Crossing Jordan

Season 1 Episode 9

Digger, Part II

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2001 on NBC

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  • Digger part 2 He is still at it buring girls alive only this time they look like Jordan. A BOY WHO NEVER CRIED

    Diggers still burring girls alive but this time they look like Jordan macey has a meeting and tells everyone he is the new boss and along with it comes a $4000.00 chair. He reminds them that no personal happenings should happen at work meaning no wedding for Nigel and lily.

    They find stained glass lily’s at the fire where digger burned his trail. Good thing He doesn’t know that lily name is lily. They go hunting for a restaurant that sells frog legs and people can defied the girls, at one of the restaurants Jordan looks up and finds an apartment with stained glass lily’s on the window. They go up to see who lives there and the lady had died about a month ago. Jordan found scratch marks in the bottom of a window seat that locked. They figure it must be from a little child. Since the women died they thought to look at her records. It turns out she had son named Daniel and he did not check out her body but her sister did.

    They go talk to her and find out she was dans real mother. Her sister the dead women was a prostitute and sleep with a lot of men in the apartment while raising Dan. They figures when the men would come she would lock Dan in so he wouldn’t see or get hurt.

    Agent Hailey and Jordan stayed up late talking about the case and ended up staying the night together.

    There was a black out in the morgue because Macey didn’t sign the paper work lily had gave him in time.

    Drew Hailey the agent from the FBI didn’t excite until two years ago. He was formally know as Dr. Mark Ellis and worked with mentally challenged people. Until his wife drowned there son in the bathtub and then killed her self.

    Agent Hailey come to talk to Jordan but she is scared of him so she runs and locks herself in a room out of nowhere digger/Daniel appears and takes Jordan. He buried her but Macey and Hailey find her.

    Then they went to his aunts house who was really his mother and found him shot on the floor the last thing he said was Don’t let them bury me please.

  • Personal Review of The Episode Digger Part 1 and 2.

    Wow. What a great episode. By far the best of the series so far (be it that this was only the 8th and 9th episode—however I think it’s hard to get much better than this. This has the potential to hold a top honor among favorite episodes when the last episode ever has played and we look back on the years of CJ episodes.

    Jordan: What an emotional episode for Jordan. She breaks down and confines in Haley the story of what happened to her mother, she caring passionate and determined when she tries to save the young lady buried alive, and she witty when with the reporter.

    It was wonderful to learn something more about Jordan’s past. We knew her mother had died but not the ‘how’. That had to be rough on Jordan experiencing everything she did when her mom died. She obviously keeps it locked in side and it fuels her passion for serving justice. I wonder if her passion for finding the truth comes from the fact that her mother didn’t get that courtesy. I know they didn’t say what had happened to her mother, but it seems from past episodes (especially the one where they visit Emily’s grave—where it’s mentioned too that Jordan needs to let go.) that her mother’s death wasn’t solved. I hope we learn more, especially since this seems to be the catalyst in Jordan’s life that put her on the path she is on.

    Agent Drew Haley did a wonderful job. I have to admit I wasn’t sure about him until it was too late. However I never was convinced it was him. He was too understanding and caring for me to truly believe he was ‘Digger’ but I had my doubts especially when Jordan found the tapes. That freaked me out too so Jordan’s reaction and her doubt was very believable.

    The connection between Jordan and Haley was special. Jordan isn’t the type person who opens ups to anyone. Her account of her mother’s death was heartbreaking. The connection she shared with Haley over that was perfect. I think it was fitting that someone with his own demons was able to comfort Jordan (who it seems hasn’t let go of her mothers death.) What was wonderful, was Jordan’s offer of understanding about Haley’s son. Two hurt souls give each other a few moments of comfort.

    Only Jordan would keep her wits and freak Daniel/Digger out when she’s the one who should be freaking out. She sure knows how to play the game. She does a decent profile of Digger and she uses it.

    Nigel and Lily and Garret: Can you see those two married? Oh they’re both ‘free spirited’ in their own way, but… They provided some much needed humor in this episode. It was hilarious Nigel asking Bug to be his ‘bride’. I’m glad Nigel’s sticking around and I’m glad Garret come through in the end and stopped the marriage. He was the cause of Lily offering herself to Nigel. Now if Lily would just get over Garret and start being a little more dependent I’d be happy.

    Bug and Trey: The two of them are as opposite as day and night, but I like the chemistry they have. The argument over who Nigel asked to be his best man was wonderful.

    The team worked well together. Everyone had a part when they were trying to find the girl who was buried alive. The sense of urgency and team work was truly harmonious. The group really bonded in this episode.

    I found it interesting that there was an underlying them to Jordan’s case: Mothers. One mother who loved her daughter and was taken from her. (Jordan) One who tortured her child. (Digger) And one who killed her child. (Haley). It added a great touch to the episode. It pulled the three main characters working on the case even closer together—created an even tighter bond.