Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on NBC

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  • A bus full of children and their teacher is highjacked, and it's up to the team to analyze the evidence they've gathered and rescue the children. Meanwhile, Switzer and Nige do an autopsy on a man dressed as Santa whose body was found in a chimney.

    My first impression was: is this show's budget so tight now that they can't afford to turn on the lights? I realize all the cool kids are now doing that slick, stylized dimly-lit look, but I, for one, hate it. Seriously, how can crime scene investigators and medical examiners be expected to scrutinize evidence in an office where there isn't enough light for reading?

    I -am- glad they advanced the Jordan-has-a-brain-tumor plot. I was getting sick of the holding pattern of her being in denial and not doing anything to help herself. As for the main story -- the highjacked bus -- I'm not sure if they just spent too much time on the distractions or what, but I didn't find this story compelling at all. Then the search for Grace Coleman, the teacher, felt like it was just tacked on to the end because they had still 8 minutes left to fill. Of course, they found the teacher, and she's going to be okay, and this is a metaphor for Jordan's being okay, too. It doesn't seem too logical to me, but that's just one of the things that drives me nuts about this show. That, and seriously, someone turn on the lights already!
  • Jordan collapses

    Finally, Jordan is coming to terms with what she needs to do. I think the whole mother-daughter-storyline and the teacher's mother's faith were clevery plotted, because they somehow made her realize she needs to believe that everything is gonna be okay and do the surgery.
    It was a good thing she had that seizure, so now everyone knows. She might not like having everyone worrying about her, but I think it's for the best. I really hope she's gonna be okay!
    I watched season 6 these past couple of days. I never knew it was the current season which is still being aired. Now I have to wait week by week :(
  • Jordan's time is almost up and Garrett tries not to let it happen. It's decision time.

    This was another great episode to this season. I loved it. The scary moment with Jordan was pivotal to the episode and the decision she has to make. Jordan times is about to end and she knows it but is scared for her life. Garrett as a good friend wants to help, but shes not having it. Watch this episode and see how characters love each other and try to be there for the other. I recommend this season to everyone, i never watched this show until this season and it had been nothing but good. I can't wait till next week.