Crossing Jordan

Season 4 Episode 2

Out of Sight

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on NBC
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Out of Sight
A millionaire is found dead, and his neighbor quickly becomes a suspect. Only problem…he has not left his house in years. Elsewhere Macy and Lily have a show down with Homeland Security.

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  • A good one

    A important guy, Davis Perry, is found that behind some roses next to his building. He was a charity guy, did great things.

    Jordan gets a phone call telling her to look in his pocket, she finds she is being watched. There is an artist,Louis Jeffries, living across the building that was watching when Perry died. Jordan goes to the apartment and she calls him so he can tell her what happen. Suddenly the line when dead and Jordan sees someone attacking Jeffries, he gets shot and she sees that the man is the security chief. He goes to Perry's apartment to kill her but Woody gets there in the exact time and shots him. They call an ambulance to Jeffries and he has to go out his apartment, he suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of going out.

    Meanwhile, Lily needs field hour so she goes with Garret to a prison where a man is found dead him his cell. They are told he was 22.

    They later find out that the guy was in fact a 16 years old kid. He suffer from a condition that with some violence form the police caused his dead. Lily finds that the boy has a brother that is also in jail so she tries to get him out. Garret does it.

    I had already seen this one a long time ago...moreless
  • Review of the episode Out of Sight.

    Lily’s story was an emotional one and as sad as it was it had a satisfying ending. The best possible ending we could have gotten. Jordan and Woody’s story was a bit more complicated and supplied a little heart pounding.

    Jordan: Can or can’t she trust Louis Jeffries? First impressions tells her she can. As creepy as he first comes across—calling her on her cell phone—everything he’s said has been true or panned out. Jordan and Woody head over to his place (once they’ve figured out who’s calling her) and when Woody goes to arrest him he has a full fledge panic attack. Jordan’s much more compassionate to Louis, where Woody wants to hall him out anyway.

    Jordan defends Louis until she learns he’s lied to her. She’s none to pleased about that, but you can tell she believes his explanations. There was definitely something between those two. Woody picked up on it right away. He comments on it. I find it very entertaining and telling that Jordan mentions Devan to him in return (“By the way. How is Devan?”). Them going out for a drink in the last episode didn’t sit too well with Jordan—signs of jealousy (not a common trait you’d expect to find in Jordan. Woody needs to go on a few more dates with Devan…I want to see what type a reaction we get out of Jordan).

    Woody: He doesn’t believer Louis’s sob story. And he’s a bit peeved that Jordan immediately bonds with Louis. I believe he refers to Louis and the ‘cute artsy type’ – with a lot of sarcasm thrown in. He’s pleased as punch when evidence comes back with proof that Louis was in the millionaire’s apartment. He thinks Louis story about him being agoraphobic is BS. Jordan tells Woody not everyone (the rest of the world) isn’t quite as well adjusted as he is.

    Woody is upset…that’s too nice a word…his pissed off and out to see someone’s head on the platter, when he learns that Perry was involved in child pornography. It’s a topic that pushed all ‘nice guy’ traits out of him. He was a man on a mission.

    Lily and Garret: Lily’s getting more pushy. She’s still her passionate caring self who’s not afraid to speak her mind. Whenever Lily has a case she goes out of her way to help the people it affects. She so much more than a grief counselor. The injustice of the entire situation was well portrayed by her.

    Her speech to Garret was great. I was cheering for her. Sometimes Garret needs to be pushed to do more than ‘just him job’. He comes through for Lily in the end, as does Seely. He was his obnoxious self in the beginning of the episode, but went out of his way to find the facts for Lily. Lily’s comment of thanks to Seely was interesting. He looked pleased with himself. You think he’s interested in Lily?moreless
  • This was a interesting episdode

    Okay i acidently gave a review for this one but all give what i remeber from the show i do like how she befriended the man that didnt like to leave his appartment and it was nice how he helped Jordan and thow the actor to me didnt play it wright he show went well. I dont quite remeber the end i think the home body died and it was sad.moreless
Ravi Kapoor

Ravi Kapoor

Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy

Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy

Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh

Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

Dr. Nigel Townsend

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

Woody Hoyt

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy

Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn

Lily Lebowski

Jeremy London

Jeremy London

Louis Jeffries

Guest Star

Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill

Chris Benz

Guest Star

Tom Virtue

Tom Virtue

Randall Saunders

Guest Star

David Monahan

David Monahan

Det. Matt Seely

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goofs: Near the end, after Louis is shot in his apartment and Jordan and Woody go over to help him, Jordan is wearing an orange shirt with a tan jacket and jeans. When the elevator opens to Louis' apartment it shows her briefly in black pants and shirt with a pink sweater (an outfit she is wearing at the beginning of the episode). This shot is actually the same shot that we see at the beginning of the episode when Jordan discovers where her anonymous phone caller lives and goes over to his apartment to find him.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Jordan: Would you take it the wrong way if I told you I was actually glad you got shot?
      Louis Jeffries: Coming from you? Somehow, no.

    • Lily: Nigel, you were in the military, right?
      Nigel: Counterintelligence for the Royal Navy. I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.

    • Reporter: …the apparent victim of a mugging gone array. Dr. Cavanaugh. What can you tell us?
      Jordan: The weather report calls for rain but hey you can't believe everything you hear.
      Mystery Voice: Do your job. You'll see.
      Jordan: Oh, but you're doing it so well for me.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Jordan: Any artist would have cut of his left ear to have your life.

      Reference to Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853-03-30 – 1890-07-29). A Dutch Post-Impressionist artist, who cut of part of his own left ear.

    • Woody: Don't tell me you buy into this whole Macaulay Culkin Home Alone routine?

      Woody is referring to the 1990 film Home Alone, which was the story of a child left home alone.