tie into the episode and at the same time bring back memories of the 80s :)

    My one disappointment—we didn’t get to see the aftermath of Lu’s death. I know we jumped a month in time (and I believe in the next episode we jump again in time). I know the writers NEEDED to jump in time; however I’m still disappointed we didn’t see any sort of emotion/mourning from our characters.
  • Woody, Jordan, Danny and Delinda at a boxing match-- the winner ends up dead. Toss in a little sexual tension, a pregnant Lily, a miffed Bug, and a smitten-kitten Nigel...

    1) Nigel is a funny kid. He's all smitten with Delinda. Idinit cute? He's about to fall over himself, look at his little poonum...

    2) Bug! Nooooooooo! Come on dude, quit being so "noble." You know you're in love with her. Just suck it up and work through it already! PS Jeffery's a butt.

    3) We all know Jordan and Woody are going to end up together eventually. Part of me says, "Just get them together already!" and the other part knows that the waiting for it to happen is even better. So we'll see. I liked seeing them spending some time together in this ep, especially at the end (in the elevator).

    4) Delinda as an ionic spectroscopy expert/genius? Iiiiiinteresting... THAT'S one I didn't see coming.

    5) Danny and Woody trying to go at it in the ring...right on top of a dead Micky. Ha ha ha!
  • Main:Semi-crossover episode involving Danny and Delinda from LasVegas travel to Boston for a vacation and watch a Boxing match in which the Champ a close friend to Danny ends up dead. Sub:Nigel falls in love with Delinda, Bug and Lily face their future.

    While I don't particularly enjoy seeing Lily involved heavily in story lines because her character tends to be whinny and overstated, I can't imagine her not being on the show. Which brings be to a crossroads on this episode because it is interesting, but has her as the focus on one of the story lines.
    This episode was about a boxer killed by a wife that saw him as a burden, a car accident from 22 years prior, Nigel fell head over heals, and Macy appeared calm and sure of himself.
    I do enjoy the crossover episodes, they bring an extra spice to the show, but this was more of just a guest appearance spot nothing happened that will apply to Las Vegas. It was nice to see Nigel have someone on the show that understood him, and be interested in his world, it was just a shame that it was only as a guest appearance. It was nice to see Macy sure of himself, CJ needs to bring the edge back that they started off the season with.