Crossing Jordan

Season 5 Episode 19

Mysterious Ways

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Thoughts and opinions of CJE (Crossing Jordan Encyclopedia) on the episode Mysterious Ways. Maybe not the best episode of the season, but I still enjoyed it. There was a lot happening in the episode...that said...

    Okay A LOT happened in this episode. There was some I liked, some I didn’t and some stuff I found interesting. First off this was probably my favorite of the three directing ventures of Miguel Ferrer. The whole was 'fast pace' but each individual scene felt well played out and complete. I liked that. For the first time I didn’t feel like I was playing catch up the entire episode. I had enough time to digest each scene before the next hit me.

    The first reaction I had when I watched this episode was ‘Wow’. It left me with a lot to think about. When I re-watched it I have to say it lost some of the ‘wow’ factor. It had more of a 'punch' the first go around. The third time I watched, it lost the ‘wow’ factor and became much more of an ordinary episode for me (much like Loves Me Not. I couldn’t get over that episode the first…oh I don’t know…10 times I watched it, when my brain calmed down I was better able to break things down.) That said I still enjoyed the episode on many levels.

    The A case: My opinion—slightly too easy and a bit of a lackadaisical attitude towards the case from the morgue staff. Ready for this? I’m about to poke wholes in the entire case. So let’s start with the crime scene—the crime scene was the entire church. So please explain to me how they didn’t check the confessionals. Yes you can say there was no reason, but I don’t buy it. I think it was just being lazy on the morgue staff (that and the writers needed a way to solve the plot—and solve it feebly might I add). Then they come back a few days later and the tissue is still there? And low and behold the tissue happens to be the key to the case. Slightly farfetched. It was a weak plot. And you knew the Dad of the dead girl had to play some role. They don’t normally bring characters into a plot for no reason (why give them precious screen time if they’re not a part of the story?)

    That said I think the writers did just that—brought in an unnecessary character. The ‘dead-then brought back to life-boy’ was a waste of screen time (in my opinion). I get that he was there to tell his story to get ‘us’ to believe in the story of a ‘miracle worker’ but here’s my opinion on the matter: most of us are either going to be open to the possibility or not. We don’t need to hear the boy’s story. Then there’s the fact that he knew where she lived but no one else did? That the PD couldn’t find her address is silly. First off if Isabelle was a member of the church she would have been in their records including her address. I know for a fact (as I just filled mine out) the Catholic Church does a census each year to get a tally of how many members they have and where they live.

    Also on the boy, what was the point of him overhearing Nigel? To make Nigel feel bad? Why? What was the point of that scene? What did it add to the episode? It’s like writing a novel. I might write a scene I love, but if it doesn’t fit in, if it’s no longer relevant to the story—it doesn’t matter how well it’s written it’s got to be cut.

    The B case: I LOVED Bug and Amy. This was by far my favorite part of the episode. It was a perfect case for Bug. Pessimist that Bug is, he still wants the story to have a happy ending for Amy. So even when it looks like her father really hadn’t kicked his old habits, Bug still searches for something to prove otherwise.

    Jordan: The ending scene was the strongest scene of this episode and probably (when we look back on events) will be one of the ‘biggest’ moments in the Jordan-Woody saga.

    The issue has been laid out on the table and Woody knows it now. He has not ‘grown’. He and Jordan are on two completely different levels at the moment. Can he climb up to the level Jordan is currently occupying? Sure. And what’s better yet is Jordan is giving him a chance. She didn’t say their time had passed. She told them they were at different points. There is still hope for the two.

    Note: I'm not sure I really understood the point of the Jordan-Woody-Lu kiss. I laughed when it happened, but after the fact when I tried to find the just kind of eluded me. Cause it seemed added just to be added and for a 'wow' effect rather than a 'move the story' forward reason. (Could just be me on this topic...but I don't think it was needed—then again I felt there were quite a few scenes that could have been cut to leave more room for the other stories…with so much going on in this episode every minute was precious.)

    Nigel: He's too funny. Where would we be without his theories?

    Bug: Remember Death Toll? Where Bug talked about change and how he was changing but found himself wanting to go back to the old ‘Bug’. It’s amazing how much Bug has grown. It seems we’ve missed this fact with the events of Jordan, Garret and Lily overshadowing him. I’ve absolutely loved Bug this season. There’s been this inner strength and growth in him that amazes me. Bug’s always been the quiet one who seems to go about life doing what is right. He’s longed for Lily for years and this season he sees Lily moving on. At first he’s depressed, then he gets bold and expresses his feelings, then he deals with them realizing that maybe their time has passed and that’s just how life is sometimes.

    He accepts this fact and moves on. He’s been much happier over the past few episodes. That change—that he wasn’t sure he wanted to happen—has happened and he’s embraced it (rather than trying to cling to the old). It’s been a wonderful growth and it allowed him to be open to the possibilities Amy brought when she walked through the morgue door.

    Bug and Amy—has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I liked Amy instantly. I liked the easy flow between her and Bug. Their interaction was fun and oh so sweet. Amy liked Bug for one of his best qualities—his kind-heartedness.

    (Note: I want to see this played out, but I’m not sure if it’ll be given a chance. I’m not too keen of the idea of Lily running into the two of them on a date. Bug needs to NOT be reminded up Lily every five seconds—especially when he’s on a date. I want Bug to have a chance with Amy. I think bringing Lily into the picture can/will be Bug’s downfall. He’s embracing his ‘new’ change, but it’s very easy to fall back into old ways if it’s right there tempting you.)

    Lily: It looks like the events of Death Toll are playing out for a lot of our characters—Lily’s no exception. She has a job she no longer likes. She has a life that she’s not sure where it’s going. She has a boyfriend she’s not sure she loves. She has a good friend she knows could have been more. The girl is a mess.

