Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 4

Judgement Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on NBC

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  • Jordan: Am I still on that leash? Macy: No, you'd just chew through it anyway

    The show starts out with Jordan coming in and Macy telling Jordan that she's on a case with Woody and Bug has to deal with a dead body in trace that died on a bus. Jordan trades with Bug, she doesn't want to work with Woody, and who can blame her. As well there are quite a few boxes being delivered to the morgue and we find out that they are for Lily, who is furious as heck when she finds out that her brother sent them to her. She then turns her anger on Macy when she reads the letter her brother had sent telling her that their mother was not their real mom.We then jump to a stand off at a house that we think is being held hostage by the suspect. The SWAT team then kills the husband of the wife who had sent her children out, we then learn that the suspect they are looking for is her brother, Woody in his infinite wisdom decides to arrest the mother in front of her children, which really ticks Lily off. I was getting steamed myself, anyone who wants to join the committe to punch Woody, I'm taking memebers. We are then introduced to J.D. Pollack a newspaper reporter for a tabloid magazine. Jordan and Nigel to their best to get him out of the building. Jordan then discovers that the bus victim actually died of tuberculosis, which causes her to do some digging into the medical treatment of the patients at the jail the man on the bus was released from. Long story short the company in charge of the medical treatment of the prisoners is in big time trouble at the end. Lily, meanwhile helps out the widow of the man that was killed and gets a pro-bono lawyer to help, after clashing with the lawyer who would not rescind the warrant on the woman, I think there could be some romantic sparks there from what happens at the near end of the ep. All in all a terrific episode, I will most definatley be tuning in next week as well.
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