Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 5

Mr. Little And Mr. Big

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • ivers is still around the office; woody and nigel are working a case; lilly and jordan investigate the death of a midget and have a hard to holding on to the body

    ok this review does contain some spoilers but other than that it will be kind of general..this show is supposed to be a drama and many characteristics of this ep did fit into the category and description of drama but this also had its comical moments..the midget for one..just in general and then the whole case with his lover..she was silly and crazy at the same time..very funny and their expressions when they met her and got to know her..haha..oh my gosh it gets even better when woody messes with a case and another detective puts him in handcuffs..i was so laughing..well luckily they kind of work it out..and things are fine for everyone..poor woody tho..this was a very interesting ep
  • Funny episode!

    This episode was really kinda cool! And somehow funny!
    I gotta say I really love pregnant Lily, she's so funny with her constant crying and moping and going to the bathroom :D and how she smelled hibiscus all the time! :-D
    Oh, and I'm glad she didn't agree to marry Jeffrey after all! I was afraid she'd do it just for the baby's sake. But it's better that she doesn't. Plus: I really hope she and Bug will get it together and he'll be a perfect second dad to the child!
    Jordan's and Lily's roadtrip was hilarious. The girl and her "father"... funny story!
  • Jordan & Lily's Roadtrip --- Humor, Love and Jordan ---My ONLY series I watch

    I love it when Jordan is back to being like she was at the start of the series -- getting herself into weird situations. We also see another part to Lily. Her & Bug = great.
    I liked the way oh-so-calm Lily has to face and handle her pregnancy and make a hard decision about Jeff.
    The ending was sweet.
  • This was just an odd episode. Not awful, not great, just odd. I wonder where the idea came from. For more reviews:

    I don’t even know where to begin. Neither case interested me. What I found to be interesting were the interactions of the characters.

    Ruby—I don’t know about all of you, but I loved her (or the actress who portrayed her). She had this haunting quality about her. Her eyes got to me every time I saw her. Her face—the sadness, the happiness, the pain, the joy, the anger, the shock, the deceitfulness…every emotion Ruby portrayed (and there were quite a few) she made me feel for her. Out of everything she was the highlight of the episode for me.

    The resolutions of each case left me battling with myself. The one thing both these cases had in common was the characters had to deal with an ethical dilemma. I was glad Jordan didn’t turn Ruby in. I wanted the best for her, but at the same time my moral sense of duty was saying Jordan did the wrong thing. Guess that’s why ethical choices are always so hard.

    And Woody, wanting to say something about Parnell, but not. I get that he didn’t ‘see’ what happened, so saying something might cause more trouble than it’s worth. Again it comes down to an ethical choice. Does Woody keep quiet, because, after all they did get a dangerous drug dealer off the street. But was it done the right way? And what does Woody write in his report about an underage boy being dragged into helping out? Does he let these issues go?

    Jordan is not equipped to deal with an emotional Lily. She gives Lily some good advice, but their girl talk felt very tense. We haven’t seen Jordan and Lily work together in a long time. It’s interesting. To me Jordan and Nigel seem to have an easier relationship than Lily and Jordan.

    Kate! She’s been the best addition to the morgue since Elaine. I want to know more about her. She’s a pain in the a** one moment and kind the next. She gives grief to Garret and Nigel, then tells Ivers what she thinks of him the next. She likes to be in control—whether it’s undermining Garret or telling Nigel all information goes through her (a bit hypocritical, but all of us can be, it’s human). She definitely has her faults, yet at the same time I like her.

    Here’s where the episode just does jive for me:

    1- Woody’s story and Jordan’s story are on different time lines—or at least they started out at different times. We start the episode with Garret telling Jordan she’s going on a road trip for the day. Obviously it’s morning. Then we flash to Woody and he’s bringing in a suspect and it’s dark outside (evening—and it can’t be just before daybreak because Kate goes home to get eight hours of sleep). Then we cut to Jordan driving and it’s bright out, obviously well past daybreak. Times just don’t jive, until we get to the end of the episode then they're on the same day and time.

