Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 21

Don't Leave Me This Way

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

We open with the song "Don't Leave Me this Way" playing and we see everyone partying and dancing at the rehearsal dinner for Jeffery and Lily. We find Jordan there dancing with JD, it appears they're having fun together. We then fade to Jordan sleeping in the hotel room. Next we hear a knock on the door and Lily calls out to Jordan. Jordan slowly wakes up, and sees a gun in her hand. She turns around to see JD lying on the bed dead and covered in blood. Lily enters and is shocked at what she finds. She tells Jordan to put down the gun. She then asks Jordan what happened…she can't remember.

We find Nigel and Bug in the break room talking about last night. Bug is hung-over, Nigel is all happy and talking about Jeffery's mom and how well she can dance. The conversation then turns to how they can't believe Lily is going to be leaving. Garret enters and comments on how it won't be the same without her. At that moment his phone rings…he answers it.

In the hotel room Jordan is talking to Lu. She asks Lu who's gun was in her hand. Lu tells her it was Pollack's. Garret shows up and she wants to know why she would do this. Garret tells Jordan to stop talking. Garret heads to take her to get evidence off her. Lu thinks it might be better if CSU does it. Garret tells her to not go there.

Garret starts testing Jordan., while Bug goes over JD's body. He tells Lily she doesn't need to be there. She says she does need to be there for Jordan. Lily explains that Jeffery is at their wedding breakfast, but she called him only getting his voice mail.

Garret is talking to Jordan and notices a bruise. He wants to know how she got it. Jordan is freaking out. She says she did it once before…Garret assures her that they're behind her. Lu is watching on from a distance and she is not too happy.

Back at the morgue we find Woody is making a huge peanut butter sandwich. Nigel comes in and finds Woody who has no idea what has happened. Nigel fills him in.

Back at the hotel, there is gun shot residue found on Jordan. Lily comes in, they're taking JD away. Jordan wants to go with him, Garret tells Jordan she can't. Garret asks Lily if she can stay with Jordan. Then Woody comes in, he wants to know what happened. Lu pulls him to the side and says she's sorry but it looks like an open and shut case, she is confident Jordan killed JD. Woody wants to know why, Lu explains that she doesn't remember. He starts walking towards Jordan, Lu tells Woody he shouldn't be there. Her reason is he had a relationship with her. He quickly comes back with "You had a relationship with me." He then goes to Jordan.

Lily goes with a police officer to get her statement taken, then Jeffery shows up. He is worried about her and wants to know if she's ok. Lily says she's fine but she had to help Jordan. Jeffery tells her to just let the police do their job. Lily tries to argue with him, but Jeffery tells her to let it be. He tells her she just has to let it play out.

Jordan is in a room, Lu and Woody are talking to her. Lu is aggressive and questions Jordan saying she doesn't remember how many drinks she had. Jordan says she has never drank herself into a blackout. Woody steps up, and suggests they try to walk through what she does remember. Jordan tells them Pollack got back into town the day before. She tells them she called him last week, but didn't think he would show up.

In a flashback we see Jordan come into her office and JD is there, he is going thru her desk. He turns quickly and claims he is not snooping that he is looking for aspirin. Jordan is surprised to see him and gets him the aspirin.

Jordan is suspicious and asks if he's here on a story. He is evasive and tells her "Sort of…not really." He quickly claims he is there to see her.

Back in the morgue Nigel and Bug are performing the autopsy of JD. Nigel is coming to Jordan's defense. He truly believes there is no way Jordan would shot JD down in cold blood. Nigel is sure it must have been accidental. Bug chimes in and tells him that one shot in the head and one in the wall, is no accident. Garret enters and gives Nigel Jordan's blood, he directs him to run a toxicology screen on it.

Back in the hotel room, Woody, Lu, and Jordan are still walking through Jordan's memories. Jordan continues her story, telling them that Pollack wanted to go out for coffee with her, but she still had work to do. She invited him to the party after the rehearsal dinner.

In a flashback, we see them at the party. Jordan and JD talking, and JD says the party is great but he was hoping for some alone time. Bug is drunk and breaks up the party to make a toast. Being obviously drunk, he toasts…to Lily and…he has a hard time remembering Jeffery's name. Lily turns to Jordan and asks what in the world is going on. Jordan tells her not to worry, and assures her everything will be fine. Bug makes the toast, he talks about Lily in a loving and beautiful way. Then he starts to go into a comparison about love and some bug, pulling it off nicely.

