Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 10

Fall From Grace

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jordan and Woody look for the baby taken from a pregnant woman's belly by her murderer, and Jordan makes a critical mistake. Meanwhile, Nigel and Bug read Dr. Macy's email and get the wrong idea about a certain brain tumor.

    This episode was highly predictable. At the moment they began dwelling on the murdered woman's husband and how he would react, I remember saying aloud "it's gonna be a wife, isn't it?"! And you HAD to know when you saw Macy close his computer as Bug walked in (after reading the email about Jordan's brain tumor), and then seeing Nigel on the SAME computer (though I find it odd that his regular computer is a laptop...and that Nigel has never been caught using Macy's email before) that Nigel would read Macy's mail and get the wrong idea. It's a classic, and thus at times annoying storyline. I was surprised that their confusion lasted as long as it did. Also, I found the "error" all of the show summaries talked about to be easily predicted as well, especially after the DNA match came up 100% (which is basically impossible because they don't have the time to check all of the DNA...they test a sample, and there is like a 1 in 10,000 chance that someone else will have that same DNA sequence). I still find it hard to believe that, given Jordan's opinion on the matter seconds before, she did not rerun or at least check over the test. I mean, if the woman had killed her wife, you would think she would have her son...where would she put him? However, despite the lack of real surprise and excitement, the episode was still pretty good, though I missed Kate and I still have not stopped missing Lily. I especially enjoyed Dr. Macy's interactions with the juvenile delinqents. Also predictable, but very sweet. And I cannot help feeling sorry for Jordan, while at the same time wanting to scream "tell them already and get the surgery!" into the TV screen. That was probably the one surprise of the episode...that after all of their worrying, Nige and Bug STILL do not know the truth, and that they didn't even question who the "consult" was for, especially considering Jordan's strange behavior (and the way she seemed to know about and avoid the topic of a brain tumor). But I suppose I can wait until next episode for the morgue to come together as a family to support Jordan...I just hope it won't be too late!