Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another epidemic, another shark-like bureaucrat threatening Macy and reaping operational havoc (a la Henry Winkler last season), Jordan-Woody / Lily-Bug mired in relationship limbo since Season 2, Lily leaving yet again...

    ...acerbic Switzer is a near-clone of Elaine, and the latest in a long line of expendable --predictably--transient characters has recently been killed off (Elaine, Devan, JD, and Lu), and yet another personal crisis for Jordan (who has one every other day it seems). Actually, considering the life expectancy of Woody's romantic interests (Devan, Lu), perhaps Jordan's prognosis would be better if she contine continued to stay aloof.

    What are the chances the writers will get this show out of the deep rut it has fallen into? I keep hoping, but my expectations keep getting lower and lower. Would somebody please infuse some new blood into the writing/story editing staff before this program dies of anemia?
  • Another lockdown in Crossing Jordan

    Lily wasn't there when the shooting and the riot accured in the "33 Bullets"-episode a few weeks ago. But for tonight's "lockdown" she w a s there and they played the poor pregnant woman card. Kinda lame...
    And wasn't the ending shocking?? I really thought Jordan had that illness, but I never would have figured that she might have some major problem. How did she think to do that scan anyway? She had no idea what her symptoms might be a sign for... well, I really hope she's gonna tell someone soon. She can't go through this alone. I actually wonder why Macy didn't see it right away...
  • Hope CJ isn't cancelled at all!

    If this show gets cancel, I will be pretty mad
    As well as other CJ fans. Jordan maybe having a
    Brain tumor. Macy returning to normal which is a bit of
    A relief as he almost went bonkers on everybody. When a
    Body Jordan was told not to examined could affect the whole
    Entire city, the team must stop the affection before it is
    Too late. Meanwhile, I loved the way Woody took care of
    A little girl!
  • I loved this episode. This was some of the good old Crossing Jordan. more reviews at

    1- I don’t think this episode was like Perfect Storm (it’s been mentioned…the similarities and difference are obvious and I’m not going to go into it. You know my opinion on the matter.) 2- Watching ‘in the moment’ I was completely caught up in the story. Re-watching, I could see some of the predictability, but you know it really didn’t matter to me in this episode. Epidemic episodes are usually big impact episodes first viewing, then some of the intensity is lessened with each viewing thereafter. I think this might be one of those episodes, but I have a feeling I’ll still like this episode many years down the road. Just like I still love Perfect Storm and Upon the Wasted Building.

    3- I didn’t put the connection together that ‘The Bird Man’ was the carrier of the disease and also guilty of murder. I knew he was the murderer, but it’d never dawned on me—him being a coyote that he was the carrier. Because I never linked the two events together the episode wasn’t predictable to me. Then again, predictable isn’t always bad. Last weeks episode I had the whole story line worked out 20 minutes into the episode, but it still worked for me. I liked last weeks. (May I add a side note: My mom can’t stop talking about last week’s episode. She loved it. Every time CJ comes up in the conversation she brings up Hubris. So obviously something worked—predictable or not.)

    Woody—who’d have guess Woody would be so adorable and sweet with children. My heart melted when he held the little girl in his lap and comforted her.

    Minor subplot—I was so happy to see the writers work in a minor subplot for this episode. It wasn’t just about a virus outbreak, but a crime as well. It gave Woody a reason for getting as involved in the case. And, truth be told, it acted as a bit of ‘normalcy’ for me against the anxiety from main storyline.

    I wonder how many times Lily is going to leave—and return? If I’m right in my counting I believe this is time number three? I can’t see Lily leaving the morgue for good. Then again, who knows where her story line is heading. I have to say I absolutely love the name Madeline—such a sweet name for a baby and it seems to suit Lily’s personality. Something that’s simple…not over the wall crazy (for a name that is) but still has character.

    Where oh where are things going from here? For Bug and Lily that is. Bug is sitting on the fence—he isn’t on one side or the other—despite his claim that he’s breaking away from Lily. His heart tells him one thing. His mind tells him another thing, and in the end I think his heart will win out. Just how he dealt with Lily shows me he wants to be there for her. And how heartbreakingly sweet was the kiss on Lily’s cheek. Poor Bug. I really hope they have a happy ending (despite my fondness for the Seely-Lily match up).

    Nice to see Ivers get what he had coming to him. And of course I love Jordan—she’s the only one who dares to argue with him and tell him exactly what she thinks. Good for her. I’ll give Garret a pass on not picking up on Jordan’s obvious distress:

    1- We’ll say he was exhausted and had other things on his mind. Understandable in the situation.
    2- If the writers had had Garret guess that something was wrong the episode would have had to continue on and we were out of time…so the circumstances dictated that Garret act oblivious to Jordan’s silent cry for help.
    3- If Garret had guessed the ending wouldn’t have been nearly as powerful.

    About endings…If I could change one thing about the episode it would be the ending. I’d have removed Garret from the scene and the conversation between him and Jordan. It would have been so effective to have just seen a shot of the head scan and Jordan sitting there with the look of disbelief, tired, and pain illuminating her features. That would have been a powerful ending.

    However, that said, I understand the ending the writers went with. If I hadn’t had an explanation about the head scan I wouldn’t have had a clue what was wrong with Jordan. I would have known something was wrong, I just wouldn’t have been clued in as to what. I could have waited a week to hear what specifically was wrong with her, though I don’t know if other fans would. So I get why we got the ending we did. Yeah this episode worked for me.
  • Jordan performs an autopsy and disvors the Hunter virus that is spreading around Boston and causing quiet a lot of deaths

    Very well written.

    Jordan finding out about her illness, Lilly leaving the team and Macy back to normal again make this episode a very special.

    I was really shocked to find out that Jordan might be suffering from a brain tumor. First I thought that she was infected with the hunter virus but at the end seeing her with Garet discussing her symptoms I felt really sorry for her. Hope that she will find someone to talk about it and make her feel better.

    I can understand Lilly's decision to leave the Morgue and get away from all the suffering and death around her. Can't image how weird it must be to raise a child in that kind of place.

    Finally things seem to got back to normal again after Ivers drastically changed pretty everything and his inappropriate behavior towards the others.

    Woody caring for the little girl was very touching. Always liked him when she shows a softer side of his usual rough cop manners. Can’t wait to find out more about Jordan’s health status.
  • Show is getting very old and very tired

    So is this Lily's last show or what? How many people are going to come into that office and try to stir things up? Let us count the people: the woman from season 2/3 who died in the morgue, the rich male doctor who didn't stay long, the blonde who is now on Close to Home, the brother who took his own life, and the ADA who knocked up Lily. Did I miss anyone?