Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 20

Mace vs. Scalpel

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • lily gets ready for marriage and things happen that don't look good for jordan

    i just saw this ep a couple days ago but ive been super busy so im finally getting around to a review..yay..i love this takes it from the silly aspect as seen a lot of the time on the show to more drama..i mean drama for bug since lily is marrying some other guy and drama for jordan because she is being accused of murder..and the worst part is everything does point to her..i felt bad for her but at least she was involved in getting to the bottom of this still lol..and then drama for woody b/c lu is against him and hes taking jordans side...oh my was an awesome ep..loved it
  • It was an odd episode for me. Could have been better I think if it hadn’t been the lead in to the finale. The spark was definitely missing from this episode. For more reviews:

    So this episode was baffling to me to say the least. As a lead in to the season finale—honestly—it failed miserably in my eyes. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely something different than what we got. Last weeks episode was more of a lead in than this one. I felt like this episode should have been earlier in the season. It was a stand alone episode that in most cases would have worked well, but with this season's arc format it was totally out of place—especially as an episode that’s supposed to lead us into the finale. Let me put it this way—it was odd. The cast looked tired in this episode. It’s been a long season and I felt it and saw it tonight in the actors. Not that I’m complaining. They have a right to be tired, They’ve worked their ‘tails’ off this season.

    Case A: Predictable. And no that’s not always bad. In fact most of the time cases like this one are pretty predictable because you know nothing bad is going to happen to the character. In this case it just didn’t work for me. I thought Miguel was fantastic in his portrayal of Garret. And Everett was freaky—one of the more memorable villains of this season. Even so the episode lacked intensity. It didn’t get me on the edge of my seat (like Road Kill, another episode with a memorable villain). Case B: Okay this case just didn’t hold my attention—case wise. Can’t really pin point one thing that bugged me—just didn’t really get into it. I did like the reactions/events that came of it though: a) Jordan calling JD b) Lu.

    a) Jordan: Jordan has fascinated me this season. In the last episode she realizes that she’s grown up. She’s finally figuring out what she wants from life. This episode she is reminded of this longing and she acts on it.

    Our girl amazes me. She admits that she (might have) made a mistake—about their (her and JD) relationship! It breaks my heart in some ways that Jordan won’t find happiness with JD. He was a good thing for her. I’m going to miss him. (Who’d have thought I’d say that at the beginning of the season!)

    The call was interesting. We see JD in a rather ‘questionable’ state. He didn’t look so hot. Something isn’t right. Even Jordan picks up on it in his voice. It’s about the only lead in we get to the finale, so I found the scene even more fascinating than it probably warrants. I wish Jordan would have invited JD to the wedding or something—it would have been nice to have a tie in to the finale.

    b)Lu: Poor gal is all over the place. I felt bad for her in this episode. She’s getting the bum end of the deal if you ask me. To suit their needs it seems as if the writers are jerking her every which way. She’s kind of in a difficult situation. She’s dating her co-worker, who she shouldn’t be dating—but she obviously cares for him. Then she’s fighting ‘The Ghost of Jordan’ that she doesn’t stand a chance against. And to top it off Woody is her biggest problem. Either way she’s being put in the ‘bad guy’ role and I don’t think it’ll matter what she does, she’s not going to have the support Jordan will have behind her.

    Woody’s being an ass if you ask me. He’s handled the whole ‘Jordan’ situation with about as much delicacy as and elephant trying to do a pirouette in toe shoes.

    I forget who said this (forgive me whomever it is I’m quoting—I remember the words, just not where I read them or who they’re from) but to paraphrase: Lu’s kind of come full circle. She hasn’t really done much wrong other than date the wrong guy for the right reason. That’s why I say—if she dumps Woody I think Lu will be better off. Bug and Lily: The Bug-Lily storyline frustrated me. I would love to see Bug with Amy. I like her. I know we barely know her, but anyone who puts a smile like we saw on Bug's face and who elicits a ‘hug’ as a greeting from Bug, has my vote. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Bug smile like that—AND show affection! I’d give anything to see that relationship develop.

    How are we supposed to believe we’re going into a happy wedding after her little conversation with Bug? Her lamenting should be a huge-ass-blinking-red-light that says STOP. And THINK. You want to make a case for Lily not loving Jeffery just go listen to her little monologue in this episode.

    Finally I have to say again—I’m sounding like a broken record—I know, but the Lily-Bug possibility is DEAD. It died in season two at Fenway and was buried this season in the morgue by Bug. I just can’t believe a romance between those two.

    The Lily-Bug ship sailed a long time ago. Let it stay out there. If we have to have Lily married I'd prefer it be Seely or NOBODY—yeah nobody would suit me good.

    To conclude: It was an odd episode for me. Could have been better I think if it hadn’t been the lead in to the finale. The spark was definitely missing from this episode.
  • While Macy is stuck in a basement of a deranged homeowner keeping a 12 year old boy hostage nobody knows where he\'s at. The rest of the morgue staff try to free the friendly Manny Hernandez, the janitor, of the morgue of the accusation of steailing. This

    I absolutely loved the episode. They really captured the fact of him being missing and the crew not knowing. I liked the Kyle/Kyle reference that the man made and the basement that Macy was stuck in. It seemed very real. I almost couldn\'t imaging that this was a show by the was that they were acting. The beginning was very funny and this just added to the \'personal\' episodes this season. This time Macy stuck to himself and created a wonderful \'cause/effect\' day. I really enjoyed this episode.

    I was hoping they would wrap it up better, and maybe not so close to Lily\'s marriage, but it was still awesome. The action scene at the end and bringing him (Jonah) to the morge was phenominal. I give this episode a 10.
  • I think I died of boredom watching this episode

    How many times are these people going to get kidnapped and/or tortured before it finally gets old? This time it was Dr. Macy's turn to get the snot beat out of him. And if your child had been kidnapped would you not run and grabbed them as soon as you saw them? Those people just stared at the kid like they didn't have a clue.
  • Holy...Crap

    To continue on in the above manner....Oh...My...God! This was one of the best damn episodes I have ever seen! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time...well..I probably switched back to being entirely in my seat after a while...but still! It was just so sick, and dark, and twisted, something to leave Crossing Jordan fans hungry and wanting more. Damn the sudden oncome of the season finale next week...I need MORE. It was so good it's scary...and I hope it really scared those a**holes at show can hold the same time-spot and be as good as Crossing Jordan! *cough* Grey's Anatomy *cough*