Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on NBC

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  • I'd rather have the option of "Emotional" for my classification as that's what this episode was about - Emotions. But I'll go with revealing... More reviews on my site:

    Well I enjoy this episode more than the last two, but it still fell short of my expectations. I love the show, and I’m much more critical about it than any other show I watch. I expect the best from it every episode and feel let down when I don’t always get it.

    Nigel focused case—I liked that. And Steve Valentine was wonderful in the episode.

    Nigel’s case: I knew the wife was involved the instant her name was mentioned. It was an easy mystery (case wise) to work out. However the focus wasn’t about who was guilty, but how it affected Nigel. And that, I thought was rather well done. On another board someone mentioned that this episode was already ‘done’—anyone remember Devil May Care? This thought never entered my mind, and usually I notice when I feel an episode has repeated itself. I thought for awhile, why I didn’t feel this episode was a copy cat, and I realized it’s because the case was truly about HOW Nigel was affected, whereas Devil May Care, was about HOW to outsmart Oliver. Outsmarting the Hangman wasn’t what this case was about, and that is where the differences are for me.

    Were the deaths Nigel’s fault—as Kate so sensitively alluded to (note the sarcasm)? My answer is No. Yes, Nigel’s posts fed the Hangman’s ego. He took it as a challenge. It was a thrill for him, just another way to hike up the anticipation of the kill. So you could say Nigel helped play a role in these people’s death, but in reality, the Hangman would have killed whether Nigel had a blog or not. Nigel’s blog gave the police a means and way to catch the Hangman. Something no other state had done up to that point. Nigel wasn’t to blame for their deaths.

    Nigel and Kate, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…Oh come on guys, you know the chant. I’m sure you’ve all sung it at one point in your life. Kate likes Nigel, Nigel likes Kate. This signs are all there (as I pointed out to Nigel on his blog)

    1) She yells at Nigel (for no reason—as sure sign of like)
    2) Seems the two end up working together a lot (means she's probably requesting Nigel’s help.)
    3) Kate told Nigel about Binky (I mean come on Kate isn't exactly one to share her personal life with people she doesn't like!)

    Those sideway glances the two exchange…And to top it off Nigel kissing Kate—and Kate not hauling off and smacking him—even more telling. Those two are falling for each other. Which is fine with me. I think they’d be fun together.

    Nice to see Ivers still wrecking havoc on the morgue. No, I don’t like him. No, I can’t stand what he’s doing to the morgue. That however is what makes up a ‘good’ story—conflict. They brought Ivers in to cause trouble, nice to see that they’re continuing to make him cause trouble. His effect needs to be more than a ‘few episode’ effect. So I’m glad we haven’t seen the end of Ivers (even though I want to punch that smug smile off his face).

    Jordan and Ivers—raise your hand if you thought Ivers was flirting with Jordan. When he and Jordan first interacted in the break room the first thing out of my mouth was he has the hots for Jordan. (MJ thought I’d lost my mind when I said that) Here are the possibilities:

    1) He has the hots for Jordan.
    2) He’s flirting with her to try and throw her off her game, and work his way into the family, so he can learn more dirt to use against the morgue.
    3) It’s a combination of both.

    I think Ivers loves his job and all the havoc he causes, but I also think he has a thing for Jordan. So I'm going with option #3.

    I was disappointed in Garret. Where’s the fight? He refuses to make a scapegoat out of any of his employees last week and then this week he doesn’t stand up to Ivers? Ivers cut Garret down and Garret took it. What is up with that?

    Jordan works her tail off refusing to accept Bug made a mistake. She does everything she can to help Bug. That’s what Garret should have been doing. Jordan might have her faults, but you can’t discredit her passion. She fights for those she loves, and what she believes in.

    Random Thought: I loved the necklace Jordan was wearing (the single gold disc in the beginning of the episode, she added a few necklaces toward the end.)

    I never realized Lily wasn’t in the episode until just now. Never missed her—which is strange, because I always realize when one of the regulars is missing.
  • Nigel's huge ego draws the attention of a serial killer who challenges Nigel to stop him before he kills his next victims.

    Nigel is updating his blog about how he saved the day when he came up with the brilliant idea of bullet fragment recontruction that was used to solve the last case.Suddenly,he get an instant message from someone using the handle "the hangman".Nigel comments that he thought he got rid of this text messaging psychopath a year ago,when the hangman contacted him about a body he left in a park.After Woody and the Boston P.D.searched for the body for five days nothing was found,and Nigel thought that was the end of this raving lunatic.Nigel opens the message and he watches a video stream of a man being strangled,and is taunted by the hangman to see if Nigel can stop him from commiting a couple of more murders.Nigel freaks out when he realizes that his boasting of his scientific and intellectual prowess on his blog is the main reason the hangman is committing the murders.The rest of the episode is a cat and mouse type chase where Nigel and the hangman try to outsmart each other.Nigel,of course prevails in the end.I thought this was an above average episode,and it was nice to see a plotline involving one of the supporting characters taking a lead role in a case and have it come to a successful resolution.The writing and plot were above average,and while I could figure out the conclusion two thirds into the episode,this is exactly why I watch this series.
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