Crossing Jordan

Season 4 Episode 21

Jump Push Fall

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2005 on NBC
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Jump Push Fall
Some new evidence comes to light in an old case that involves Dr. Macy. Jordan is placed in charge of the case that will either make or break Dr. Macy. Meanwhile, Woody is hot on the trail of a cop killer, and Woody finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun.moreless

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  • Season's finale. Sad end for me

    The seasons finale, an intense and sad episode that ended badly, at least in my view.

    There are some advances in Jordan and Woody's relationship.

    There is someone killing cops and the team tries to figure out who.

    But there is a bigger problem, Garret's past comes back and he is in trouble. A case he worked in 19 years ago, a suicide. There are some things Slokum wants to dig up and he puts Jordan on it.

    This is a sad episode because of Garret and because of Woody. In the cop killer's case, Woody manages to get the shooter but his brother is still out there. They figure out here he might be and Woody gets face to face with him. That kid is stupid! He could just surrender but no, why not kill another cop? Woody gets shot and is taken to the hospital. Jordan gets there as fast as she can. that part when she said she could say the words he wanted... He survives surgery but there is a chance he will never walk again.

    That look on his face when she came into the room, it was different and he simply pushed her away from him.

    As for Garret, the case was an homicide and he buried evidence so Slokum keeps his job. Garret is gone.

    This season ended badly. It was a good season with a lot of great episodes. I just hope next one starts with a great episode, a happier one.moreless
  • I was surrpised by how much I liked this episode.

    I have only seen one or two episodes of Crossing Jordan, not including this episode which I just watched today, and was surrpised by how much I liked it. They portrayed a great family vibe when Dr. Macy's ethics got pulled into question and he was suspended from his job and also really melded Dr. Macy's involvment with a murder case and a serial killer's spree together really well. I was shocked that they shot Woody they way they did, it really took me off guard. It's a shame he and Jordan can't work things out. He has this really gentle quality that I think could really soften her personality and make her happy.

    After seeing this episode I'm kind of tempted to tune into the series finale tonight.moreless
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    Season four has had a wealth of good episodes, so it was fitting they ended the season with one of the best episodes of the season. Things were seriously shaken up amongst our cast. Garret’s on suspension, Woody’s in the hospital and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever walk again and Jordan is let down by Garret and turned away by Woody. This wasn’t like our previous season finales where a ½ brother appears or a father goes missing, but suspenseful and gripping none the less.

    Garret: Jordan’s pissed off to say the least when she learns what has happen. She promises Garret she’ll prove he did nothing wrong. Garret knows she won’t be able to do that and tells her to just do her job. He knows what she’ll fine. He doesn’t want her covering up anything for him and getting herself in trouble.

    As the evidence unfolds, it’s clear Garret was covering something up. Jordan can’t answer Slokum when he asks her if she still thinks that Garret Macy is a saint.

    Jordan is really upset when she learns the Garret hid evidence. She’s always had such faith in him. He’s been the pillar of strength and justice and following the rules. Then she learns he covered up a murder. Garret’s own self belief if a bit tarnished. Jordan’s hurt and his own self doubt I believe (that and Garret truly is a good person) lead him to hand over the evidence that can spell the end of his career. He has to do what’s right—that’s who he is.

    Despite Jordan’s asking him not too Garret goes forward and turns over the information that will bring down Duvall and himself in the process.

    ‘If I can’t do what’s right. If I can’t set an example. What good am I to anyone.’ Those words restore Jordan’s faith in Garret. And prove what she’s been telling Slokum from the beginning. Garret’s an honorable man.

    Garret’s parting words summed up everything and let his entire staff know how much faith he had in them and how he proud he was to call them his friends.: ‘These people. They’ll go to the wall for you if you let them.’

    Lily, somewhere inside, still has feeling for Garret. Even if she is over him. Her faith in him never waivers. It was nice to see her there for Garret just as he was there for her a few weeks ago when her mother died. Those two—if nothing else—have a wonderful friendship. Lily defends him even when Jordan tells her what Garret’s done.

    Woody: We knew Woody would end up getting shot. What surprised me was he was shot in the abdomen whereas the other cops were shot through the heart. Why would the kid shot Woody, yet not shot to kill him? My only guess is because of the promise Woody made to Tommy. I guess the kid figured Woody was sincere and hence gave him a fighting chance of surviving the bullet shot.

    My second question we see the older brother in the hospital at the end, so obviously the cops took him down, but they didn’t kill him, yet Sydney walks into the morgue holding three more bullet proof vest that had been shot through the heart. Bug and Nigel give looks of hopelessness. So I have to assume there were 3 more (at least) casualties. You would have thought the police would have killed him despite orders. He starts killing you, you shot back.

    Woody was very emotional on this case. Pissed off would be a good word. He’s usually a happy go lucky type guy who—even when things are going to hell—remains upbeat. He was on a mission today. Killing innocent cops was a good reason though for him to lose all reasonable thought.

    Woody and Jordan: The conversation Woody and Jordan had to start the episode was wonderful. I swear Jordan agreed to the blind date to get a rise out of Woody. It worked. I loved Jordan’s look of utter disbelief when she muttered ‘it never occurred to you.’ It was priceless. Poor Woody—guys can be a bit dense at times (that’s not to say us women are perfect!). He really didn’t think Jordan would go date other people. That was the only amusing scene. After that things got intense and fast.

    Jordan’s never been so broken up, distraught, worried—basically a complete wreck—at the news that Woody’s been shot. The urgency in her voice said everything. This gal cares for Woody and more than in a friend type fashion.

