Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 14

In Sickness & In Health

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • jordan returns to work early after her surgery and has a new view of life; woody, nigel, and kate investigate the murder of a groom on his wedding day; bug still keeps himself busy and avoids talking about his talk with Homeland Security

    i totally liked this ep b/c it was so super entertaining..i was kind of weird in the beginning b/c like at first its of course the reunion btw jordan and everyone and thats cool b/c theyre all surprised to see her and then it gets kinda creepy and silly as we see jordan nice and all chi..that was kind of freaking me out got better tho when she got back into the swing of murders and everything and ended up being her old like thats the jordan i know and love lol..the groom thing was just horrible..his brother is so evil..i mean it was over a girl..ugh! and the best and most entertaining part was when woody was trying to do the yoga and he was also super romantic when jordan was helping him..yay!!!!!!
  • A show that was hard to watch and kind of blah.

    Well hello. The season sure started with a bang and shows 1 and 3 were incredible; the best ever! Unfortunately after that there has been not much to write home about, sorry. I am a HUGE fan and have seen every show made except episode 2 of this year, but they are in a downward spiral I'm afraid. This show lacked any punch with the dated feng-shui talk and Kate really doesn't fit the mold in any way! Please bring back Jordan's dad and the fire and spunk she had that kept the first 5 seasons riveting; or this could be the swansong season. I do hope they make more, but in the good old way, thanks for listening.