Crossing Jordan

Season 2 Episode 8

Don't Look Back

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2002 on NBC
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Don't Look Back
Jordan and Woody are off to California when the body of a Hollywood starlet is found in Boston. Elsewhere Dr. Macy and Lily both get visits at the morgue.

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  • This episode…would have to be the greatest episodes of Crossing Jordan ever!!! I was so excited when Jordan and Woody finally kissed! And Lily & Bug…so cute! It’s the most fantastic episode you will ever watch!!! Read on to find out more…moreless

    This episode starts in Boston with Jordan and Woody meeting at the same crime scene. Just an over turned bus-dead driver…until a murder victim is found in the back of the bus. This leads to Woody and Jordan (although he tells her there’s NO WAY she’s coming) taking a little road trip to LA. On the trip they hit car trouble and things start to heat up a little. Great mysteries unravel along with past life stories. There is also a guy who believes that Woody and Jordan are aliens, this story line is hilarious. At the end of the episode when Jordan and Woody arrive at the presumed killer’s house, the local sheriff, Woody says to Jordan “wait here” (referring to the car) and Jordan says “exactly what in our past would give you any indication that I would do that?” This is one of my favourite lines and it really shows us a history that the characters have together.

    I also really like the other story lines that are going on back in Boson. Lilly’s mum turns up and Lilly pretends that she is marring Bug so that her mum will not move in with her. Also a man turns up at the morgue looking for his wife and it turns out that he went to college with Garret. He has written a book and everything in his book is happening in real life, in the order it happens in his book. It has a really good ending.

    Anyway back in LA, Jordan and Woody solve the case together and head back to Boston…but not before they take a kiss for the road. This episode starts many relationships between the characters and gives us a better understanding to why some characters are they way they are. I love this episode personally because Jordan and Woody have there first kiss…finally!!

  • i absolutely love this episode.

    with some of the best lines, this is probably the best episode of crossing jordan next to you really got me. woody and jordan end up in LA again, and the alien part is hilarious, as well as the tender moments between lily and bug. my favorite lines (quoted from memory) are when woody says something like "the last time i went to LA with you, i had to kill a man", and the other is when jordan says "let's just put the wall back up now before either of us gets hurt". i think that pretty much typifies their relationship right there in those two lines, and sums up their personalities as well.

    it's a classic episode that was both tender and funny. i also loved the part where jerry o'connell is sitting by the fire and he actually reveals his own past in the monologue about striving to dress and talk and act just right so he can portray a certain image so no one suspects he used to be a chubby kid that got stood up by his prom date. i felt so bad for him, yet at the same time a sense of satisfaction as he said those lines as this was his actual story as jerry and not just simply lines on a page as woody. his prom date sure blew it, huh?! justice. ha ha.. :Dmoreless
  • This is one of the best episodes ever! It has so many good and important storylines. It was the episode that gave us Jordan and Woody's first kiss.

    I loved this episode! Woody goes to LA to solve the murder of a young women, and jordan surprises him. THe scene with jordan and the car showing up was classic. It is so funny when they get lost, run out of gas, and have to stay in the desert. I love when it's night and woody and jordan are sitting around the campfire, and it's so sweet when jordan kisses woody. The man who thinks woody and jordan are aliens, is hilarious. The ending of the episode with woody and jordan, sitting together and the step deciding about the future was typical, but sweet of them. Like always, they decide it's better to be friends, but they have one more kiss for the road. THe end is so sweet with woody holding jordan. I also loved the storyline with lilly's mom. I think it showed why lilly was such a nice person, after having a mean, and negative mom. This was pivotal episode because it woody's and jordan's first kiss and had their (so far) last kiss. It really set the tone for thier relationship.moreless
Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy

Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy

Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

Dr. Nigel Townsend

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn

Lily Lebowski

Lorraine Toussaint

Lorraine Toussaint

Elaine Duchamps

Ernie Lively

Ernie Lively

Sheriff Roper

Guest Star

David Denman

David Denman

Cole Tanner

Guest Star

Keith Szarabajka

Keith Szarabajka

Peter Nash

Guest Star

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Woody Hoyt

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Jordan and Woody are talking by the fire, Woody mentions that growing up he was just a chubby kid that couldn't get a date to prom. As a child actor, Jerry was known as the "fat kid" from the movie Stand By Me.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jordan: What did they do demote you, got you working traffic fatalities now?
      Woody: That's it rub it in, got a tip this guy's carrying stolen stereo equipment, some jerk calls in sick and yours truly gets volunteered. They think just cause I'm good natured they can take advantage of me.

    • Woody: I'm serious, it's humiliating. I'm a homicide detective damn it. Is it too much to ask for a nice, little, not too hard to solve, interesting, homicide?
      Jordan : God I think I'm really starting to like this new you!

    • Woody: Don't you have a dead guy to attend to?
      Jordan: And pass up the chance to score a free CD player, what are you crazy?!?

    • Woody: What's that smell?
      Jordan: Unfortunately there is only one thing in the world that smells like that.

    • Jordan: One nice little homicide coming right up.

    • Woody: You cannot be going this fast, in this car, when it is 100% out!

    • Woody: Stay here (referring to Jordan waiting in the car)
      Jordan: And exactly what in our past would give you any indication that i would do that?!?

    • Woody: How did you pull this off?
      Jordan: I had about 5 years of vacation days saved up, you could be stuck with me for a month.
      Woody: Haha, I'm in hell, this is officially hell!

    • Bug: Then, you know, I guess there will just be that much more of her to love.

    • Arlene: (referring to Bug) You have yourself a good one Lily, he loves you and that's no small thing.

    • Woody: I hate you Jordan.
      Jordan: You only think you do!
      Woody: And you hate me too. You're here to wreak some kind of terrible havoc on my life. And do you know what the most sick and twisted part of the whole thing is, is that I'm actually going to let you do it. It's like watching my own train wreck.

    • Jordan: I'm sorry Woody.
      Woody: For what?
      Jordan: For not knowing you better.
      Woody: Well, it's a little difficult when your life philosophy is don't ask don't tell.

    • Bug: (to Lily's mom)…let me tell you what I know about the Lebowski women. One of them is the kindest, most compassionate woman I've ever known, and the other is a pathetic cipher, a black widow who wants nothing more than to keep her daughter from finding happiness.

    • Woody: (Jordan hits sheriff on head knocks him out. Sheriff holding gun on him) I told you to wait in the car. Now we'll never know what happened.
      Jordan: You're welcome.

    • Nigel: The crap under her fingernails, turns out that is exactly what it is, crap… chicken crap…

    • (Woody and Jordan are speeding down the desert road)
      Woody:(looking at the map) We should have made it to the shortcut by now, does look like a dotted line to you? C'mon Jordan, you gotta' slow down!
      Jordan: I am SO not speeding!

    • (Jordan and Woody drive up and park.)
      Woody: Well, I'm having the time of my life. I haven't slept in two days, not including that bug spray nap that I took. Kidnapped by a freak electrocuted by that freak.....

  • NOTES (2)


    • Woody: Aha! Looks like your little light saber's broken there, Yoda!

      Woody is alluding the light saber wielding Jedi Master Yoda, from the Star Wars trilogies.