    2- How does Jordan work a 24 hour shift? She’s just got off a 14 hour shift—then she’s gone for the entire day dealing with Ruby and the ‘little guy’. She’s been up for over 24 hours at this point. How’s she still functioning?

    --> The timeline for this episode is completely missing. It’s impossible to have the events of this episode unfold the way they did.

    3- Anyone want to guess what month it is? We ended 33 Bullets in May. We jumped a month in time in Crazy Little Thing Called Love to put us at lets say the beginning of July. Supposedly we jumped several months in this episode (I believe I read 4 months somewhere) so let’s say we’re into early November. Even with the insanely warm winter we had up to January here in Massachusetts, there wouldn’t be trees and flowers in full bloom at that point. Minor. I’m not picking on anyone. I know the whole timeline issue is completely screwed up this season.

    Filming: Something about the cutting between scenes didn’t work for me. We ended so many scenes smack in the middle of it—or so it felt to me. I was pulled out of one case and dragged into the other. And just as I switched gears, wham I was thrown back into the first case. Some of the ending spots worked, but others just didn’t flow for me. I get the suspense factor…leave them wondering, but this didn’t feel right to me. I think the lack of continuous time between the two cases didn’t help that. It was very jumpy.

    Question: Is it a common fact that most people know that hibiscuses don’t smell? I just wondered, cause I’m not a plant person. I went to look up the flower and it took me forever to find the fact that indeed a hibiscus does not have a smell. Maybe I’m just lacking in my plant education :)

    Not to sound mean, but this episode was pretty poorly written—basic timeline issues that shouldn’t happen. Maybe I’m being harder than the average person, but story telling is what I do, and when your basic timeline doesn’t work it’s hard to get the rest of the plot to work. Maybe there were changes I don't know about. I know circumstances always play a role, but the final product we saw wasn't of the quality we're used to.
  • Main: Jordan and Lily travel to the country to pick up a body, Woody investigates the murder of a 16 yr old boy in connection with a drug investigation. Sub: Macy deals with the continuing investigation of improprieties w/i the morgue.

    I enjoyed this episode, it was a nice break of sorts, I just hope they don't continue on this path, but it was a great ice breaker. This season this show has been so focused edge, building for the next big suspense, and it is doing a great job of, but the past few episodes would have been great breaks for suspense driven show. It was full of zannie stunts involving a midget, and the weird goings on surrounding his death. It was sweet and cute in many ways, and very endearing to the show, and laid the foundation for Jordan to trust the thought of love again, and search for a romance.
  • In tonight's episode of Crossing Jordan...

    Lily's keen sense of smell helps to track down a body snatcher while trying to solve the case of the dead dwarf. Jordan battles common sense when dealing with the victim/con-artist's girlfriend/partner-in-crime, ultimately siding with the pregnant lady & letting the body snatching van stealer go free. In a lucky, yet overlooked, turn of events, Lily's nauseating sensitivity to hothouse hibiscus becomes miraculously insignificant whenever she is near an actual plant, which allows Ruby to wear the flower in her hair so we don't forget how they discovered the body bungee jumping in the first place: the sudden scent of hibiscus on a country road, magically discernible due to Lily's raging hormones.

    Meanwhile, in Boston: Woody butts heads with a bullheaded cop from Narcotics as they both pursue a drug dealer responsible for the death of an innocent 16 year-old boy. The scheduled drug deal is thwarted in the end, albeit under shady circumstances, fruitfully keeping the Peruvian cocaine off the streets of Boston & forcing thousands of college students to find a better way to spend their parents money.

    Back at the morgue, Nigel does his best to handle Switzer's uncompromising methods of operation & Lily decides not to marry Jeffrey after his second proposal. Ivers continues to threaten Macy's competence as a sensible medical examiner, threatening to take all of their expensive forensic gadgets away, hindering the team from serving justice to the state of Massachusetts & comes as close as possible to incurring the wrath of Rene Walcott without actually having to make her come back to the show.
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