Back at the morgue, the blood alcohol level is back and Nigel is shocked to fit it at .002. She wasn't drunk. The guys quickly conclude that this can't bee good, they can't argue she was out of her senses.

Back at the hotel, Woody is showing Jordan a surveillance tape. On this tape we find her and JD at 11:10 the night before. It reveals and argument between Jordan and JD. Jordan wants to leave, however Pollack grabs her arm and directs her into the elevator. Jordan doesn't recall any of the video, Lu then tells her it is around a half hour before JD died.

Back in the morgue, Bug is commenting about how Pollack had a lot more to drink than Jordan. Nigel is pulling something up on the screen, Garret and Nigel both see it and aren't happy.

Garret enters the precinct, Jordan turns and sees him. She asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he thinks he should talk to the detectives first. Jordan notices the file in his hand and grabs it out of his hand. She looks at the x-ray and quickly realized there is no way it was self defense. Lu and Woody are clueless and want to know what has developed. Garret informs them that JD was shot in the back, it was murder. Jordan goes to booking and gets her mug shot taken as she's charged with murder.

Jordan is standing before a judge, and enters a plea of not guilty. The prosecutor requests that Jordan be denied bail. Her attorney argues against bail being denied. Then we see Jeffery enter and comes forward. Jeffery tells the court that the Commonwealth will not oppose bail. The judge sets bail…on the condition that Jordan isn't allowed to go anywhere near the morgue.

Back in the hotel room, Elaine comes in with Lily's wedding dress. Lily is having doubts about going through with the wedding. Elaine tells her she can't call it off. She says if she doesn't do it today then her wedding will be in front of a Justice of Peace. There will be no family or anything—is that how she wants to remember her wedding day.

Jordan is at the police station getting her belongings back. Woody comes up, and offers to stay with her. Jordan says she's okay. He tells her he wants to help. She tells him to help by finding out what happened. Woody nods and walks away. Jordan takes her keys out of her bag and notices something that is on her key chain. On the key chain is a flash drive that was not there before.

In a flashback we see JD enter Jordan's room at the hotel. Jordan is dressed in the formal purple dress. It is obvious that she is getting ready to leave for the party. JD gives her a kiss, she kisses him back but stops suddenly. JD suggests that maybe they could be late for the party. Jordan apologizes and claims maid of honor duties, and lets him know they have all night. JD responds with hopes of more than one night. Jordan looks at him a little on the surprised side, but covers with a smile. They kiss, then JD asks her to give him five minutes to get ready. Jordan remembers seeing him put his keys down…the memory disk was on his key chain.

Back at the morgue, Jordan gives Nigel the memory disk. She says it's Pollack's and wants to know what it on it. Nigel questions why he put it on her key chain. Jordan tells him she doesn't know. Suddenly Jordan leaves the room claiming she's not here.

Next we see Garret enter, he tells Nigel that Jordan is on bail and if she shows up it will be a violation and her bail will be revoked. Garret tell Nigel for his own good don't let her come here. Nigel says her would never…Garret knows better and doesn't believe him. Garret warns him again then leaves.

Jordan enters again and Nigel flips out at her, Jordan is confident no one saw her. She tells him she will leave as soon as he shows her what's on the file. He explains that the files are encrypted and it was take time to break the code. He tells her to go and he'll call her when he gets what she needs.

Back at the precinct, Woody is going over the file. Lu comes up, and she wants to know what he's hoping to find. He says it is possible they missed something. Lu says okay, then let's go over it again. Woody shoots her a look, but does not respond. Lu tells Woody that the evidence says she did it. She tells him that he is going to have to find a way to accept it. Woody gets defensive and tells Lu she doesn't really know her. Lu reminds him that he was the one who wanted in on this case, and that he is going to have to accept it. Woody says that he made a mistake then, that he won't help her bring her down.

Jordan walks into a now empty bar, which is where the party was last night.

In a flashback, she remembers the dancing.

Lily runs in, interrupting her memory. Lily throws her arms around Jordan giving her a big hug. She wants to know what she can do to help. Jordan tells her to not call off her wedding, she doesn't want to screw it up for Lily. Lily wants to know if toxicology was wrong. She had a couple of drinks… Jordan turns around to look over the bar.

