Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 9

Death Goes On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This was the first time Jordan called Pollack by "J.D." and not "Pollack".

    • Goof: Timeline is mess up. In the elevator at the end Lily asks where Jeffery found the flowers in January. However we know the 'supposed' murder of Laura took place on the 8th of November which was six weeks ago at the time of the episode. This means it still has to be December, not January.

  • Quotes

    • Seely: Fourteen medical examiners in Boston and I get you.
      Jordan: (sigh) Come on Seely, you know you want me so bad you want to cry. What do we got?

    • Jordan: What kind of person disappears from her regular life and nobody even knows that she's gone?
      Bug: And what kind of person shoots you and then runs off with your body?

    • (To Jordan)
      Seely: There's no 'we' here. You do your job and I do mine.

    • Woody: So why'd he take the phone?
      Garret: Well she hit him with it so it's got his hair, skin, blood, something on it.
      Woody: So it's someone who watches Forensic Files. This isn't getting us anywhere.

    • Garret: I thought you were trying to trace the tap.
      Nigel: Well it's not instantaneous you know. You have to locate the DCS on the land segment, then it has to be traced back through hundreds of miles of broadband wires of routers to figure out where the data came from...
      Woody: You had to ask?

    • Garret: It's on the tape. You got his wife killed Rene.
      Rene: You sanctimonious bastard.

    • J.D.: Did the wife know about it?
      Jordan: Oh I have no idea. Talk about complicated relationships.
      (J.D. gives Jordan a 'look')

    • Jordan: I'm thinking cadaver dogs.
      Seely: For which I need a warrant. For which I need more than a hunch that Roger Caruthers is a hound.
      Jordan: Would you at least talk to the guy?
      Seely: Jordan if you want to be a cop? Take the test.

    • Laura: Since I've been out at the cabin I figured out how to know when you're really loved. It's when you see yourself reflected, really reflected in the other persons eyes. When you know it's the same for them.

    • Jordan: Hey Garret. I haven't seen you around much these days.
      Garret: (pouring a glass) Want to have a taste?
      Jordan: No thanks I'm out of here. Aren't you on duty till ten?
      Garret: You have a nice night.

    • Jordan: Could you do me a favor JD? Look into my eyes. What do you see?
      JD: Is this when I'm suppose to say livid pool so inviting I want to dive right in and drown?
      Jordan: I'm serious.
      JD: I see a pair of docile beautiful eyes belonging to a woman who...really wants half of this bottle of wine. What did you want me to say?
      Jordan: Oh it was just a question.
      J.D.: No with you it's never just a question. There's always something behind it, under it, and over it. (pause) I failed a test, didn't I?

    • Nigel: I paid seven homeless people to go dumpster diving for me.
      Garrett: Whose money did you use?
      Nigel: Yours.

    • Jeffery: Oh, I actually don't drink very much...
      Garrett: You can't even ask a woman out, drink up. I'm a doctor.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "I U She" by Peaches
      "My Boyfriend's Back" by The Raveonettes
      "The Wait" by The Pretenders
      "Sometimes We Cry" by Van Morrison

  • Allusions

    • Woody: So it's someone who watches Forensic Files.

      Forensic Files is a forensic show that profiles cases and how they were solved. The show points out errors the criminal made that led to his/her capture. This program airs on Court TV.