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Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 14

Death Toll

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Death Toll
A bomb has detonated on a Boston train, leaving many victims dead or injured. A lot of the victims are school aged children which triggers bad memories. What is worse there is another bomb…somewhere.

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  • Now I understand the hiatus.

    First a bomb, a train crash, and a brush fire in the next one, they must\'ve been kept busy making the episodes. For some reason this episode really made me feel the chaos of the disaster, must\'ve been too much rubble lying around. I think they are too soft on the injuries victims receive, there would probably be some nasty things be this real life, brains splattered all over and stuff. They should put an episode like this in one of CSIs. I don\'t think they\'ve done any terrorist-act like episodes in CSI. I need to add words to this review to get 100.moreless
  • A Probable Scenario. Surprising topic for "Crossing Jordan."

    Probably, a very good representation of what would happen. It's surprising that Crossing Jordan took on the exposure of such a taboo, yet, probable topic. More shows should begin to incorporate these types of events into their scripts. Whether terrorist or natural disaster related.

    These types of scenarios need to be explored in almost every show that can incorporate them. It seems to me that a mass transit or building bombing is the most likely terrorist event to occur in America. Unless you consider Avian Flu, Mad Cow or other slow spreading disease as being man made.

    There is a chance that seeing such scenarios on TV may somewhat desensitize some viewers into believing that our government is prepared to handle such events. However, the benefits of giving Americans some concept of expectation and idea of what to expect outweigh any possible negatives.

    Writer's of such scenario's should consult with current or better yet resigned government officials on the state of current preparedness and reflect the truth in there scripts. Revealing the truth of our government's under-preparedness can only help influence citizens to check up on and lobby officials to be better prepared in the future. At least these types of realistic scenarios will help to educate current viewers while they are being entertained.moreless
  • Hard to watch dead children

    The dead pregnant woman was very hard to watch. The father losing his wife and child was extremely hard to watch. I did like how they showed everyone in therapy. I adore Wallace Shawn as Howard the shrink. Any show with Wallace Shawn is ok by me. I did like watching Jordan find the cancer survivor boy and telling him he was healthy.
  • A psychiatrist interviews the cast about their experiences during a train bombing

    Wallace Shawn is superb as the psychiatrist. Jordan looks really beautiful. The writers finally write in a kiss between Woody and Lu............This is so FRUSTRATING after Woody implies to the psych that he is in a frustrating relationship with someone. The writers are really tearing Woody and Jordan apart! The whole episode was very down home and emotional. This show really hits hard on a deep level! It shows how everyone dealth with the crisis. We find out more about Dr. Macy's past as well......but Woody and Lu.....nooooooooooo!!!

  • A bomb goes off in a subway station that is under construction as another subway train is passing by killing more than twenty people. While Boston officials, including Woody, Garret, Nigel etc. are there investigating, another bomb goes off and Lu findsmoreless

    Wow! Okay, so this episode made me super angry at times, and super sad and just astonished at others. The whole flipping back and forth to the Doctor Stiles sessions with everyone was alright... but I can't say I loved it- although I do love Dr. Stiles! I like how they're experiementing with different kinds of stuff though to make the episodes more interesting, it seems a lot of shows have been doing that latley.

    So the whole Jordan, Bug, Alison, little boy thing they had going on was alright- obviously not one of the best storylines we've seen, but it was satisfactory. What Dr. Stiles said at one point was in fact true- the Jordan Cavanaugh he knew would be putting everything she had into finding the person responsible for the killing of all the people, not just one little boy in genearl, but with Jordan it seems that finding the killer is usually her number one priority and she will not quit until she finds him/her unless it somehow relates back to her personal feelings about her family which this did in a way as demonstrated when she found the boy and he didn't want to put his Mom though anymore trouble and it broke her heart because she would have killed for a Mom like that, for a Mom at all, and he was giving his up... or you could choose to look at it in a different way; growing up, all she and her dad had was each other, that's the way it always was, so she strongly related and knew how they felt to begin with, then related further with the Mother in the sense that her Dad's run off and she has no idea where he is or if he's alright, which was very similar to what the mother was feeling when her son wasn't in the hospital or the morgue. Jordan was also probably trying to understand why the boy did what he did because it might help her to understand better why her Dad left. Then there is the Bug aspect of this storyline. I didn't have as many thoughts as to why Bug acted why he did, so I tried using the piece of most personal knowledge we have about Bug to related back to this case, which is of course his brother etc. and the best reason I could think of as to why Bug acted the way he did- snapping at Jordan and all of that, was that he saw how upset the woman was about her son just getting his life back on track and started then having it taken away from him and why would God do something like that... he probably thought of how his brother's life was taken at such a young age and how he felt responsible for it and then got mad with Jordan for not focusing on who hurt the boy and killed all the rest of the children and people to find a boy who might not even still be alive.