Returning to a flashback, she is picking up their drinks. She takes a sip and is shocked at how strong the drink is. Pollack claims that she got his drink, not the girly drink she ordered and reaches to take it, but Jordan won't let him. She says she's not girly and keeps his drink and he drinks hers.

Nigel enters the bar bringing Jordan back to the present, he got to the files from the flash disk. They were photographs, Nigel comes in with Bug. They explain how JD took Jordan's access card and used it to get into the morgue's old case files. JD then copied the pictures of the files he needed to a flash drive. He then left them on Jordan's key chain. They conclude that he wanted Jordan to find them or someone not to find them. Jordan then explains how she drank Pollack drink at the party, concluding it was drugged. It was her that got knocked out instead of Pollack, which would answer why she doesn't remember anything.

Nigel, Bug, Jordan and Lily are in her hotel room going over the autopsy files that were from four cases. They are attempting to find out what all these four random murders had in common. Jordan is a bit upset thinking JD was just using her to get access to the morgue and that that's the only reason he came back. Lily and Bug tell her that she doesn't now that for sure, JD could have come back for her.

There is a knock at the door, it is Jeffery. He calls out Lily's name, and the guys look at each other. They decide it is best if Jeffery not know about what they're doing yet. Lily goes to the door and exits her room, she talks with Jeffery in the hall. He wants to know what he should do, the caterer has arrived and the photographer wants to start setting up. After a brief pause Lily tells Jeffery she'll be ready by six. Jeffery smiles, is relieved and walks away.

Back in the morgue, Garret is autopsying JD. Lu enters and Garret tells her she didn't have to arrest her. Lu asks if he is kidding, she goes over all the reasons that the case is open and shut. How all the clues lead right to Jordan. He tells her that JD has bruising on the chest, it is possible he was in a fight about a week ago. Lu agrees to look into it, but she is not happy about it.

At the hotel room Nigel has found what the link between all four bodies where. All four cases the evidence was clear cut that it was murder, but some how all of the accused were acquitted. Lily questions what that means. Nigel tells her the same judge presided over all four cases: Judge Clarence Gordon of the Boston Superior Court. Nigel explains that he was recently appointed to the federal bench in Washington DC, turns out that is exactly where JD has been these past months. They figure that the judge had JD drugged, the plan got messed up when Jordan drank the drink by accident. They then shot and killed him and framed Jordan.

Bug determines that it is critical that they identify the drug used in the drink. Jordan tells Bug to go back to the morgue and run every test he can to find it. Jordan tells Nigel to come with her, she tells Lily to go get married. Nigel and Jordan leave the room.

Bug is left with Lily, she sighs. This clearly is not how she thought her wedding day would be. Lily starts to explain how in Judaism a couple is supposed to say a cleansing prayer before they can get married, so they can start with a clean plate. She questions how she can go through with that when she can't even tell Jeffery the truth about what they were really doing. Bug tries to comfort her, but it does no good. Lily says she's about to marry him, so why can't she trust him. She tells Bug to go.

Back in the bar, they're going over the martini glasses, there's nothing on them. Jordan ask him about the bar tending last night, she wants to know if anyone could have slipped something into the drinks. The bartender says there were three hidden video camera in the place. If that happened it is possible that one of the camera's caught it. Only thing is the police have the tapes. Nigel says there is no way they can get Lu to give them the tapes. Jordan gets a look in her eyes, she knows what to do.

She is at the precinct, she walks in and finds Woody. She wants him to get the tape for her, he wants to know why. She explains what they know, Woody then tells her he took himself off the case. He didn't want to help them put her away. Jordan pleads with him, begs him o get the tape for her.

Woody is in Lu's office, he is going through an evidence box. Lu walks in on him, she wants to know what he's doing. He makes up a lame excuse about losing his cell phone and looking for it. Lu tells him his cell phone is on his belt. She wants to know what he was doing with the evidence. She tells him there is no way around it. Woody gets mad, he says he wouldn't tamper with the evidence and that she can check everything with the inventory list. Lu tells him she thinks he would do anything to protect Jordan. Woody accuses her of being jealous, Lu says she has bent over backwards to be fair to her. Woody explodes and he asks if they are done. Lu tells them yes. Woody walks out leaving Lu behind.

