Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 4

Judgement Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on NBC

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  • jordan and nigel investigate the prison system's treatment of their prisoners (especially when sick) and woody, bug, and macy try to find a woman's brother after shoot-out leading to lily ending up in a dangerous situation

    i loved this ep..i love most eps of this show b/c it was a very interesting show and thats probably why i like bones too b/c i see a lot of parallels..the prison system thing was interesting and it does make me question whether i really care and what the public knows about treatment in real prisons..i mean are they treated and do ppl really care?...i mean some ppl may be in on wrongful charges and some may be minor thieves and i dont think we should discriminate..its wrong..i like the point they brought up..then the shoot-out was interesting especially w/ lily trying to save the woman and then ending up in danger but talking her way out of it..but one pt..ok..i was so mad when jordan and woody saw each other and it was like screaming at the tv..ugh i was mad
  • better than the last one

    At first I was worried, the episode didn't look that good, just the same. Someone kills someone and they have to figure it out.

    This was going that way but got some pretty good inputs.
    Let's see, Lily found out about her mother, about being adopted. I had almost forgotten about that.
    Then Woody and Jordan are not talking again, she is really avoiding him and so is he. The fact that Lily is how she is leads her to the climax, the hostage situation.
    I knew he was going to die, he said it, he said he should be away from his kids so they could be happy.
    Lily was great and that lawyer too, not bad at all jumping in front of the gun.

    As for the other story, I feel sorry for Pascal, only one day. And the toilet scenes lol only Jordan!!!

    I noticed something, they told everyone to get tested except the reporter...
  • Lily finds out that she is adopted, then has to deal with a case which could leave two children in social services. She takes it to court and ends up in a hostage situation. Jordan and Nigel work on a jail neglection situation.

    This was my favourite episode yet this season. There were so many hilarous, suspensful and just fun to watch moments. It was a great storyline too. Lily finding out that she's adopted and Garrett talking to her about it was really nice. Then her talking to the mother and the two kids and holding the kids after the mother left was so ironic after she had just learned about her mother situation type thing which was the point of the storyline. Then her going to court and being held hostage with the lawyer was a great climax or whatever to that storyline. It was nice to see someone other than Jordan in a tense situation. Lily handeled it really well, although it would have been a whole different situation if it was Jordan, because of course Woody was the hero type guy who sort of resuces them and if it was Jordan he would have probably reacted differently, but oh well.

    The guy that Jordan and Nigel were working with was really funny, I liked him. Are these new characters that Lily and Jordan were working with in this episode their new "love interests" or whatever? I thought they maybe were but I wasnt sure. Jordan is still avoiding Woody a bit, but when they saw each other they had trouble looking away. It was funny the way things got so awkward as soon as Jordan (and Nigel) and entered the room. Woody was so impatient, and as soon as he saw Jordan, she was all he could think about. I hope they work things out, and at least be friends and then probably return to their little game they played before, and maybe end up together!! But I doubt that would happen.. but it would be amazing if it did!

    All in all, it was a great episode, loved the storylines and character development, and can't wait for next weeks!
  • Someone give me a knife, I need to cut the tension.

    Is anyone else getting sick of the tension between Woody and Jordan? I am, but I am one of those viewers who would really like to see them together. Okay I just want them with someone or each other. Was I the only one blindsided by the Lily thing, with her mom? Maybe this will bring her and Macy back together.

    The cases were good, and I think someone should tell that company they don’t want to tick Jordan off. Is she going to keep them in her sights?

    Is Woody suffering from PTSD? He seems to be a little freaked since the conclusion of last season. I guess only time will tell. Overall I liked this episode; the season just keeps getting better and better.
  • Jordan: Am I still on that leash? Macy: No, you'd just chew through it anyway

    The show starts out with Jordan coming in and Macy telling Jordan that she's on a case with Woody and Bug has to deal with a dead body in trace that died on a bus. Jordan trades with Bug, she doesn't want to work with Woody, and who can blame her. As well there are quite a few boxes being delivered to the morgue and we find out that they are for Lily, who is furious as heck when she finds out that her brother sent them to her. She then turns her anger on Macy when she reads the letter her brother had sent telling her that their mother was not their real mom.We then jump to a stand off at a house that we think is being held hostage by the suspect. The SWAT team then kills the husband of the wife who had sent her children out, we then learn that the suspect they are looking for is her brother, Woody in his infinite wisdom decides to arrest the mother in front of her children, which really ticks Lily off. I was getting steamed myself, anyone who wants to join the committe to punch Woody, I'm taking memebers. We are then introduced to J.D. Pollack a newspaper reporter for a tabloid magazine. Jordan and Nigel to their best to get him out of the building. Jordan then discovers that the bus victim actually died of tuberculosis, which causes her to do some digging into the medical treatment of the patients at the jail the man on the bus was released from. Long story short the company in charge of the medical treatment of the prisoners is in big time trouble at the end. Lily, meanwhile helps out the widow of the man that was killed and gets a pro-bono lawyer to help, after clashing with the lawyer who would not rescind the warrant on the woman, I think there could be some romantic sparks there from what happens at the near end of the ep. All in all a terrific episode, I will most definatley be tuning in next week as well.
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