Crossing Jordan

NBC (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Meet Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh of the Boston Medical Examiners office. With a reputation of going way beyond the call of duty…Jordan finds her first case a little close to home.
    • The Dawn of a New Day
      Two seemingly unconnected men turn up dead, but there is more than meets the eye to this case. Elsewhere Mr. Stinky has Bug and Trey stumped at identifying him.
    • The Ties That Bind
      A woman’s torso is found and linked back to the prison system. Jordan is assigned to find out who the victim is and who is responsible for her death.
    • Born to Run
      Born to Run
      Episode 4
      With what appears to be a cut and dry murder suicide Jordan gets help from her colleagues to find the truth. Meanwhile Dr. Macy faces the hard truth about his daughter.
    • You Can't Go Home Again
      When the body of a firefighter is found Jordan is called to the scene. What she discovers will shock her and set her on a mission.
    • Believers
      Episode 6
      Facts are scarce when a Senator’s daughter is found stabbed in the park. Jordan must cut though the political red tape to find the answers. Back at the morgue Bug and Nigel face some hard choices.
    • Sight Unseen
      Sight Unseen
      Episode 7
      Two school children are kidnapped and one of them turns up dead. Jordan must race against the clock to try to find the other child…before time runs out.
    • Digger: Pt 1
      Digger: Pt 1
      Episode 8
      Digger: Pt 1: The discovery of a floating corpse forces Jordan into a nationwide manhunt for a serial killer as she teams up with a famed FBI criminal profiler and reunites with an unscrupulous reporter.
    • Digger, Part I
      Digger, Part I
      Episode 8
      In this two part episode women are turning up…buried alive. Jordan teams up with a FBI Agent to try to solve this case. What Jordan does not know is that she matched the profile the killer likes.
    • Digger: Pt 2
      Digger: Pt 2
      Episode 9
      Digger: Pt 2: Jordan finds herself buried deep in the manhunt for the serial killer known as Digger, while forming a more personal connection with relentless FBI criminal profiler Drew Haley.
    • Digger, Part II
      Digger, Part II
      Episode 9
      Jordan buries herself into the case and winds up putting her life in danger. Elsewhere Nigel and Lily plan some nuptials?
    • Blue Christmas
      Blue Christmas
      Episode 10
      When a cop killer dies in police custody Dr. Macy orders a coroners inquest to get answers. Else where, Trey wonders what all Nigel’s invite to the mountains will involve.
    • Wrong Place, Wrong Time
      With a botched robbery victims are many and answers are few. Jordan and Dr. Macy set out to prove maybe this was no ordinary bank robbery.
    • Blood Relatives
      Blood Relatives
      Episode 12
      A mother and her two young sons turn up murdered, the only suspect being the husband. This case will do more than test Jordan’s skills as a pathologist - it will also test her mentally as some memories come flooding back.
    • Miracles & Wonders
      Miracles & Wonders
      Episode 13
      Elvis has entered the building? Dr. Macy attempts to save a deer at his daughters’ request. And Jordan ponders the existence of a higher power.
    • Four Fathers
      Four Fathers
      Episode 14
      With the morgue pinching pennies the staff wonders who will be “pink slipped”. Elsewhere Jordan works a case involving the son of an old family…friend.
    • Acts of Mercy
      Acts of Mercy
      Episode 15
      What appear to be mercy killings are turning up one after the other in Boston. Both Dr. Macy and Jordan are both tracking a doctor with a deadly needle. Bug and Nigel audition for a network.
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 16
      Jordan and Detective Winslow find a young father murdered in an alley, they race to find the baby. Dr. Macy must find out why a student died, as well as help Abby deal with the loss.
    • Crime & Punishment
      Crime & Punishment
      Episode 17
      A housewife from the suburbs is found dead, and linked to Sado-masochism which leads Jordan to an internet site. Elsewhere Bug sees the shrink to talk about the case of an 8-year-old boy.
    • With Honor
      With Honor
      Episode 18
      One of America's finest abandons her post in Afghanistan and is later found dead in Boston. Jordan is paired with an investigator from the Marines, to investigate the case. Elsewhere Dr. Macy is in the middle of a turf war...between pimps.
    • For Harry, with Love and Squalor
      With gangsters on his tail, Dr. Macy’s father makes a surprise visit to Boston. Elsewhere Jordan meets a stranger in her dad’s bar. What repercussions will this latest fling have?
    • The Gift of Life
      The Gift of Life
      Episode 20
      In this episode we go back to 1995 when Jordan wonders if being a heart surgeon is the right career for her. But after a patient dies on the table because of Dr. McCaffrey's negligence, Jordan realizes that it is always best to tell the truth, even if it hurts somebody.

      We also see how Jordan met Garrett and the importance of honesty.
    • Someone to Count On
      When the mother of a teenage girl is found dead the daughter becomes the prime suspect. Jordan is convinced of the girls’ innocence and seeks advice from an unlikely source to save the girl from prison.
    • Secrets & Lies - Pt 1
      Secrets & Lies - Pt 1: Jordan discovers that the apparent suicide of a mental patient was in fact staged, leaving faithful compatriot Detective Woodrow Hoyt with a ward full of mentally ill suspects.
    • Secrets & Lies, Part I
      Jordan is called to a local psychiatric hospital to investigate a suicide. While there an unknown source provides her with a clue to her mother’s murder.
    • Secrets & Lies - Pt 2
      Secrets & Lies - Pt 2: Sparked by a mysterious gift, Jordan agrees to dig into a 10-year-old triple homicide in exchange for help from a catatonic mental patient.
    • Secrets & Lies, Part II
      With Jordan still at the psychiatric hospital she agrees to look into a triple homicide. Typical Jordan gets herself in over her head and Woody is there to lend a helping hand…again.
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