Back at the morgue, Nigel wants to know how much trouble Woody is going to be in for taking this video. Bug tells Nigel to worry about them, then Jordan stops Nigel as they come across the scene where Jordan and JD's drinks were being made. The waitress who picked up their drinks didn't slip anything into their drinks so it could only be the bartender.

Garret comes in and finds Jordan there and asks if she's out of her mind. He wants to know where they got the video, Nigel tries to cover and says the hotel. Garret tells him to think about changing his answer, he takes the tape out and tells Jordan to get the hell out of there. Jordan tells him they're on to something, he wants her to leave. Jordan goes and Garret starts to yell at Nigel and Bug. He tells Nigel he's not surprised about him being involved but Bug. They shout back and ask him what he's going to do…fire them.

Jordan goes into one of the offices at the morgue and looks up the name of the bartender to get his address.

Lu walks in on Garret arguing with Nigel and Bug, she grabs the tape out of his hand. She wants to know where they got it. Nigel claims that he stole it. Lu doesn't believe him, she says she knows who stole it. She wants to know how it got to the morgue. She tells them if they don't tell her they'll tell a judge, Garret tells Nigel and Bug to leave. He turns back to Lu, he tells her to calm down. He'll tell her what she wants, but she better not come into his morgue and threaten his people again.

In another room, the information on Lance Cooke, who is the bartender, comes up on the screen. Jordan copies the info and goes to leave. She pots Lu with Garret and heads towards the crypt. When she gets in there, she is shocked to find JD's body there laying on the table. She's distraught, but she takes a moment to pause by it.

Back in lab with Lu and Garret she asks if Jordan was here. He reminds her that it would be a violation of her bail terms. Lu responds by saying that when she runs prints on the tape Jordan's prints won't be on it. Garret tells her they're all after the same thing here…the truth. She gives him a look and starts to walk out. She turns back to him to tell him the bruising on Pollack's chest was from a car accident. He was not beat up. She leaves and goes checking the rest of the morgue for Jordan…but does not find her.

We join in at the wedding, everyone is there. Nigel is pacing with Garret, he doesn't want to be there he is worried about Jordan. Garret tells him to suck it up for Lily, and reminds him how luck he is to not be in front of a judge. Woody comes up, he informs them that Lu has a warrant for Jordan's arrest. She has violated her bail. Woody can't find her, he's been to her apartment and left her messages. Woody wonders where Bug is, Garret tells him that he decided he didn't want to be here. He is at the morgue.

Lily comes down, but to the surprise of everyone she is not dressed. Elaine gives her a look it is clear she is not pleased. Lily pulls Jeffery away, she talks to him. She tells him she is sorry, but she can't do this. Jeffery thinks she means get married today, Lily has to explain that she means not just today but ever. She can't marry him, she returns the ring and says she's sorry. She then apologizes to everyone else at the reception and leaves.

Jordan is waiting outside Lance's apartment, she tries talking to him. She accuses him of killing JD. He says he didn't, and Jordan roughs him up a little. She wants to know who killed JD, Lance says some guy paid him $1000 bucks to drug the drink. Out of still of night shots are fired and Lance gets hit. Jordan goes running.

Lily comes into the office, Bug is sitting at his desk and is surprised to see her. She wants to know why he isn't at her wedding. Bug tells her he couldn't watch her marry him. He then realizes that she is not at her wedding, so he asks why she isn't at her wedding. She tells him she couldn't marry him, Bug asks why. He seems shocked when she says: "he's not you."

In an alley, Garret and Woody are at the scene. Garret tells Woody that the victim is the bartender. Lu shows up just as Nigel says there are plenty of prints on the body, she tells him to run them against Jordan's. Woody tells her it's not her case. Lu explains why it is, since he is linked to Jordan. She asks Woody where she is, She informs he'll be an accessory if he doesn't help. Woody says he has no idea where she is, just as the prints come back as Jordan's.

We find Jordan at a pawn shop, where she is trying to buy a gun. The guy insists he doesn't sell guns, Jordan puts $500 on the table. Convinced he shows her a gun, she goes to take it and he says it'll be another $500. She hands over the money, and takes the gun. Her cell phone starts ringing, she pockets the gun.

Garret leaves a message on Jordan's phone. He tells her not to do anything stupid that they're there for her.

Jordan walks out of pawn shop, she tosses her phone in a trash bin. Slowly the image of the capital comes into focus. She walks down the sidewalk…