Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 15

Dead Again

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2007 on NBC

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  • Back to some CJ basics. Entertaining episode. For more CJ reviews visit:

    This was some standard Crossing Jordan. No major trauma to any one of our main characters—just your standard two cases, and the team working to solve them with their personal life intermingling in the cases. I kind of miss the simplicity of those older episodes. You know what you were getting. And while this did pull on everything that’s happened this season from Ivers to Lily to Jeffery it was still ‘normal’.

    The logistics of Jordan’s case are somewhat questionable, but I think the enjoyable part wasn’t really about the case—you knew the husband was guilty—it was more about the dynamics of Jordan and Ivers working together. The roles were reversed—and our dear little ‘pain in the backside’ Ivers was suddenly on the other side of the fence. Garret: The man has a hard time admitting an error.

    Yes, he does. I thought it was entertaining that Ivers was brought back into the morgue dynamic. I thought we’d seen the end of him after Isolation. I like the continuity of characters coming back. Ivers had to deal with the circumstance of returning to the morgue. It’s fun to see character development in the minor characters like that. Just like the continuation of Seely. Granted we don’t see much of him, but there’s a dynamic between him and the members of the morgue…and that’s built on each time he reappears. Okay, it’s official. I’ve totally abandoned the J-W Ship. I’ve got a new couple that I’m absolutely crazy over: Nigel and Kate! The best parts of the episode for me were the Nigel/Kate interactions. They have the dynamic I once loved about Jordan and Woody. Kate—flirting with Nigel! My favorite moment of the entire episode. It was perfect, Kate straightening his bow tie and then untying it. Totally a ‘Kate Moment’. What’s so nice about the two is neither of them are afraid to speak their mind to one another and it creates some of the most delightful scenes between them. They’re growing on each other. Have you seen Kate smile so much? And 95% of the time, Nigel is the source/cause of her smiles.

    Lily giving birth in the morgue. I knew it was coming—that said I didn’t believe it—the scene was just not quite right. 1) As much as I ADORE Kate, and thought she was great in this scene, she was the WRONG person to be there. If the writers were going to do a touchy-feely moment like that it should have been Jordan delivering Lily’s baby, with Nigel, Bug and Garret there. That’s the family dynamic. I have to say it was amusing though to hear Lily mutter she wasn’t giving birth in autopsy. And both Bug and Kate saying they need a doctor and Lily telling them they are doctors.

    Wow Lily and Jeffery—anyone with eyes can see they don’t belong together. I was a bit shocked at how bad they were to each other. Jeffery has no backbone (I’ve said that from the beginning). If he’d been a stronger man, they might have had a chance together. The scene at the precinct when Jeffery tells Bug to get out of Lily’s life because he loves her and Bug responds that he loves her too was one of the few Lily Bug moments I’ve truly loved. There was no thinking involved, just pure spontaneous reaction. I wish Lily had been there to hear that.

    Did Jeffery get what he deserved? I can’t say I felt sorry for him. Sad, but not sorry. Missing your child’s birth was a moment he’ll never get back, but he brought this upon himself. I believe the law is that Jeffery has no rights when it comes to the child. He and Lily aren’t married, so basically Lily has control of the situation. She tried to do the co-parenting, but it didn’t work. It didn’t work because Jeffery let his mother rule his life.
  • a woman thought to be dead years ago is found and her case is re-opened; lilly and jeffrey still have issues, but their therapist ends up dead; lilly goes into labor

    this was a very interesting didnt make so much sense at first b/c (spoiler) a woman thought to be dead like six years ago was just found in a busy street and jordan gave her time of death being like 2 hrs ago..i was like what the heck is was confusing but entertaining as u see them confused by it as was nice to see ivers involved too..hes really not that bad of a guy..i was caught off guard when the therapist died and im like what the heck..jeffrey was trying too hard with lilly and he found out bug loved her too which was extremely awkward for him lol..and yay lilly finally had her baby..and bug was there..i thought that was awesome..oh yeah and they finally caught that horrible man who abused and killed one wife and left another wife (the one they found) to die..great ep
  • Jordan and Ivers work a case together **contains spoilers**

    I really liked this episode. Jordan and Ivers work on a case together and I especially liked the chemistry between them, although Ivers seemed almost to be a completely different person than the character from before. I kept expecting them to kiss or get it on... :) Although I know in the end it should be Jordan and Woody but a little fling for Jordan wouldn't be too bad!
    Lily is back (finally!!!) and she and Bug seem to work some stuff out and in the end she has her baby with Bug there supporting her along with all of the other morgue staff. At the very end you see Jeffery looking in to the room where the everyone is - no one seems to see him except Garrett who gives him a little smile. Seems to me that Jeffery is either going to opt out and let Bug and Lily be together OR he's gonna fight for custody. I can't seem to decide which way it's gonna go :) I was SO happy to see Lily back and to see her with Bug. Can't wait for next week!
  • Great episode! I loved it! (Details of the ep included - if you don't want spoilers, don't read.)

    Crossing Jordan is always packed with drama but this episode was wonderful. A woman killed twice - six years apart? Lily and Jeffrey in counceling so they can co-parent their daughter? First the case Jordan and Ivers team up to solve. A woman believed dead for 6 years is killed in a hit and run. They find a .22 bullet but it is too degraded to match to the gun used in the "murder" six years before. Once they track down the clues, they find the second woman that was shot and find the bullet to match and can finally put the husband away for murder.

    Lily and Jeffrey have had a bumpy road since she met his mother. And believe me, his mother makes her presence known in any situation, including the death of her son's therapist. Bug has had to stand by and watch as the woman he loves deals with pregnancy and the father of her baby who can't get away from his mother enough to control his own life. Finally she tells Jeffrey she wants sole custody and I did my own quiet happy dance at that one. If he can't make all his own decisions, he doesn't need to be making them for the baby. The best part of the whole episode for me though was when Lily went into labor. Bug told her she needed a doctor. Her reply was, "You're a doctor!" She ends up delivering her baby in the office with Bug's support and Dr. Macy, Nigel and Dr. Kate Switzer's help. This was an excellent episode all around and a great reason to keep tuned in!
  • Absolutely awesome!!

    WOW! That was so much better than the last few. It was riveting, exciting, humorous, and well layed out. It is great to see Jordan back to her old self and working again. The Lily love triangle is great, too. I do hope her and Bug can keep it together. Thanks for a very memorable episode!!