Crossing Jordan

Season 4 Episode 17

Locard's Exchange

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • The ME's office works frantically against time to prevent Emmett Parker from getting out of jail while Lily deals with her mother's unexpected (and tragic) visit.

    This was a prime example of the kind of first-class episodes 'Crossing Jordan' can still to turn out. 'Locard's Exchange' just proves that 'CJ' is still full of surprises.

    Right from the gate I was more than thrilled to see Susan Gibney back in the saddle as DA Rene Walcott. To me, Susan Gibney makes any average 'Crossing Jordan' episode, above average. I haven't been too happy about her absence from the show recently (due to the birth of her child) and I'm glad she's not gone for good.

    Meanwhile, we are treated to a deeper glimpse of Lily's character when her mom comes for a visit and is tragically killed. If you had at all forgotten about how tight-knit the ME 'family' (the heart and soul of the show) was before this, you are at once reminded as they all come together, as best they can, to comfort Lily in her time of need. Most obviously Garret Macy, who seems to be the only one who can console her. And yet, even with all this character development and open emotion, 'CJ' stays true to it's original direction and offers a compelling case and ingenious thinking. In fact, there were TWO cases and like we knew they would, both are cleverly solved and the good guys prevail.

    They break-out and obvious star in this episode was Susan Gibney. 'CJ' did a great job in developing her character, even though she has only been (so far) a recurring character. Until 'Locard's Exchange,' she has only been portrayed as the ice-queen; an uber-professional (albiet lovable), tough-as-nails DA. Suddenly we see the softer, still kick-ass, woman that she is, as she reveals her weaker, damaged side to us after totally blows the crap out of her assailant, Emmett Parker. I can only hope we see more of her and this new side of her in season five and that she and Macy can rekindle their old flame because they are truly compelling together.

    To me, 'Locard's Exchange' just reiterates what 'CJ' is all about. It highlights the core 'family' of the office while staying true to the fact that it is a medical/crime drama, offering a interesting and well-written storyline.