    Then there was the whole Garret/Lily thing. First off, WOW! Garret had a son, Abby had a twin! Seriously, wow. Intense gain of knowledge about Garret there! Explains obviously why he was so upset about the whole baby ordeal... I wonder if he'll start talking about it to say, Lily or Jordan now? That would be such a hard secret to keep in all those years! Seriously I don't have much to say about that but wow. Still processing that thought. Then there was Lily and her thinking that maybe she was getting two good at pushing aside her emotions, getting too good at her job. She's an amazing grief counciler... she somehow always seems to get through to the person in grief, to help them in some way, no matter how big or small, and the fact that she was so determined on helping the man get over his own grief to grieve for him doesn't make her a terrible person, it just means that she is able to put others needs in front of her own (as if we didn't know it already!) because seeing Lily stay strong to help the man probably made him feel better. When you're grieving, as nice as it is to have someone to grieve with, to share your pain, it's also reassuring to have someone who's grounded and in control to help you sort out thoughts so you don't place blame where it doesn't belong etc.

    Then OMG! I was so unbelievably mad at this... LU AND WOODY! Holy moly. Okay, so I am a complete Jordan/Woody shipper to the death... and I HATED that moment sooo much like WTF he just slept with Jordan and told her he didn't want to her rebound guy... she was ready to start something with him after what, five years? And he couldn't wait another month? WTF! Ah that makes me sooooo mad. It's not that I don't like Lu- I do really, and I knew there had to be some reason that she was affected so personally by this case, and it was a touching story that she told about her niece, but I just don't like her with Woody, obviously. Other than that, how they fit into the storyline was alright, but the fact that they could be starting a relationship completley blew my mind away from any case related things that went on with them in the story!

    Okay so long enough review here lol, overall, I liked the episode and can't wait to see where they take it from here.moreless
Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Woody Hoyt

Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy

Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn

Lily Lebowski

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

Dr. Nigel Townsend

Brian Poth

Brian Poth

Greg Hewitt

Guest Star

Romy Rosemont

Romy Rosemont

Allison, Charlie's Mother

Guest Star

Kristin Bauer

Kristin Bauer

Special Agent Green

Guest Star

Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn

Dr. Howard Stiles

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: If you look closely at Special Agent Green her hair changes length. In the beginning she has a long curly ponytail. But just before the second bomb goes off it is shorter and straighter. Then back to long and curly.

    • Goof: When Woody points out that the evidence shows the train tried to make an emergency stop, Special Agent Molly Green says, "So they tried to stop before the crash." It was a blast, not a crash.

    • Goof: In an earlier episode Bug admitted to being allergic to chocolate, and that is the second time in the show (the first being in Perfect Storm) where he's eaten or was about to eat something chocolate, in this instance it was the doughnut.

    • In this episode, we learn that Garrett had a son, Abby's twin brother, who died six hours after birth.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Howard: Well, I've been known to crack a joke or two myself on a rough day. Did you hear the one about the two psychiatrists who passed each other in the hall? One guy says, "Hello." The other guy thinks 'I wonder what he meant by that?' (Laughs)
      Nigel: ...You might want to work on your timing.

    • Bug: I'm not normally one to crack under pressure. I... guess I've changed.
      Howard: Why do you suppose that is?
      Bug: Evolution?

    • Howard: So, how's your love life these days? Are you seeing anyone?
      Jordan: Are you asking me out, Howard?

    • Nigel: Once again lubricants saves the day!

    • Allison: (flashback) He beat cancer, he beat it, I mean why would God give him back to me only to take him away like this?
      (back to normal time)
      Howard: Boy I'd sure like to hear your answer to that one!
      Jordan : I didn't have one, bad things happen, I stopped asking why a long time ago.

    • Lily: Bug those are for the families (takes a doughnut out of his hand)
      Bug: Oh, sorry your kid is dead… here have a doughnut!

    • Lily: It's the little things, make coffee, tea, put out doughnuts.
      Howard: Everybody likes doughnuts.
      Lily: They used to, till I started working in a Morgue!

    • Jordan: Nothing about that day was ordinary.

    • Howard: So are we going to talk, or are you just going to keep playing with my…um…balls?

    • Howard Stiles: So what you're trying to say is you're Mary Tyler Moore.

    • Jordan(referring to a plaque above the morgue's door): This is a place where death is happy to help the living.
      Howard: Being surrounded by death must remind you how important life is.

    • Howard Stiles: One shrink to another, I'd say we're dealing with a classic case of avoidance.
      Lu Simmons: I'm not trying to avoid anything.
      Howard Stiles: Avoidance and denial. This is worse than I thought.

    • Lu: I can't do this.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The storyline of train bombings may have been inspired by the July 2005 terrorist attacks in London England. In one scene, Woody and Lu discuss the possibility of there being more bombs, "a repeat of what happened in London."