Crossing Jordan

Season 3 Episode 7

Missing Pieces

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

On a beautiful day in Boston Jordan walked up to the scene of an accident and then sees the dead body on top of a car. After her license plates have been run they find that the car belongs to a woman named Mildred Vance. Jordan also finds that there is away to confirm the identity. Jordan then tells the policemen to call Woody but not to use the radio because she doesn't want the information getting out publicly because she feels the dead body could be related to the Strand case.

Garrett gives everybody details on Marie's disappearance and then tells everybody where he wants them to start so they can hopefully find Marie faster. We find Marie's disappearance 10 months ago was the first real break in the case. Bug and Nigel are going to look at the trace evidence of the captors clothing.

Lily is job is to find Curt's relatives and see what they can tell. Jordan has already begun the autopsy on Curt Reevus.

Garrett wonders if Jordan is ready to do the autopsy of a known sex offender. Jordan tells Garrett that she really doesn't want any time off she would rather help find the missing girl.

Jordan finds that Mr. Reevus has some facial lacerations not all of those came from the accident and some fresh stab wounds to. Garrett and Jordan have both tried calling Max to find him but neither one of them can give an answer.

Nigel seems to have a particularly odd sense of urgency, which infuriates Bug. Bug ruins the mood when he points out that her body has been missing for a long time and even finding her body would be amazing. Nigel firmly believes that with the application of scientific evidence and a little bit of luck her body might be recovered. Bug finds a piece of evidence that leaves a happy smile on Nigel 's face.

Detective Capra and Bug go to interview the parents of Marie and don't exactly get a warm reception when the parents are told that the Morgue has the body of Curt Reevus the person they believe killed their daughter. The parents desperately want to know where their daughter is and are told to come by the morgue some DNA to hopefully find a match from one of the hairs taken from a hair brush that belonged to their daughter.

The father doesn't exactly see what the point in that would do because it would only prove him that Kirk was just around his daughter.

Ms. his Strand tells Detective Capra that Marie loved to sing and would keep her voice in tune. Meanwhile Bug is matching Reevus's hair with one of the Marie's to see if they match. Bug tells Ms. Strand that he believes her daughter could still be alive because after 24 hours the hair follicle breaks down. But also found that the perpetrator's hair was still intact. Leaving everyone to believe that Marie is still alive.

Garrett asks Peter to get an update on the blood he ran on Curt Reevus the only thing Peter find in Curt Reevus's blood work was some minor anemia but other than that he was clean. Peter was also able to find out that Reevus was also taking marijuana. Garrett wants to find out what particular marijuana Mr. Reevus was taking and thinks of contacting someone that might be able to tell him exactly what kind. Peter tells Garrett that the D E.A. quit.

Jordan tells Detective Capra that his body came from a building on the crash site. Jordan tells Detective Capra that a stab wound nicked his heart. As for what kind of building Jordan wasn't able to determine that but suggested that the detective ask Nigel about what kind of building.

Nigel tells Detective Capra that Reevus had some kind of lime content on his trousers indicating that he worked in the building that was in some phase of construction. Jordan also found some asbestos fibers in his nasal passages also indicating that the building was very old and was probably built somewhere around 1960 because that particular kind of asbestos hasn't been used since 1960.

Nigel also found some rat droppings indicating that one of the four buildings found in the target area was in some phase of reconstruction. Nigel also found as a paint chip that was used by a particular company that is out of business.

Detective Capra gets rather irritated because she can't understand how such little information could be considered progress because it would still take them a long time to find a Marie possibly months. Nigel is a little upset that the Detective doesn't appreciate his method of progress.

Nigel questions why the Detective wants to search the building near the crash site. Nigel figures if it was symbolism of some kind for Reevus. When she tells them why she wants to search the building it pushes Nigel's theory out of the water and kind of depresses him. Plan B is to use Nigel's paint chip to match the paint inside.

Detective Capra uses a bloodhound to help find Marie in the building. As they go inside the building everybody begins an exhaustive search for the missing girl. Detective Capra finds something that Marie wore in her hair after it was braided. Nigel finds a lot of blood at the site. Detective Capra tells everybody to continue searching the building and hopes that the young lady is still there somewhere.

The toxicology report comes back on the blood found at the church. Jordan tells Detective Capra that the blood found is not Marie's but Curt Reevus's blood. Jordan also shows Detective Capra the knife similar to the one Curt Reevus was stabbed with.

Detective Capra is disappointed because she knows those results won't bring them any closer to finding Marie Strand. A few minutes later Jordan notices a young lady walking in the morgue looking for someone named Adam. Jordan asks the young lady if she is in fact Marie Strand. The young lady says she is Marie Strand surprising both Jordan and Detective Capra suddenly Marie has been found.

Garrett update everybody on the Strand case and tells them that Marie has been found and to savor the moment because in their line of work they usually deal with dead bodies and not live ones.

Garrett them wants to talk to Peter to see if he would like to take the case all by himself. At Boston Memorial Hospital Jordan is busy getting updated on Marie's condition. Jordan wonders if Marie will be charged with the stabbing of Curt Reevus. Detective Capra tells Jordan she will not be charged because it's justifiable homicide.

Detective Capra hopes Jordan can get more information out of Marie by letting the evidence do the talking Jordan requests the clothing the knife and an exam on Marie. Jordan tells Marie that she's taking samples from her fingernails to hopefully find the answer. She also asks Marie how she washes her hands with soap and water or without soap and water how many times a day.

For a few moments Marie doesn't answer. Jordan tells marine that she has to ask these questions in order to help the police. Marie tells Jordan that she washes her hands with soap and water and that she misses her family. Jordan tells Marie that she's there to listen and tell her anything she likes.