    Maybe this explains her ‘on my high horse’ attitude of the past couple episodes. Maybe that (attitude) was her last attempt to make her job seem worth it. Or MAYBE—it’s the reverse—it made her realize it’s not that she’s ‘too’ good at her job—but that she’s no longer putting her heart/passion into the job. The over zealous attempts at fighting for the sad and grieving was her last attempt at trying to find some feeling and compassion. I’ll let you guys decided, which you think it is.

    --> Jeffery: I’m sorry, but I think I’ve been pushed over the edge into not just finding Jeffery annoying, but disliking him. I sure as hell hope she doesn’t marry him. The guy is not only jittery, indecisive, and weak he’s also a ‘mama’s boy’. God help us all. I was surprised Lily said yes to Jeffery—she sure didn’t look too happy about getting engaged. And the look she gave Bug...sure looks like she has doubts about her decision.

    --> Elaine: I liked her. She was outrageous. Many of us would probably have gotten up and left the table saying screw it, he’s not worth it. I don’t love him that much. She was the ‘mama’ of mama’s boy. Stereotypical, yes, but sometimes that’s just fine. It’s what made her interesting and enjoyable to watch. Honestly, I wanted to see Lily get grilled and then told she wasn’t good enough. I wanted to see how Lily could handle her. She didn’t let me down. I was glad Lily stood up to her (unlike whimpering Jeffery).
  • Miracle worker plot was just not that interesting, in my opinion. And the idea that Lily would or should marry the childish ADA is totally out of character for her.

    The main plot line with the miracle worker was lackluster, or at least I thought so. It certainly was weak for an episode so near to the end of the season. And this romantic tension between Bug and Lily has been going on from season one and is really tired. They are perfect for one another, and it is hugely unrealistic that Lily would be attracted to, let alone marry, that infantile ADA.
    And then there's the tatally out-of-character role of Nigel in this episode. Nigel is a spirituality-over-science kinda guy, looking for answers in sci-fi or religious phenomena. But in the episode, he goes out of his way to disprove any contention that the events were miracles? Come on, Nigel would never do that.
    Anyway, does anybody else agree with me on the Bug and Lily thing? It's so frustrating!! Thanks for reading, this is my first post. ;)
  • Jordan, Woody and Nigel investigate how a supposed mircale worker dies while Bug meets a new romantic interests and helps her get closure with her fathers death. Meanwhile, Lily and Jeffery take steps forward in their relationship.

    Alright, well I\'m starting to settle down now. I was just shaking and crying and ohhh my gosh. So wow, I really don\'t know where to start. I think it was definetly by far the best episode thus far this season. And just think, we still have two left before ths season finale, how can it get any bettter? I do not know, but I cannot wait, but honestly I\'m a little scared for my health because I think I nearly had a heart attack there. Haha, I can see headlines: Fourteen year old girl dies from a Crossing Jordan induced heart attack. Wow. Okay so where to begin... why not with the Jordan/Nigel/Woody and semi- Garret case. So it was interesting all the religion and mircale worker stuff, I didn\'t think that she\'d be a mircale worker because it didn\'t seem plausable, but anyhow, it was interesting to watch, but CERTAINLY not as interesting as the relationships in this little section. So Woody keeps asking Jordan if she\'s okay with him and Lu going out, and she insists she is, so then finally he confronts her again, with Lu at hand so her physciatrist skills can come in handy, and she explains to Jordan that it\'s not healthy to hold in her feelings, and of course Jordan has the perfect solution for the problem. She gives Woody a beautiful kiss that made me want to cry out of happiness, and then she kissed Lu and that just made me go, wow. Haha just wow, because just wow, it was so suprsising and quite the twist. I only wish Nigel had been there haha just because it would have been more intersting. That was a good storyline, it was lovley.
    Then there was the Bug / other lady who\'s name I foget\'s storyline and Lu, with the dead father. I love Bug\'s commitment to his job, seriously, he is SO committed to helping people, I love Bug for that! And I hope that he has some sort of little fling with this girl because she seems like she could love him and care about him, and Bug needs that, specially with everything that\'s happening with Lily, but he really truly did sort of look like he was over her today! Which is good for him because as cute as that would have been, obvoiusly it\'s not going to happen at the moment...
    Then OF COURSE there is the Lily/Jeffery storyline. This is another just wow. So first, she gets mad because he\'s \"cheating on her\" and i was like haha nah that won\'t be right because they set it up too nicley for them to break up that way with Jordan saying to be careful... nah, I figured it\'d be a sister or a Mom or someone. Haha I epseically loved the line: Great! I\'m dating a thirty two year old Momma\'s boy. And then Jeffery stood up to his Mother for Lily! Aww! That\'s kind of exactly like a fanfiction I read once, sept he stayed with his parents and Lily went to Bug. haha but anyhow, Lily does seem to have trouble with Mother\'s, like her\'s... that scene with lunch reminded me of that episode where Bug had to pretend to be Lily\'s fiancee or boyfriend or something and Lily\'s mom kept trying to turn him off of her, aww that was cute times... but then Jeffery stood up to his Mom and came to Lily\'s office with flowers and proposed, but she\'d already put in her notice, AHH! That\'s when I started crying, that\'s when. And I just kept crying until the end. All the way. So I don\'t know if this wedding will be a go or not, I think we\'ll have a wedding, I hope anyhow haha because I want to see everyone dressed up all fancy. I think that a suberb season finale would either be Lily leaving him at the alter or someone interrupting the wedding and then the end of season five, wait for seasons six, can you say suspense? But I can\'t wait to see waht the show\'s thought up! Yay! Can\'t wait another week:(!! I loved it so much it was unbelivable!