Crossing Jordan

Season 3 Episode 7

Missing Pieces

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on NBC

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  • Missing Pieces, yes there are some missing...

    Ten months ago a girl named Marie Strand was kidnapped from her bedroom and the prime suspect for the kidnap dies in a car crash. Jordan is the one called to the scene.

    Everyone teams up to find Marie thought Curt Reevus. They find that Marie is still alive and they get a 4 possible locations, she is gone. Jordan goes to the police department to give Det. Capra the autopsy report and Marie walks in asking for Adam...

    She is taken to the hospital and reunite with her parents. They think she stabbed Reevus and ran.

    Peter gets his first field assignment alone, a guy found naked in the park I think.
    Here we get to know something about Peter's past, he's origins. The dead guy is Slovakian and his name is the same name of Peter«s mother, they are not related but his the same name.Peter tells the truth at the end.

    And, in Marie's case, Reevus wasn't the kidnapper, he was trying to save her and clean his name but the real kidnapper, a guy named Aaron stabbed him.
    It's the Romeo and Juliet story... Aaron convinced Marie that she was Juliet.

    I miss Woody, that excuse of "taking time", I didn't buy that...
  • Missing Pieces is a good name for this episode.

    Missing Pieces ha? Well it certainly is a good title for this episode. Jordan and Capra spend most of the screen time trying to figure out what happened in the past ten month in a young girls life and then the truth is spilled out in seconds. So no storyline climas there.
    On the other hand Peter Winslow is discovered to be tcheque (sorry for spelling mistakes) only that this has absolutely no meaning and could have been used on another Storyline with far more weight and suspense.
    And then there was this weird something between Jordan and her father. What are they fighting about? Because in the last couple of episodes there is no mentioning of a fight, so the writers might think about a flashback of some sort.

    To me this filler episode lacks therefor about 15 minutes of proper storytelling. I am missing pieces here.
  • Could have been better.

    This wasn't one of the best episode of Crossing Jordan. It was ok but could have been much better.

    I loved watching Nigel trying to impress Det. Capra, one of the funniest parts of the episode. And I love how she didn't even care. Poor Nigel.

    Back to the case. I thought it was funny when Jordan was collecting evidence off the girl and forgot that she was alive & hurt her, then she was about to tell her that she's not used to working with live bodies. Haha.

    Like Jordan I thought the father was guilty too, I think I worked it out with her that he wasn't and that Marie was protecting the weirdo she thought she loved.

    We find out that Peter is Slovakian. Who would have thought that. His case was weird yet interesting, more interesting than the main case anyway.
  • Missing Pieces was not one of the better Crossing Jordan Episodes. My Personal review.

    So it was obvious that this story was taken from the headlines of the Elizabeth Smart case.

    I wasn’t too impressed by the story. Granted we weren’t sure who the kidnapper was, but we didn’t even meet him as a character until half way through, and once they started their search for this man it became kind of obvious that he was the guilty party.

    I did like Jordan’s role of devil’s advocate. She raised good questions to cause doubt in our minds—they weren’t just random questions, they all made sense. Jordan and Detective Capra work well together. I like Capra, but she almost seems too meek to me. She gets along with everyone and gets the information out of them that she needs, but it’s almost more fun to watch them coroner’s crew when they’re arguing or causing grief (in Woody and Jordan’s case) to the Detectives’ of Boston.

    Jordan reacts well with Marie—but Jordan is always compassionate and caring. It was easy to see why Jordan suspected the father. His reaction when he walks in on Jordan and his daughter in the hospital was enough to make me think he might be guilty at first too.

    A lot of scenes feel false to me. Garret’s scenes just didn’t come off very well. I never felt like he was really sincere. He was the boss making speeches—or so it seemed to me.

    Peter’s case was interesting. He gave away the solution to the case with his first few words at the scene of the crime (when he says he gets a scent and it reminds him of his childhood) I didn’t pick up on it as being significant until Peter gave his cause of death to Lily/Garret. I suppose I should have picked up on it a little sooner when Peter reacted to the name, but I didn’t know about the Slovakian tradition so it’s okay that I didn’t pick up on it.

    Anyway, it wasn’t a bad episode, but it was a little slow moving and torturous for me to watch.

    A side note: Could Garret really have let Lily see Peter’s personnel file? That request really seemed off the mark…who knows, maybe she has the right to ask that, it just doesn’t seem like it to me.