Crossing Jordan

Season 6 Episode 6

Night of the Living Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on NBC

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  • The team was about to autopsy a guy thinking he was dead but was in fact paralyzed...

    This episode had an awesome plot! Defense attorney Shelley Levine is brought to the morgue to be autopsied after he is mistakenly thought to be dead when he is found at a shooting scene where two other people are dead. Once he is being prepared for autopsy in the morgue, we see flashbacks of how difficult he made life for Dr. Macy, Jordan, Woody, Nigel and Bug. Since Jordan, Nigel and Bug can’t seem to carry out the autopsy, Dr. Macy is left to do the job. While cutting a bullet out of Shelley’s arm, Dr. Macy perceive some bleeding and then found out that Shelley was not dead but was paralyzed by Tetrodotoxin from puffer fish.
  • I wish they had cut him open ;-)

    So, that Shelley guy is dead. At least in the end he was killed. Strange. I mean did they have to do the paralyzed storyline? He didn't even change at all, even after all the things he witnessed when he was supposedly dead. Oh, and since I haven't seen every CJ episode, the flashbacks kinda helped. I remember a few of the scenes, but I didn't know it all.
    Well, in the end he really died. Probably kharma. But this episode really wasn't that good, it was rather a little annoying to hear that guy speak...well t h i n k... all the time
  • This show is running out of steam

    One of my favorite shows is running out of steam. CSI did the 'dead man who we find out really isn't dead during the autopsy' storyline several seasons ago, did it better and they didn't drag it out for a whole episode either. I have never cared for this particular plot device... Create a character that has never been seen or even mentioned once before, rewrite history so that he has a lot of history with every major character, then get rid of him so that we never have to point out why we'll never see this super-important character again. It's so blatantly a plot device. And it's so blatantly a plot device of a show that is running out of fresh ideas. I noticed they went to great lengths to avoid the autopsy, that normally would have be over and done with by the first commercial break. They knew the minute they started cutting, he would be revealed to be alive. It looked so obvious for a show that finishes the autopsy quickly, so it rang incredibly false for this show.

    Two other quibbles. Nine years ago, Macy and Renee may have known each other professionally, but they sure as hell weren't friendly enough to be sharing drinks in his office. That didn't happen until season two of the show. Maybe CJs new writers should, oh I don't know, watch a few episodes of the show they are writing so they'll know what the hell is going on.

    Also the Ron Silver dummy was so incredibly fake looking. The FX department usually does so much better. Are they new too?
  • The CJ version of buried alive just without much Jordan...

    I can't beleive the ADA wanted Maci to fire Jordan...what up with that....witch!!!!!! And the ending the lawyer never learned his lesson, great now Maci will have even more drama to his plate which I hope they write that out because I don't want him to have to deal with anything more and I don't want to see him end up leaving the show. Not much for us WJ shippers in this show, maybe next week.
    I did like the story line but I miss the normal CJ investigation why and how we didn't see in this show. It was like ok he is dead, maybe not and oh he was poisoned. And whatever is going to happen with Bug??? Nigeal was down played and not his normal self this time, I miss wild man.
    And where was Jordan, she was just a filler in the show this week, what a bummer. Why didn't she find out he was alive yet?