Crossing Jordan

Season 3 Episode 11

He Said, She Said

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2004 on NBC

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  • Fun, nothing mid boggling...

    What a fun episode! It’s a good question to ask: how good a judge of character are we really? We had two stories that had our characters testing their ability to judge people. As we saw, they weren’t as good at it as they thought they were. And I have to say that I think the majority of the population falls into that category. It’s so easy to play a role—seeing through that role isn’t easy. And what’s even harder is knowing when it’s not a role, and the person is truly sincere. That said…

    Both our A story and B story dealt with the topic of judging a person. Devan and Woody were duped by Jane and Bug thought he’d been used too. In Devan and Woody’s case they believed the wrong person. In Bug’s case, the widow was actually being truthful and Bug judged her wrong. Looks can be deceiving.

    I really like Devan. I know she’s pushy and driven and to use Woody’s words ‘sometimes intolerable’, but she’s a fun character. She and Woody work well together. The funny thing about watching them is that it could easily be Jordan in place of Devan. They’re so similar—yet unique too. Woody would have strangled Jordan on the spot if he heard the conversation between Jordan and Devan. It was hilarious—Jordan telling Devan to run when the cops say walk to keep going when they say stop. I think those two had a bonding moment during that conversation.

    Devan and Woody: Jane had both Devan and Woody fooled. I have to say Devan won the bet. She pegged Jane—eventually. Granted she actually had an encounter with Alex first who created a doubt in her mind. A doubt she couldn’t place in Woody’s mind, but he wasn’t there to experience Alex’s version of the story.

    Jordan and Nigel got in on the autopsy of Alex and proved Devan’s doubt to have some merit to it. One thing I really like about Woody, is he (most of the time) admits when he was wrong.

    I have to comment on the flowers Woody gave Devan. Woody’s been ‘dancing’ with Jordan for awhile now, but I’m seeing signs of him getting tired with the ‘dance’. Devan plays the dance with Woody. They look like they’re having fun, like they enjoy each others company. I can easily see those two dating. Of course I’m still rooting for Jordan and Woody to hook up.

    Bug: Bug thinks he’s been played, and who can blame him. He’s got Peter putting doubts in his mind, Lily adding her two cents and a medical exam that doesn’t add up to lung cancer. In the end the wife was being truthful. I like seeing Bug have a woman to interact with. He’s so clumsy and shy around them. It’s painful to watch sometime and you can’t help but root for him. I liked the wife. She’s perfect for Bug. I’d like to see more of her (though I know that’s hopeful wishing).

    Jordan: Macy’s brilliant. Leave Jordan in charge to deal with the crap he has to deal with day in and day out. Gives Jordan some perspective on things. Let’s see….we had the repair man, Lily, Bug and Peter all going at her. Jordan finally breaks down and bribes the repairman (totally Jordan-esque). Then there’s Lily putting off her reports, and Peter trying to cut out early. The best was Bug though. He gave her a dose of her own medicine. Jordan tells him ‘no’ and he goes ahead and does it anyway. Jeez that sounds just like Jordan and Macy. Macy says no, Jordan goes and does it anyway. Once Jordan stop being the nice guy, things got done and her colleagues respected her for it. I swear Macy was betting on Jordan burning the building down (figuratively speaking—okay and physically…after all Garret even admitted as much).

    She got a new appreciation for Macy’s job. It was a good experience for her.

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