Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 10

Fall From Grace

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on NBC

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  • Good episode, you see Jordan reach the climax of her problem, and you're left with the feeling it's all going to come crashing down soon... More reviews at:

    The Case: Not sure about the actual case, but I love the reactions that were caused from the ripple effect of the murdered pregnant woman. And not to be technical…but could you see the sister honestly cutting her sister open (without hurting the baby) and removing the baby, and knowing what to do? And doing this without passing out? Then there’s the husband giving her up—weak personality trait. Obviously the wife ruled the roost. However it wasn’t quite believable that he’d give her up so easily. I think he needed to be portrayed even ‘weaker’ (in character) when we first met him, so we’d believe he’d break under Jordan and Woody’s pressure.

    Hate the sin, Love the Sinner. How many knew it was the sister when she uttered those words? I did. After completely missing last week’s killer… Woody’s harsh comments to Jordan when he called her to come to the car— “I think he was a little angry.” That was posted on the CR in respond to Woody’s phone call to Jordan. A little angry? You think? :) I’d go with completely pissed off. I liked that moment though. Jordan hasn’t let him in on her illness, and so Woody assumes it’s an amateur mistake—that opens a can of worms he doesn’t even want to begin to deal with.

    This is three episodes in a row that Woody has asked if Jordan was okay. This is…good, but not great. Obviously the two still aren’t back on the same wave length. Woody can recognize something is off, but he’s not sure what or how serious. I think a past Woody would have demanded to know what was wrong until Jordan told him. He’s watching where he steps right now—still too afraid to over step any boundaries.

    (TOTALLY RANDOM THOUGHT: Whatever the last season of CJ is, if the bring Woody and Jordan together, could they bring back the ring from season 4. Wouldn’t it be symbolic if Woody had held on to it all this time, and not have returned it… Okay, random thought over.)

    Jordan’s running out of choices. Garret is no longer covering for her. Nigel and Bug are bound to put two and two together and come up with four instead of five this time. And I think Woody’s through asking what’s wrong and is going to start demanding to know what’s wrong.

    "My Life. My brain. My decision." I’ve got news for you Jordan—it doesn’t work that way, not when you’ve got family looking out for you, and dear you might have a small family, but each and every one of them loves you.

    Nigel. That says it all. I absolutely adore his character. He brings humor to a situation that’s not funny at all, and he does it in such a sincere way. Love him. I think Garret needs that hug Nigel was going to give him.

    Garret and the juvenile delinquents were a wonderful B story. It wasn’t a murder case and it wasn’t about a dead body. It was about keeping these young kids from ending up in the morgue. Its focus was on life (saving life) and not about the dead/dying. It’s a nice positive spin. I was so happy when Garret took over for Bug, though it would have been interesting to see Kate deal with the kids. The teen that played the boy who clashed with Garret gets a thumbs up from me. I felt he sold the part and made me believe.

    What Made Me Laugh:

    - I found this too amusing…the church sign, where the message was posted “Hate the sin, Love the Sinner”, did anyone notice the times services were being held? 6am, Noon and 6pm on Sundays. I’d love to know who made up the sign :) I bet they don’t go to church that often. Maybe an 8am and 10am time would have been more believable. The sign just made me chuckle.

    - Blonde hair boy passing out when Garret cut into the body.

    - Garret’s name being misspelled (on the email to him from Dr. Sanchez). I thought the first time I saw the episode I just didn’t see it right, cause it was rather quick, then upon re-watching I found I had been right the first time.

    Oh and one last comment. Now I’m not the die hard shipper that some are but the end scene with Jordan holding the baby and Woody standing right behind her. What an adorable family photo… (now I’ll just let your imagination run wild and take that where ever it may lead :)).
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