Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 8

Digger, Part I

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2001 on NBC

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  • Jordan must work with a FBI agent to find a serial killer\"Digger\".

    WOW!!! Jordan is stuck working with this Fed to catch a serial killed. This guy diggs up coffins and dumps the body, then puts a knoked out woman in it, then barries her alive. He tapes a walkie-talkie to the victims hand and listens to her cries for help when she wakes up. Jordan finds the other walkie-talkie and discovers a live victom with not much time left. She races the clock and loses by a close second. Jordan recieves clues and now knows digger lives in a moble home, and travles all around searching for victims. The fed jordan works with is starting to look fishy, but he and jordan are growing close.
  • Jordan works with FBI profiler to find a man they are calling DIgger.

    Jordan is working with the FBI profiler on a string of crimes. they have found 5 different women buried alive. they are being buried inside graves of other people who are being found all over. Special Agent Drew Hailey and jordan become kinda close in the time they work togther. They soon discover that digger lives in a trail. that he moves around with him. Jordan loses her badge while fighting with the suspect.

    Meanwhile Lily trys to tell Macey how she feels. he is to busy worring about getting his bosses job to care about what anybody has to say.Lily tells NIgel that she will marry him so he can stay in the counrty.

    Meanwhile the suspect gets away and it is to be contuined.....................................