Marie's father stops Jordan from asking any questions to halt the police. Her father tells Jordan she doesn't need to answer any questions to relive her trauma only to get home. As Jordan continues re-examining Marie he waits outside for a few more minutes.

Peter comes out to investigate the body found on a hill. Peter determines that where the body fell is where he died. Peter also notices that rigor mortis has come and gone puts the time of death at a day. The victims' feet are not dirty.

Officer Doc tells Peter that the man who called in the body remained anonymous. As Officer Doc continues bonding with Peter he has a smile on his face.

Pam Oakley was married to Curt to husband's ago and tells Jordan she's quite positive that Curt didn't hurt Marie but that someone else did it. Jordan tells Pam that Curt was a registered sex offender and that the evidence speaks for itself. Lily finally catches up to Pam in Jordan's office and tells her she's not supposed be in their. Before leaving Pam tells Jordan that Curt didn't do it. Pam also feels certain that Marie may have killed Curt.

Jordan continues looking over Marie's medical records. Peter begins to examine his John Doe and only determines that the marks found on the body are compression marks to the shoe. He can't determine what the man was hit with to left cause those marks. Lily tells him it's not his fault that he is a John Doe. All Peter can determine about his John Doe is that the cause death is a subdural hematoma.

Jordan heads back to Boston Memorial Hospital where Detective Capra has some new information. Just Jordan sent out to proff that Marie didn't kill Curt Reevus Detective Capra tells Jordan that Marie gave a statement to police saying she killed Curt Reevus. Now this leaves Jordan with nowhere to go but it dead in case.

Peter finds out that his John Doe No has a name and is a foreign exchange student. Peer wasn't able to track the name because the John Doe's prints were not in the system. When Peter finds out the name of the victim the name means something to him.

Peter watches an elderly woman grieve over her son's body in the crypt. A few minutes later Peter puts the autopsy report on Lily's desk. Lily is shocked at the cause of death because it is listed as accidental and not murder. Peter continues to hide something from Lily Peter asks her to listen to what he's telling her and stop the discussion.

Nigel much to his chagrin gives a shortened version of what he believes happened with the use of computer illustration. Nigel determines that Marie wasn't strong enough to stab Curt Reevus herself. Jordan believes that Marie lied in to protect her father because he is tall enough to have stabbed Curt Reevus. Nigel also determines that the stab wound hit Curt Reevu's third rib that for a woman only 5 ft. tall would require a considerable amount of strength.

Peter tells the grieving mom that he originally determined her son's death to be a homicide but later changed the autopsy report. Peter also tells her that things sometimes aren't always as they look. The grieving mom requested an immediate second to opinion and the autopsy done again.

Peter tells her that even if someone with more experience did the autopsy again the results would be the same. Peter then leaves the room in a big hurry but not before telling the grieving mom he can't help her. This leaves Lily shocked.

Lily continues to press Peter about what the grieving mom said in a different language. Peter just runs away from her. Lily goes to Garrett with her concerns about handling of the John Doe case. Garrett believes Peter did an outstanding job on the autopsy.

Now Lily wonders if the reason Peter got so emotional was because of his possible connection to the dead body. Garrett tells Lily he can't force the family of the victim to reveal that kind of information.

Lily requests Peter's personnel file to see if she confined the information herself. Garrett doesn't make a move.

Jordan and Detective Capra go to question Mr. and Ms. Strand to see if they can talk to Marie and find out why she lied about who killed Curt Reevus. Mr. Strand continues to test Detective Capra's patients Mr. Strand tells Jordan and Detective Capra that they continue to stand by their daughter's statement. When they go to find Marie they find that she has left to the house.

Detective Capra continues questioning Mr. Strand and gets impatient with them because he will not give an answer as to where he believes their daughter might be. Detective Capra believes that Marie left through the window by herself.

Mrs. Strand however believes that her husband may have something to with their daughter running away. Mrs. Strand tells her husband that their daughter has always done things the way her husband wanted his daughter to do things such as paving guitar after dinner or singing to keep her voice in tune.

Jordan and Detective Capra believes that Marie was running away from her parents and to somebody. Jordan and Detective Capra go to the police station to look at the database for someone named Adam. The policeman there tells them that there is no record of anyone named Adam. There is a record of someone named Aaron.

Aaron was let go from the police station at about 3:30p.m. Aaron was the person seen at the crash site showing too much interest in the body that was found on top of a car that Jordan felt was related to the Strand case.

Jordan also tells Detective Capra that Marie may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome because she was held captive for 10 months and may be too traumatized to tell anybody what happened.

Jordan and Detective Capra go back to the building where Reevu's blood was found hours earlier and discover that they ran away together. Detective Capra arrests Aaron and Jordan tells Marie that everything is going to be fine.

On the roof of the morgue Peter is busy staring at something outside and is about to tell Lily what the grieving mother said to him that got him so worked up. Peter tells Lily that the mother spoke to him in a Czechoslovakian and that the victims last name was Peter's mothers maiden name. And that his parents used to break out a bottle of wine called absinthe which was outlawed in America.

The reason Peter has the last name of Winslow is because his father did not want to use the Czechoslovakian name. He is not related to the deceased. Absinthe is a liquor that Peter believes killed the John Doe.

Lily comes to check on Peter and see if he is told the grieving mom exactly how her son died. But she sees Peter in the crypt talking to her in a Czechoslovakian and comforting the mom.

Garrett goes to Maxi's Bar and finds Jordan there thinking things out. Jordan tells Garrett that if she gets Strand case straightened out that maybe she could straighten things out with her father. Garrett asks her if she would like to drive home Jordan wants stay at the bar and think things out some more Garrett offers to keeper company.
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