Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 10

Fall From Grace

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on NBC



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    • Bug: We know.
      Nigel: About your menangioma. We saw your e-mails.
      Macy: I don't have a menangioma. I was doing a consult.(angrily) And how exactly did you see my e-mails?
      Nigel: A consult? Really?
      Macy: Yes, freaks! (Nigel chuckles and attempts to hug Macy) No, no -- no hugs!
      Nigel: No problem.
      Macy: And stay the Hell outta my e-mails!

    • Rebecca's Husband: She didn't go there to kill her. But when Carla fell and hit her head...
      Jordan: She saw it as a sign from God? That she was supposed to take care of the baby? Keep him away from the perverts?
      Rebecca's Husband: That's not what we are. I kept telling her: "Becca, God's message is about love and acceptance". She just couldn't get her head around what Marissa was doing.
      Jordan: Where is he? Where is Anthony? Is he alive? He needs to go home.

    • Marissa's Mother: And really, is that baby really even Marissa's? I don't think my daughter contributed any sperm to the project, do you?
      Jordan: The project's name is Anthony. And he's less than two days old. And if we don't find him soon, he's going to die!

    • Bug: He seems a little cranky.
      Nigel: Irritability is one of the symptoms of menangioma.
      Bug: Do you think he could have had this the whole time we've known him?
      Nigel: Not funny.
      Bug: No.
      Nigel: We could lose him to this.

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    • Jordan's statement, "I know what it's like to be wrongfully accused", alludes to her many scrapes with the law; most recently her flight from the police after an arrest warrant was issued for the murder of her lover, J.D. Pollack.