    The most telling line of the entire show: ‘I can say what you want me to say.’ Jordan says this while they’re wheeling Woody into surgery. It can be interpreted two ways. One: Jordan will say anything if it’ll help Woody. Or two: Jordan’s realized what she’s been so afraid to say/admit isn’t so scary faced with the possibility of losing Woody for good.

    They say when you’re faced with the possibility of losing someone you say all the things you’ve meant to say, but never said. I think in this case. Whatever Jordan told Woody was sincere and heartfelt. Whatever she told him she didn’t realize how true it was until she said it, but when she said it she meant it.

    Woody’s reaction wasn't all that surprising. He tells her to get lost he doesn’t want her pity. Woody's a strong, appealing male and suddenly he's face with the possibility that he could never walk again... He's angry, frustrated, feeling hopeless...he needed to lash out at someone and Jordan happened to be in the line of fire.

    Jordan won't give up on him. She's to strong a person. Her reaction to the news on Woody was heart wrenching. She was more grief stricken than any other character. He might have told her to get lose, but since when does Jordan ever listen to anyone?

  • Garrett's past coverup of a murder, comes back to haunt him and may cost him his job. Woody's on the trail of a cop killer and gets injured himself. Jordan has a lot to deal with.moreless

    I loved this episode. It had all the aspects of a good myserty, but still so much much character drama. It was ironic that jordan, had to be the one that investigate macy and actually had to find evidence. It was a side of garett that we hab barely seen. Henry Winkler was fantastic as Jack Slokum, you hated him, but somehow still wanted more of him. It was so hard watching woody get shot. I mean even though i new it was coming, i cried so hard. I cried even more at the end. When jordan runs into the hospital and sees woody being pushed to surgery and she tells him not leave and whispers something in his ear, it was all so heart wrenching. It was hard to watch after woody woke up. He looked so sick and weak, but mad. I couldn't bellieve it when he told jordan to leave. It broke my heart. IT was also sad when the whole morgue came to the elevator to say goodbye to macy. I felt so bad for jordan, she had to deal with so much at once. I know she had strung woody along for years, and yes he had a right to be fed up, but i don't think he was thinking logically and shouldn't have hurt her feelings. This was an outstanding episode.moreless
Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy

Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy

Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

Dr. Nigel Townsend

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Woody Hoyt

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn

Lily Lebowski

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Dr. Slokum is talking to Garret in the beginning of the episode, he claims that a new suspect has come forward in the case, but Garret, seconds later, refers to the person as a witness not a suspect.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Jordan: Woody. Oh, God. Tell me he's gonna be okay.
      Doctor: The bullet nicked him in the spine and he's bleeding internally. We won't know more until we open him up.
      Jordan: Listen to me, Woody. You're not going anywhere, you understand? If you want out of my life, you find some other way. But I'm not letting you...You need to fight this. I can say what you want me to say.
      (Woody slowly wakes up)
      Jordan: Woody?
      (She leans close to his ear and whispers)
      Jordan: Please don't leave me. Please.

    • Jordan: (Leaving message on Garret's answering machine) Garret, hope you're...doin' okay. Uh, Slokum's got us all homicidal down here. Except for the guy in the gift shop. Not your biggest friend.

    • Garret: These people…they will go to the wall for you if you let 'em.

    • Garret: If I can't do what's right, if I can't set an example, what good am I to anyone?

    • Slokum: Macy's on his way in. And then he's on his way out.

    • Jordan: (to Garret) You son of a bitch. You told me to find the truth. You knew the truth and you covered it up.

    • (Slokum has placed a sign on his new office door detailing his qualifications)
      Nigel: That's just pretentious
      Lily: It's terrifying

    • Woody: Hansie. Looks like prison food did a number on you. You look like a Volkswagen.

    • Jordan: She really believed in him.
      Slokum: Yeah, well too bad she didn't get her brighter tommorrow.

    • Slokum: (To Nigel) Do all tox results come with a dramatic reading? You know what I would do if I were you? I'd introduce myself to a barber.

    • Garrett: Its not your battle Jordan.
      Jordan: What'd you do? Kick his dog?

    • Dr.Jack Slokum: The truth is in the Details.

    • Jordan: I can say what you want to hear.

    • (In Woody's hospital room)
      Jordan: If you have to lose an organ, spleen's a good choice. Pretty useless anyhow.
      Woody: Yeah, I guess.
      Jordan: Dr. Turner said they're gonna wait until the morning to take you back into surgery.
      Woody: Good. Give me a few more hours to lie here and thnk about how much my life is gonna suck when I can't walk anymore.
      Jordan: You don't know that, Woody. There's a good chance there's no nerve damage.
      Woody: 50/50. You making that bet?
      Jordan: They're flying in a neurologist from New York. He's supposed to be the best. Right now you just need to relax, you need to rest.
      (She holds his hand)
      Woody: You whispered to me when they were bringing me in.
      Jordan: You heard that?
      Woody: Yeah. Yeah, I heard that. You said it 'cause you felt sorry for me.
      Jordan: What? No.
      Woody: You think I'm crippled, so...
      Jordan: Woody, no, I meant every word.
      (Woody pulls his hand away)
      Woody: Get outta here.
      Jordan: Woody...
      Woody: Screw your pity and get outta here. Now.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "What the Fuss" by Stevie Wonder
      "Goodbye" by Emmylou Harris

    • Dr. Slokum met Jordan when he opposed her recertification to be a pathologist.
      20 years ago when Garrett was trying to find the cause of death for Sylvia Moreau he was new to the job. His daughter Abby was a newborn.